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  1. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Germany ftw
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    Lets talk about the lizard people
  3. Game is a scam?

    Show us your big content
  4. More new tasks!

    Maybe your german is better than my english... oh wait your brain is to small little big mouth

    Stream was awesome and the chat was full of brainless idiots but thats normal. Cant wait to play!
  6. At what time does the video out today ... ????

    For my fellow german friends its around 8:00pm
  7. Does this game has photorealistic graphics ?

    Do you ever heard about Tech Demo? It just shows what an engine is capable of with a lot of high PC specs. You will never see this graphic in Identity or other games the next years.
  8. Current plan for the next stream (May 29th)

    The hype is real
  9. Social Area instead of bloodbath?

    Ok let me try. In the 1st module the Town Square youre just into the social part of the game, theres no weapons or vehicles. In the 2nd module you will be able to shoot like the best western you saw in your life cause its the S.W.A.T module. 3rd is about cars but nvm. When the beta for the final game comes out theres safe zones where no one cant shoot each other (most buildings) on the public servers but theres private servers where individual decision tell you where you can shoot or not its totally different from GTA. Hope its understandable
  10. More new tasks!

    Oh yes cause they delayed soooo much I count 2 delays but tell me if im wrong and how much delays get AAA games? In my opinion they did everything right, they did a mistake to anounce a date and changed it to the tracker which is the best desicision they could do. I follow this game since 2015 and never act like all this idiots who have absolutely no clue about development a game with a small team. Whats 3 years in development with a small team? Nothing just nothing, maybe you should look how long it took to create GTA V with a fucking big company like R* and studios around the world. But people need to use their brains to understand this but its to much to ask from people like you who just whining over and over again and you change nothing with your acting. People these days are so annoying...
  11. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    Just the 150$ and just because i want the Motorcycle and no sports car