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  1. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    I'm probably going to just watch twitch in my apartment for eight hours every day. Lol
  2. Used motorcycle

    Thanks for the help i wasn't that sure
  3. Used motorcycle

    I assume that the vehicle you drive will break if crashed into a wall or if you ran over something sharp or if you run into a person or animal on the sidewalk or the road but I don't believe they will add a system where the vehicle slowly degrades over time due to having a dirty air filter or overfilling your oil etc I just think that the damage system will be based on mainly simple things like the wheels, engine, body structure like a dent or a scratch, and the fuel I think all of these can be damaged by a thing that comes in physical contact with your vehicle like the stuff I said you can hit or run over, for example, the tires lets say you were driving home at night after a long day of work and you hit a nail I assume you pull over and have some items like a spare tire, jack, and a tire iron in the trunk or maybe a tire puncutre fix like fix a flat where you just spray it on your tire where the hole is and it seals it you would probably have to air it up after you seal the puncture in the tire too (And yes I know what your thinks and no its not flex seal). I also think that they will have a fuel system with gas stations so you have to go fill up your tank and if you don't and you run out of gas you have to either hope you have a gas canister in your trunk or you will have to call a friend to bring you one or you have to call a towing company to tow your car to the gas station, but hey if I'm wrong anyone feel free to answer the question better than I can
  4. Art Should be finished today!

    I think the game will be finished by the end of May but I do not believe that it will be released by the end of ay maybe June 4th or the 10th.
  5. Weekly Hopes #3

    I personally think that it should be allowed but it should be very limited like for example you can break into player owned items but like in the video we watched a couple months back on the meth cook and the state trooper you can maybe rob them while they are cooking and take their supplies or maybe you can shoplift in a store or something like that where it is balanced so you won't be able to troll players but you would have to roleplay it and one way to do that is to implement a robbery timer or something like that.
  6. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    GPU: AMD RADEON R7 370 CPU: Intel i5-4670k Quad Core 3.4 ghz Motherboard: ASUS Z87 PRO RAM: 8GB Power Supply: Corsair 650w
  7. Exploring

    Same thing you will have to get a hunting license and you go to a wildlife area and hunt with the weapon you bought from a pawn shop or a gun shop.
  8. Exploring

    Yep :).
  9. Exploring

    In the town module you can explore the whole module and in the module most of the buildings will be accessible but not all of them and when the full game comes out I'm pretty sure all buildings will be explorable and all of that so to sum it up in the modules not everything will be there but they will keep updating it so everything will and when the full game comes out you will be able to go mostly everywhere.
  10. My Card Is Being Declined [Cant Buy From The Shop]

    Will the payments on this new website be more expensive because i don't want to wait for the new launch and have to pay more than i did on this website.
  11. Should I Upgrade

    I'm just gonna buy the $60 package lol I don't see the need for all the in-game accessories because I want to live my life in the game and earn all of it.
  12. So....Turns Out Some People were Wrong

    I had no doubt that this community would thrive hinting to the 26000 people in it.
  13. What Are Some Things You're Looking Forward to In Identity?

    I'm personally looking for this game to come as a Cops vs robbers game but a simulation like Arma 3 life. In this simulation, I'm going to live my life as a police officer and I hope my life doesn't end by getting shot :).
  14. I personally think that corruption should be against the rules because if it's not it ruins the whole point of new players joining the police department that are looking for honest policing.
  15. Better to be arrested then killed?

    When and if I play the game I will much rather go to Jail because when you die it's normally boring and plain in video games so I would much rather my character prosper and continue his story in prison and get to experience the whole system of a Shawshank redemption type feel or however it is which would be really cool lol than just die and make a new one.