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  1. KIngPin

  2. Ariana Grande Needs a Job

    The forum account is separate from any Identity purchases. They could easily have purchased the pass and been a guest on the forum until now, but can't be too careful.
  3. Luprano Family

    Remember, its most likely you both won't even be in the same server. (It is currently unknown how cross-server organizations will work.) Remember, though, no meta-gaming and everyone will be happy.
  4. Street Racing?

    In the full game, after the racing module is completed, yes. Will it be a game mechanic? Doubtful, as in real life it would be illegal so it would be up to the underground to enforce the rules.

    Identity wants to focus on a smaller, less militarized average life for most Americans. I myself am glad they aren't going to add these additions, as they would make civilian life very difficult.

    The reason the developers have decided to limit the options of criminals is to give them a better chance on the streets. This keeps law enforcement from using sting ops, drones, and APCs.
  7. Just remember, explosives and stealing law enforcement weapons will not be a function of game-play.
  8. On a public server, you will lose all money and inventory on your person and may or may not pay a hospital fee upon revival.
  9. Lazy and unprofessional developers.

    They haven't only been working on the Town Square all this time. If they had, your argument would have some weight. The development of groundbreaking games takes considerable time. The Town Square is taking longer than I hoped, but that is because they are only putting a few of their developers on the task. The other developers are working on other aspects of the game so that when the modules are done there will be considerable progress completed on the rest of the game. If you want a refund, take it; but I would wait at least till the end of the month for Town Square.
  10. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    You don't have to reserve ownership as anyone can run a business with the right team. The whole economy isn't cut and dry just yet, as businesses will appear later on after the modules. Don't worry though, the only limit on businesses at the moment is competition. For example, a dozen nightclubs might be too much, but three or four is just about right. Just do whatever you want, imagination is the key at this point in development.
  11. News outlet

    Is this what you mean, Or do you mean more like a tv-channel, because there used to be some before they went inactive...
  12. Police

    No, the first module will not have careers. There will be three modules produced before early access, we can expect to see careers after the three modules are out and Beta is activated. However, the Town Square is sure to be amazing enough to bide the short time till the next module, and so on.
  13. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    No off-duty cops allowed? Aww, shucks.
  14. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I always just go to the last page and start from there, but it was probably just a glitch if you didn't see the page originally.

    I could slowly deconstruct your whole socialism structure, but it would be a waste of my time. Now, the main reason why people distrust you is that flag. Did Karl Marx ever make that flag? No, it was used by leaders who carried out horrific actions upon their own people. Now, as long as you fly the hammer and sickle, do not be offended by people taking a dislike to you. If I wanted to bring up my controversial political choices, your choices might seem trivial. However, I reign it in, because I want this community to not be dragged through it all. Please, I appreciate your trying to inject realism and choices as in reality, but debates shouldn't last more than a few comments on the forum. The IPO discord has the proper tools for debating, please debate their as it needs the activity.