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  1. I have been wondering if there will be the option for the local government to create a welfare system, it would create more job paths such as healthcare professionals, administrators and social workers it would also add more political realism
  2. I have been wondering if there will be the option for the local government to create a welfare system, it would create more job paths such as healthcare professionals, administrators and social workers it would also add more political realism
  3. my party is in need of someone with experience in management and legal consultancy please contact me if interested (pay will be discussed during the interview but we can not pay anyone until the game has been published and the pay will only be in game currency)
  4. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    could we hope to see technicals in identity
  5. iv been wounding would it be possible to become a DJ or MC in identity
  6. The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party (PSRP)

    most of our policy's are not 100% set in stone i also retract my comment about that the PSRP is the most pro drugs party i am sorry i wish that i had done more research into the political landscape , i would also like to say that our current policy's are not set in stone as they are only pieces of framework that will be reviewed and edited as needed i also understand the importance of universal drug rehabilitation but we will be publishing framework on that subject and many other subjects, i am also sorry that my party i not perfect but what is, in regard to drug cartels i will also at a later date publish framework on how to combat drug cartels and their influence in society and i encourage everyone to share their options as that the only way i can adapt and improve our policy's and framework because this party is a work in progress
  7. The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party (PSRP)

    thanks for the feed back, got any ideas how i can improve it i would also like to say that the PSRP is not like any other socialist party, our manifesto may not be as complete as other party's but i can assure you that it will one day be as "complete" as any other party's manifesto plus i think my party is the most pro drugs party our drug policy may not be 100% complete as i would like to avoid publishing the complete policy yet until i can confirm what drugs will be included that is why i have only published framework regarding the subjects
  8. International Waters

    i think this idea has a lot potential as if new islands were added this could give way to new "nation states" if a rebel/criminal faction took control of the island they could gain benefits for the island (depending on the infrastructure and business/residential buildings on the islands) which the mainland government would have to retake to regain control so they can get money from taxation again
  9. Offline Gaming

    this sounds like a great ideas, but sadly as im not a dev nor do i have game/software developing skills id have no clue as how they could implement this
  10. The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party is a liberal left wing party we are always looking for new members. The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party is not a communist party, as we believe in a regulated form of capitalism and we do not believe or support the idea of nationalising everything and paying people the same wage because this will lead to a decrees in job quality. our policy's/beliefs: drug policy: we will put drugs into different category's to determinant the risk and the correct actions to take in regard to law enforcement (the drug policy will be revised and edited once the developers release a list of what drugs will be included, if anyone dose know all the drugs that will be included please comment or contact me) class A's: illegal class B's: decriminalised for users and low level actors (dealers and transporters) in the distribution of the substances class C's: legalised, but only obtainable from a licensed vendor and illegal to sell if you do not have a license to sell class D's legalised and no restrictions regarding selling and purchasing weapons and firearms policy: class A firearms: only accessible for law enforcement officials class B firearms: obtainable for people with a license any other weapons are obtainable for anyone under the pretence that they will only be used for self defence our taxation policy: our tax policy will be base on income tax where people pay tax depending on what tax bracket/group they are in, people who earn less will pay less tax and people who earn more will pay more tax, this will also be use to asses who needs government help and who dose not. if you are aware of any other features that you feel we will be interested in crating policy's on pleases contact me or comment and the same goes if you wish to join the The Peoples Socialist Reformist Party, and pleases give your opinion on our current policy's viva la revolution (if needed), power to the people
  11. Protesting/rioting

    Iv just read up on safe zone do you know if this will effect protesters/rioters ability to storm and occupy government buildings, because if they don’t have any wepons it’s gonna be pretty hard for them to prevent the police from forcefully removing them from the building, also would it be possible for the protesters/rioters to erect barricades
  12. Illegal/underground culture I think there could be a lot of potential for an illegal/underground culture because illegal activity don’t just comprise of action for financial gain but also recreational interests such as illegal party where drugs are plentiful and it’s not hard to buy drugs. Squat raves/illegal rave: These events could be held anywhere (depending on the systems and features in place in the game), full of drugs and not absent of the present of drug dealers, these events could be used to make money from many avenues such as: Profit from drug sales: The organisers could make profit from the sale of drug, the organisation could be a drug cartel using the rave to shift their products or the organisers could make a profit from from a cut of the profit of drug dealers that attend. Profiting from entry sales: The organisers could also make money from charging people entry prices. Illegal street racing: Street racing can be a very enjoyable and exciting activity both for the racers and the people watching and it can be a very lucrative business. Profiting from entry fees: The organisers could profit from charging the racers a fee, taking a cut from the lump sum then awarding the rest to the winner/winners. These have been a few ideas of mine, please expand on my ideas and suggestions your own ideas for Illegal/underground culture in identity. Peace out
  13. Protesting/rioting

    I think it would be really cool if they added in a few features to allow citizens to protest or riot, I don’t think this is a stupid idea as there’s a political career and if the mayor/ govern imposes high taxes the citizens aren’t just gonna stand by and be cool with that. i would also like to ask anyone interested in this idea please give suggestions and comments police abilities: the police would have to try to defuse the situation or just straight up suppress it (depending on the people making the decisions) weaponry: riot shields and batons for crowd control Tear gas for crowd control firearms (with rubber bullies as ammunition) for crowd control Vehicles: water cannon van for crowd control police vans for detaining suspect and agitators (If not already included). the media’s abilities: the media are there to tell a story it could be completely up to the journalist how they report this event will they produce a story condemning the police for being brutal and authoritarian or will they condemn the protesters, ladling them as radicals or they could produce a neutral story stating all the facts. (the reason why I have included the media is because they play an important role in protests, they tell the story and because I heard that they would be adding a newspaper to the game and I believe it would add more content to that career path) The protesters/rioters ability’s: they could do anything depending on the beliefs and action plan of the event organiser, they could hold a simple peaceful march, storm and occupy a government building or go all out angry mob attacking the police Improvised Weaponry: petrol bombs/ Molotov cocktail used to attack the police and cause chaos Other items: protest signs posters Politicians: politicians could use these events to there advantages, condemning the event or supporting and attending the event based on their opinions and targeted voter base (I will admit that I probably haven’t listened a lot of things but to be honest that’s all I can think of but it would be great if you guys could pick up from here and add your own great ideas or any ideas on how the things iv already listed can be improved) peace out
  14. Disease and Health

    I think this is a very good idea because it can add new careers and a new feature for the political career as some politicians may believe in a National health care service and the benefits and some may think it will cost to much and effect job quality (if a national health care service was created the government would have to allocate funding for paying staff and other costs)