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  1. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    What will it be? The drink or the herb?
  2. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    Good to know...
  3. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    Maybe, or maybe you're investing into the wrong game for yourself.
  4. more content

    We've just had a gameplay trailer mate, so you're gonna have to be patient for the next one. Don't expect things to be quick just because you are used to mass media coverage from the huge game devs out there. 
  5. I dont usually do this

    Welcome mate! 
  6. In-Depth Personal Hygene

    When you come up with things like this you have to actually consider it from the devs' viewpoint and whether it is really worth spending the time implementing all the mechanics you mention. To me they sound too arbitrary to be worth it, and having too many hunger bars/hygiene bars etc will just make it a copy of the sims. However I'm sure your player can shower, wash their hands etc but only as a cosmetic extra to the game, not necessarily giving any benefit to the player. 
  7. Yes it most definitely will, unless the project is abandoned for whatever reason. On almost no occasions are kickstarter/crowdfunded games released and never updated with fixes, patches or new content.
  8. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    Yeah but that won't happen because the devs are trying to make it a close reenactment of real life.
  9. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    Nope, i said have them as close to real life as possible. Drugs can have positive effects on you, in the short term at least. For example if you took a bit of sniff then like in real life your sense of alertness may increase. That for one is a benefit that could be utilised in game.
  10. Grow weed in apartment

    I imagine! I'm deffo gonna try and visit there sometime not just because of the laws on bud, but there's loads of good music festivals there too and chill vibes, hot weather etc. Apart from music festivals pretty much everything the UK doesn't have  
  11. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    That's alright then because I'm not 13. Oh yeah and as well as that I don't think the law solely prohibits 13 year olds from taking drugs, I think its illegal for everyone for most of the world. But I'll let you off, as I know its just you being immature.
  12. Grow weed in apartment

    I'm sure you already do appreciate it but man it's so lucky to live in one of the few states that legalise bud for recreational use  Wish England was the same
  13. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    I think drugs should be done as close to the real thing as possible. Having superficial effects that aren't actually true to the drug will break immersion a bit I think.
  14. Personal question please guide me!

    Use the internet there is a ton of info that will help you out. Just search something like 'How to get into game development', or talk to a careers advisor at your college.
  15. Rate the above song

    6.5/10 Not really my jam but I'll give the benefit of the doubt, it wasn't actually too bad.