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  1. Disappointment ):

    KOALAA not being horrible and i agree its hard work but in 3yrs what have they done?? they have shown us 2 guys cooking meth and a police officer on a laptop THATS IT!!! they promised we could play the the first module last year but it got delayed which is fair enough but dont promise a second date and delay it again its become a joke
  2. I did it

    ive only gone for the 30 one but if i had more money id definitely put it towards this game ive been following it for ages. So excited for monday
  3. We need to have faith people we have waited this long and when the time comes it will be worth it
  4. 1 week left!!

    im very excited to be part of the beta testing and i have high hopes for this game roll on monday meet u in the game lads