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  1. Testing Module 1

    Yes, it's called reading the requirements when they are released. 

    Yeahhh, back up in the mix like ALOHA N**ga Cudi lookin for a fix
  3. Quick Question About Theatres

    That video is made by skilled individuals and probably took a hella long time. Is it really worth implementing such a system to bridge a gap in the market so small for people with the ability to create such content?
  4. Quick Question About Theatres

    But they'd be absolutely shit so theres no point. It's like handing over source filmmaker to a 14 year old who has no or little concept of how to use it. That'll be the sort of quality the majority of player made movies will come out as.
  5. Game is a scam?

    What do you mean graphical bugs in Assassins Creed, there are none!
  6. Hi frombay area california

    Lucky bitch from the bay CA, I envy you like fuck! Welcome aboard matey
  7. What can i do with it?

    I did Nazi that coming
  8. Refund

    Have you tried the Identity Facebook and Twitter?
  9. New to this

    I believe the release date is searchbar/searchbar/searchbar
  10. Anything For Backing

    Us Kickstarter backers get a special hat, but that's as far as it goes I believe. 
  11. A face behind our screens?

    Ganja man, lovin the photo
  12. A face behind our screens?

    When Adolf Hitler is the most popular person on this thread..... UBER ALLES
  13. A face behind our screens?

    Is that really you?
  14. Nostalgia List

    What do you think of the latest Mortal Kombat?