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  1. 15 Task's left!!

    The bugs are actually accounted for in the task list. When they are in-testing that's when they are cleaning up and fixing most of the bugs.
  2. How it looks like ?

    I would buy it soon because once the first module is out that means the prices will spike. Also the packages are prolly gonna be removed in all. Thats what one of the dev posts said I believe
  3. Weekly Hopes #1

    This is exactly what I would like to do as well!
  4. Why?

    I do hope we will see the tracker basically competently done in the coming weeks. I am hoping for at least next week. There isnt much to do anymore on the tracker to be completed though. I do believe we are FINALLY in the home stretch.
  5. I agree with what you have said here. I believe the website is finished but they are waiting for a 3rd party company to do something then it will go live. Also they might be actually releasing the new website with the release of the TS module. Tell me what you think.
  6. I didn't see the April of 27th but I also did see that they were just waiting for one of the companies behind the website to complete something but I am almost sure when that other group/company finishes whatever they have to do the website will be officially released.
  7. Why?

    Good to know
  8. Why?

    Why are people being so mean to supporters of this game. It is our decision on how we feel about the game. I see all of these randoms commenting on other peoples posts says they are idiots for supporting the game. We can not listen to this my friends. We must all stand together as a community. We gotta fight for this game guys we have to keep supporting it. What do y'all think?
  9. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    You say small company but think about it. Apple started out in a garage. Google the same. Facebook was an idea off of a mistake. Small things can become big my friend>
  10. Weekly Hopes #3

    I guess I said both aha. Like I said I wasnt trying to start any fights!!
  11. Weekly Hopes #3

    No. Someone thought I was part of the staff. All i said was I juts want people to know my opinions. I have been watching this game for years. I just recently made a forums account.
  12. Weekly Hopes #3

    I meant I want these Weekly Hopes to be big in the community. I want everyone to voice their opinions on the subject.
  13. Weekly Hopes #3

  14. Weekly Hopes #3

    Yes Yes it should I will change it for tomorrow! Don't tell me your mad about it too!!!
  15. Weekly Hopes #3

    Good to Know!