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  1. No one gives a flying fuck about seeing art, we've been seeing art for years at this point all we care about is playing it.
  2. What is he talking about "last months dev blog"? haven't seen one since February.
  3. Ya, moment we get a date, i'll be donating, been sitting on it for 2 years.
  4. There's no action in the game so who cares.
  5. Can you guys not necro post?
  6. It ducking happed, faith restored good job on not being fake pieces of shirt, you'll be getting my money.
  7. you're clearly very ignorant.
  8. I can see it now.
  9. The time for patience is over they cant make another promise about a video and not follow through. If it doesnt make it by the end of the month then Im done.
  10. My bets Thanksgiving day.
  11. So exclusion of non-English speakers is the answer to that? The fact he has the audacity to tell someone to only speak English on a forum that is not his is incredible.
  12. The f***? "So there's no segregation, don't speak you're language, English only"
  13. The fact they refuse to put out any footage in almost 2 years and they've been delaying a trailer for over 6 months is the biggest red flag you can get. All i know is, if they're full of shit, they deserve every legal and illegal attack on them they'll receive. But i still hope they aren't full of shit because i want the game.
  14. It's been six months since the first and only dev blog, anyone still willing to make excuses for them? It's absolutely insane that it's been this long, so much for regular updates.
  15. 4 years of development and creating advanced procedural generation algorithms isn't some quick cash grab, the fact that you just called what they did little work is wildly ignorant.