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  1. Hello, Identity Community. I have been noticing that several users have been calling for aircraft, trains, and other paraphernalia which are not necessarily allowed or necessary for a realistic environment. The game will take place on an island, a small island, which will allow users to experience a small but vibrant community. The reason why airplanes and trains don't make sense, other than abuse, is simple logistics. A small island would likely not have a train network. If the island did, it would be very limited. If the lack of aircraft takes away from the realism, there are several populated areas IRL which have banned aircraft. Part of the island lore could be that aircraft were banned for sound pollution or something else. I recently noticed a post about prison bus transport. Again, not necessary. Consider the size of the island, and what would be logical in reality. The main reason why this project attracted me in the first place, was because of the realism and entire map freedom. By limiting the environment to an island, the developers have given us the freedom of exploring "everywhere" without making an endless mindless map. Finally, I am going to discuss the video. Ladies and gentlemen, just forget the video. If it comes out, let it be a nice surprise. The primary goal is the first module at March 21st. The last thing in the world any of us want is that enough players make such a noise about the video, that they focus on that instead of necessary module development. If the March 21st deadline is pushed we are going to be worse off than missing some video. Let's be surprised, and let's focus on March 21st as the goal.
  2. I see that DLMIT is discussing the Lenin utopia of communism, which true, has never existed. That so far is true, but according to the idolized future... no states or governmental organizations will exist. So to that fact, that is why no communist party can ever bring about communism. It's like trying to reach the end of a rainbow, impossible. Hope that clears it up.
  3. Hello.

    Welcome to Identity. 1. No. The first module will be released on March 21st, 2018. 2. Review the developer blog. 3. Voice, with some text use. Just keep your eyes peeled for developer announcements.
  4. I made a nice flag!

    Had a little time to play with my Flag Generator program, came up with something which resembles the surrounding states. Style of Alabama, Colors of Georgia (Orange is used because it is so rare in modern flags), and the Sun represents ex igne "born of fire." An alt-history island of this magnitude would probably have volcanic origins.
  5. I made a nice flag!

    Before we decide on a flag... (We need the official Island name from the developers...)