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  1. Websites

    I'm sure you can take pictures and make notes, so with a bit of RP and creativity sure why not.
  2. Atlas Corporation

    I have no idea what you're talking about.
  3. Upcoming Module

    Or, you could use PayPal with a VPN
  4. Okay mate, but would you be interested in helping create a fan wiki anyway?
  5. Continue The Story

    Jack then opened up his GTA contacts and called....
  6. How detailed will it be?

    I think I know what you are asking. Sort of will the level detail be more Skyrim or TESO, I imagine on the outside detail won't be too extreme to keep the specs down, but customisation of interiors and general interiors will be more polished up in order to grant it its own aesthetic. Who knows though eh
  7. Rate Ppl's Favourite Movie!

    This isn't gonna work because if the person hasn't seen the movie they aren't gonna watch the entire thing just to rate it on here...
  8. YOUTUBE video (read before clicking link)

    I know, I'm just giving you a heads up. Technically even this post isn't allowed.
  9. Smoking

    Well illegal drugs have been confirmed so I find it somewhat doubtful that smoking pot won't too be implemented. Smoking ciggies will just be a retexturing of the former too, meaning myself making a good guess would return a big fat yes to both.

    They're popular in America, you stick em in the toaster before you eat them. Never had one myself though.
  11. roleplaying games thats free?

    He said free not 20 quid  
  12. Simple Coffee Shop

    I'd do my research if I were you because you're wrong. The devs said vendor AI will be a thing, meaning a coffee shop could technically be operational 24/7. Of course this is possible.
  13. Professional Boxing Team 'Born To Bleed'

    Masta this is a repost, please try to not make multiple posts on the same subject to prevent the clogging up of our forums. Edit your previous post if you need to make changes or additions.  

  15. Hello guys

    Keep to the categories bro, you post introductions in Immigration. @HairyGrenade   Welcome aboard tho <3