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  1. when can i play

    No shit
  2. Running The Game

    I can't see you getting a build of that calibre out of £2000. From your current specs I would imagine you are aiming for 4K gaming, which means you will need a monitor which by itself starts at around £800 for a decent size. High end i7's are also in the range of about £400+, your GPU won't set you back too badly, you're getting way too much RAM unless you need to complete tasks with heavy processing demand (Rendering etc) As well as that if you want watercooling/funky case/branded mouse, keyboard headset etc they will cost a load too.    Edit - I was wrong, I don't think your GPU would be powerful enough for 4K gaming. I completely forgot about how 4K GPU's ramp up the price of a build, I see what you're doing now.
  3. Running The Game

    Mate you're taking the piss that laptop couldn't even handle Minecraft properly
  4. Nostalgia List

    *Have murdered*
  5. Lovely new screenshot

    No your card isn't good enough mate  
  6. Nostalgia List

      I jammed on every single one of these for ages back in my childhood
  7. Rate the above song

  8. Rate the above song

    5/10 Can't rate it any higher bro because first of all it's nothing but a pop charts hit, and secondly it's old in the sense that it's a dead vibe (Not a classic)     And now, my personal anthem.     
  9. Lovely new screenshot

    Sweet boi
  10. Drugs

    That is true to a point but I would at least to a certain level accept video footage as acceptable proof. Even that though has been proven unreliable by game devs time and time again.
  11. Drugs

    No you dick, that is not an official video which means regardless of the source of the info, it's not an OFFICIAL VIDEO. People won't give two hoots about this guy relaying information that was said partly because this video is old and secondly sourcing information that way is somewhat unreliable as it is all just words, no solid proof. Plus if you want to make a fuss about me having 'No comeback' give me longer than 5 minutes before you mention it....
  12. Driving Realism?

    I personally think if they made driving realism a priority it would put people off driving in game. This is because it feels incredibly slow driving slowly in a game, and your perception of how slow you are going doesn't mirror going that same speed in reality, because your brain tells you you have to be slow in a real life situation, but not in the video game. Subsequently, if people drove too fast and crashed all the time/ruined their vehicles I imagine the driving would become a quell with the community and not a benefit due to its so called 'realism'.
  13. Anyone need an assassin?

    I like how you emphasise the normal civilian as the most high risk target in that sentence  Should be the other way round I imagine....
  14. Fake Drivers Licence

    I agree it would make perfect sense to have this as a core game mechanic!
  15. Drugs

    Stop confusing people, there is no official video about criminal careers. That is exactly what people are drawing from your message, so make sure you reiterate the information being in the second update video.