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  1. POLL: Best Disney Movie of All Time

    I'm offended! You forgot to include Ratatouille lol. I don't know why, but I love that movie! That and The Incredibles  
  2. Stock Market

    The devs have said that there won't be an actual stock market in the game! However, others have suggested you could always just have people invest in your company, like in this post ! As far as loans go, you can offer people loans as stated in this post ! Hope this answered your questions  
  3. The devs have said on the discord that you'll still be able to pledge after the first module is released!
  4. Greetings from Russia )

    Welcome to Identity, Mark!  
  5. Lowries Links (Jewellers)

    Just as a reminder, in the town square module of the game you can't have a job, so this wouldn't be possible in the module if that was what you were referring to. However, I'm pretty sure you can craft your own jewelry, but not 100% sure as I couldn't find a post from one of the mods or devs confirming this. I did find this post that said you can, so I'm pretty sure you can! :D 
  6. Sex

    You can't physically have kids, but someone could always RP as your child!
  7. Stock Market?

    I'm pretty sure the devs have said that there won't be a stock market in the game! If they were to implement it, which I think is now a possibility with the use of SpatialOs, it would probably be after the full release of the game.  
  8. Yo sup!

    Welcome to Identity, Dan!  
  9. Module

    The devs only update the progress bar when they feel that they've hit a major milestone in development. The bar is manually updated!  
  10. Can´t see Devblog #5

    I'm pretty sure the devs are still working on it, as in writing it, polishing it up and stuff like that. I think it's purposely locked for everyone.
  11. Swat team

    You can't gain access into someone's apartment or house without their consent, so no.
  12. A Challenge

    I got 2 parts done but that's as far as I got
  13. Awfully Flat?

    I think it may seem a little flat because most of the pictures we've seen are of the town square. Generally speaking, most cities tend to be flatter than other places, at least from what I've experienced. 
  14. Ranks

    For Citizen, all you get is the full release of the game when it's released. 
  15. Jobs

    I don't think the devs ever said if you'll be able to drill for oil, and if they have I wasn't able to find a  answer on the forums so my apologies. However, they have stated that there won't be a stock market in the game!