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  1. After playing Altis Life In Grand Theft Arma Server for a very long time, I am very known to RPG type games and i seriously believe they being a mod of a completely different game dosent give them much possibilities but i believe that IDENTITY is gonna change all of it and gonna rock the RPG genre like crazy. Suggestion A - I believe having right and left car indicators light (set to maybe Q or E keys) can be really useful and will stop unnecessary crashing of cars, and strict rules can be made about it which can be regulated by police. Where crashing and dying to it can possibly lose you a lot of money at the same time having indicators in cars and having a strict regulation about it can save a lot of people's hard work and useless VDMers (vehicle death match - where people illegally try to kill people by crashing them in their car) Suggestion B - Second idea which i think can change this game completely would be able to consume the drugs use in illegal activity, it will provide so many Roleplay possibilities, from police checking drunk or under the influence of drugs Drivers to people selling local drugs in hidden dark places to hobos of the city. People can have parties in their houses which can be raided by police as a roleplay to check drug use or people can have a good time roleplaying as under drug usage. City can have legalized weed shops as well where people can buy weed for recreation opening again loads of and many roleplay stories.
  2. Hello To The New World :D Knock Knock!