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  1. *You would see this profile posted on social media*

    RE: Starting a new life! Posted on 5/30 at 11:15 p.m. Hey Larry! You're moving there too?! Wow! At least there will be someone there I know. I can't wait to start fresh. The hype is real! *Christopher and Larry are Friends*
  2. Christopher Sharpe Age 30 Lives in California Status: Online I'm Moving! Posted on 5/30 at 10:48 p.m. The times almost come! I'm packing my bags and getting ready to move to Town Square. Flights will be leaving, probably around June 13th I hope. I'm looking forward to my new apartment there. I hope I beat the rush. That hotel is going to be fucking PACKED!
  3. What I mean is, I see a pool table and a piano in the render screenshots. Will we be able to play pool or play piano?
  4. Dear identity enthusiasts

    I'd rather get a polished game late than a buggy mess early. *COUGH* Ark, PUBG, BF4 *COUGH*
  5. I think the game is coming along nicely. There's a lot already there and i'm eager to hang out in town square with friends. Seeing the game has only been in development for ~3 years (correct me if I'm wrong) there's a lot to take in. I bet the game will be more popular than PUBG by the end of 2018 once everyone starts to notice it. Only issues I've really seen are the animations, which were confirmed to be improved, and that we haven't really seen gameplay of anything other than the apartment and the drug bust. I'd like to see gameplay of buying and trying on clothes or sitting in the theatre, just to be sure its working. I'd also like to see gameplay of a full server, just to see that it works. I really like the graphics in this game. They look lifelike. I know this game is already huge, and I can't wait to be a part of it.
  6. Offline Tutorial

    Once this game launches, most everyone needs to know how to play. An offline tutorial will: 1) Prevent server overload 2) Allow players to learn controls and functions before they get into a server 3) Give players a chance to test the game on their system and tweak graphics settings before entering a server 4) Get all the non-RP elements out of the way so that the player can RP from the start The tutorial would include basic things like character control, interacting with objects and interaction wheels, and driving a vehicle. Buying items in a store and going to the movie theatre can be learned in-game.
  7. Hello fellow Roleplayers

    My name is Aero, and I used to RP in San Andreas Multiplayer. I've also done some RP on GTA 5 Xbox One in a couple communities, but it wasn't the same. I was a mapper, but mostly did server coding in pawn script for SA:MP. My characters have varied from a young architect to cannibal serial killer, and I played a redneck once, but he didn't fit in with my friend's character' so I killed him off. I played a biker on GTA 5, and even a police officer. My friend showed me this game today, and it's everything I could ever want from a roleplay game. I have always wanted a game made for roleplaying a civilian. My friend and I are probably going to apply as police officers as soon as it becomes available. My characters that may appear in-game: -Robert Bundy: no relation to Ted Bundy, but ironically this is my former serial killer turned pedestrian. Lives a normal life as a mechanic. Main character. -Shane Chase: wealthy runaway teen who became an architect. Resorts to car theft to make money when in debt. -?: I had a hacker character that spied on government officials and attempted to reach their emails (read government forums ICly). Don't remember his name, or if he even was successful. -John "Woody" Woodward: Vice President of Devious Rebels MC. With all the advantages and features in this game, I am thinking of creating an artist character, author character, or even a used furniture store character. I am looking forward to the opportunities.
  8. I'd like to follow up the first question: if your driver disconnects, will the passenger be able to control the steering until the car slows down? Similarly, if the passenger is evil, can they jerk the wheel to try and crash the car? That would be an interesting mechanic.
  9. Question about stuff

    For this reason, I believe the age should be restricted to 18, but there will realistically be some racism. If you can be mature about it and not make it too extreme (IE white supremacy) then it should be fine. The point of a game is that it's not real life. On the other hand, I imagine this game is going to be full of wonderful people. Most people who roleplay do it to have fun, not be mean to other people. I imagine towns are going to generally be a little racist, like watching a white person move into a black neighborhood might cause a little commotion.
  10. This is the new video...? Poll #2

    Can there be a "Medium" video setting? Something like 5 minutes long, gameplay with developer commentary, doesn't need to be perfect. I like the cinematic clips, but I'm really looking forward to the gameplay and how it really looks.
  11. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I thought those news stands were real. I need this game now.
  12. This is the new video...?

    Literally just made an account to reply. Literally just found out about the game today. The video told us a lot. Sure, previous videos had better visuals, but that just means that visuals are probably dynamic and can be changed to suit the system. As for animations, I agree they need an update. There is no walk or run animation, theres just sort of "jog." I also felt the driving needs to be tweaked. From what I could tell, the vehicle had too much acceleration, but that could be operator error. Video games take a long time to make, especially for small companies, and especially for games this broad. The first open beta will be rough. If anyone is reading this, you should also consider that projects take twice as long as expected due to obstacles and issues that come up during the process. Including the overview video, a lot of the gameplay already appears finished, but the overview video was more likely a concept video: what the game WILL have, but not what it currently has. Looking forward to realistic animations coming along. Will likely pre-order the game as well.