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  1. 12 Tasks left!

    OKAY! Quick run-up from the LIVE STREAM THEY ARE HOSTING RIGHT NOW (https://www.twitch.tv/identityrpg) - Module 1 (aka Town Square) is the one that took the longest as it has foundation features on it. After it, the guns stuff - will be MUCH quicker and will allow weapon control mechanics and testings in public. Third module - not too sure about it. About the task list - 4 days without any update so I guess they will update it after the stream OR someone's doing it during the stream.
  2. its been a week

    Still waitin' for the new site which should've arrived last week.
  3. Thank you Moderators

    Thank you guys, brilliant work all the mods & devs out there who are constantly working on Identity!
  4. in game business idea

    I think it'll be possible to buy several houses at a single server by a group of people and instead of renting it they will be a group who actually does this for business.
  5. As much as I dislike the delays and the hype I have for this game is so insane it's unreal and as much as the combination of the two does NOT go well together, I am 100% with them and the fact they don't repeat the same mistake and actually learn from past experiences of setting unrealistic deadlines like @JoelKeys said, actually makes me happy. In regards of the "grow the community", I'm sure I have done quite enough for the community as of right now, as there isn't much other than "so there's this future game...".
  6. The New Website

    From the 20th of April, "next week" is the week we just had since last Sunday. Another week will be 2 weeks, already delayed arrival of what was estimated to come by now.
  7. The New Website

    Hey guys. So, uhm.. at the 20th of April, it has been said (AND I QUOTE!): "Furthermore, the new Identity website is on schedule for a release just next week! The new website will come with all sorts of cool new features and we'll be building on it constantly as we move forward, too." For me at least, it's the 28th and nothing has changed. Another false promise or it has been delayed or..?
  8. Steam release?

    So.. basically, once we see a page on Steam for the Identity game we can count the hours till the release?
  9. That, of course, if you consider that the game is built upon a much bigger team of developers and way more resources and whatnot to build a game. Here, Identity starts from 0 by a very small team which can only grow with time. Honestly, I just wait to see what has been done so far and if this module will be good then I'm sure the next ones to come will be even better and will bring some amazing additions to the game. But first.. let's have this module released.
  10. To be fair, the initial release of the game is the toughest as they need to establish all the basic things which will be the default one later on. So I truly believe it will take some time but not as long as we waited so far. Besides, once SOMETHING is out it can draw more people's attention, along with them a few possibilities for help in terms of development. No doubt the delay was because of some game breaking bugs or overall enhancements, which will be a good time to test what's been planned and what has been implemented so far and in what way, and I sure as hell expect some high quality stuff.
  11. Town Square Release

    It surely has some great potential. Can't wait to play the game! Experiencing the full game is a dream of mine. If I could, I'd jump to 2020 to play the full game, lol.
  12. Basically, nothing we all want to play for and not the money we all paid for, but for an extremely limited time. Let's be honest, singing, painting, reading/writing books and going to cinemas are great, but not why we paid so much money, maybe even hundreds of dollars. Just out of curiosity, and not in terms of estimated time arrival, just.. again, because it intrigues me. Identity will have 3 modules, each module will bring with it a new aspect of the game (SWAT will bring with it guns and shooting aspects, cars will bring driving and delivery I assume?), and , eventually creating the beta (as in all 3 modules implemented?) or beta will bring with it additional stuff? I know it's a deep into-the-future kinda question that only devs are able to answer but I hope I'll get an answer eventually. Sure, I'll play Identity and will patiently wait for all the modules to come out and I'm excited to see what's going to come next along with each module but I wish we could see the overall plan (or is it improvised?).
  13. Compensation?

    Hey guys, I've been thinking.. we all pledged for something, and yet we didn't get it in time. Why won't they compensate? I have sent John a message and he failed to answer. Its been almost 5 days. It's absurd. I paid $500: 1. I don't get what I paid for in time 2. I don't get an exact ETA for the game I'm so hyped about 3. I do NOT get an answer after waiting almost a week (he still hasn't read it yet!) I'm legit asking for some sort of compensation, not only for me but for all those who have pledged any amount of money until the moment of announcement for another "final" delay. Oh and... no, I would NOT like to get a refund.
  14. I'm sure they will, they do check the forums out every now and then and they sure are not blind and can see the majority of the complaints here. Let's take this as an example. 1 new task is left, 4 tasks are being worked on and 1 task is complete. Basically, untouched - Gray, in progress - Blueish, completed - Green. While things are done being in progress, they are being tested, which is Yellow, like we see in this pic: I hope I helped you.
  15. Delay announced by Motown

    I don't think you understand how they might be thinking. I remember when I had to design a new system for a game I've had, I did it as fast as I could and tested it after changing every line of existing code I've had, I tested it almost all night long and have had a few times I was working 14 hours non-stop. But then.. from bugs experiences (due to so many tests), I came up with an even better idea, sometimes for an entire system replacement! A few tweaks here and there, a few modifications here and there, keep testing it all non-stop... and boom, 3 days of work are paying off. Obviously, talking about a small-scaled systems, I cannot even imagine how it's like with Identity, but I do try to imagine it and I understand. While, yes, I do know that it's another delay and they did not mention the reason, you do need to understand they base this game from 0, everything they create is their own, including animation and 3d/2d art, which is a lot of time even for the expert ones. So yeah, if there are a few bugs I wouldn't be surprised they are working on fixing it, but I would not be surprised if they planned one thing and ended up with another thing entirely, that's the beauty of development, code writing and testing your product to attempt and avoid all sort of possible bugs. Please don't get me started here... PLEASE. This line is SO WRONG in so many ways...