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  1. Arma Inc.

    Have a mic, I can help make sure operations or deliverys and security go smoothly, as well as make sure buildings are bought and work is going through. I am also more than capable of making sales myself
  2. Can I be an Accountant?

    I mean money is kept pretty simple in video games but hey its cool if you can do it
  3. RP encouragement (RDM,VDM and Fail RP)

    Im pretty sure the devs have talked about this and this is similar to what they plan on doing, since they can't enforce rules like that for such a large amount of people. Well they could, but strict rules make the game less fun, regardless of how you enforce them. IE their stress mechanic they spoke about, and how murder is a permanent wanted level, ect.
  4. What counts as evidence?

    cool thanks
  5. Before they have said that police can go to the scene of a murder, and if there is evidence gather it, and then something about tracking the criminal or something What counts as evidence? Murderer's blood? Shell casings? Fingerprints?