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  1. I'm guessing a few weeks. I don't think we'll have to wait until next year. Keep watch of the tracker.
  2. How long to realese?

    It'll be released once all the tasks are completed.
  3. This is what I could find: When will we be able to see new pictures for the current pledge rewards? Rusted Car v Motorbike Comparison
  4. Strip Club?

    They might have strip clubs.
  5. Hello from France

  6. They want the website released before the TS release, but it could be released alongside the TS launch.
  7. Canadian Alliance - northern players unite

    You've got a lot of JFK quotes in there for this to be a Canadian Alliance
  8. Why?

    Most people who are against the supports of this project are those who have had bad experiences in the past.
  9. Most of the information is in the Dev Blogs they post every now and then. Give them all a read.
  10. Do you guys like the release date?

    Been waiting years for the release, nice to finally see that it's actually happening. Lots of people were starting to lose hope and interest I think.
  11. Ayo

    Been following this for years, excited af.