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  1. Is RDM ( Killing for No RP Reason) Going to be a problem? e.x. Someone has an AK-47 and is running down the street shooting everyone just because he can. Is he considered a mad man / cereal killer? Or is he breaking server rules? If so what are they going to do to stop this? Punishment Wise. 2.) Will there be server administrators / staff members watching over the server?
  2. The Dark Ops | New Gang

    The Dark Ops On the outside we could be like one of you... but on the inside is where the true evil lies. We could be your best friend, your parent, maybe a fellow employee But whatever we are... we are not normal. What do we do? We are group of many talents. We will do anything from petty robbery- to mass production of illegal substances. If it produces income and profit we are on it. Our operations will be more concealed. E.X. We will Produce drugs in the middle of no-where E.X. Robbing in very concealed areas (We will rarely rob anyone) We are not just criminals... we are d̸̤̒̑̈͗̔e̷̱̙̬̊̎m̵̥̔̏o̸̢͔̰̜̐̒̃n̴̦̎̋s̵̗̻̒̆ Payout For each operation we will run with 3-6 people. Depending on the job of course. For each associate helping with the operation- will receive a %10 cut. Payouts do not change. Rules 1.) MIC Required 2.) If you do not cooperate=instant expulsion 3.) You will not use your RP name... Think of a code name, for sake of yourself and the gang. 4.) If you're planning to do an operation have at-least 3 people if not 2 day operation suspension. 5.) If you harm, snitch, or verbally abuse ally gangs = 1 week operation suspension 6.) We are civilians in the eyes of everyone. Do not tell anyone you are with The Dark Ops, you will be introduced to your other gang members. 7.) Allied gangs will not know if you are with The Dark Ops, but after joining you will be sent the code word to say to your offenders.. if they continue they are enemies. 8.) Do not snitch on the gang, you will just end up in a ditch dead... you cannot escape the darkness. (No reason to snitch, they will not find us...) Want to join? Message me and I will see if you are fit to join. Want to be Allies? Message UNITE to me We will be allies with everyone...