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  1. Hey Asmami! Unfortunately there won't be any planes or helicopters in the game. So sadly no "flight simulation" in Identity if you're looking for that. The world would feel way too small and the players would miss a lot down there to explore. I think Brian explained it a bit, but I totally get your point there. Besides that, there will be an airport for RP reasons and also for possible DLCs to fly to other islands. (not 100% decided yet) If you have more questions please take a look at the FAQs and the Twitch Clip Directory in my signature down below! Cheers, Isaac
  2. Hi Rollercoaster47! As stated before by the others, you won't be able to play the game before the first module (part of the game, like an early alpha) comes out. The first module - called Town Square - will be released on March 21 in 2018. After the 3 modules (Town Square, SWAT and Racing) are out, there will be the Beta release which will include the most parts of the full game. So in your case, with the $30 package, you'll be able to play on March 21! If you have more questions, please look at the FAQs and the Twitch Clip Directory inside my signature. Cheers! Isaac
  3. Hey jammie_doggers! The release of the first module called "Town Square" will be on March 21th in 2018.
  4. Welcome back, Rem! It's great to have you back as an active part of the community.
  5. Hi Charlespayne and welcome! You have to wait until the first module gets released. The first module (called Town Square) will be available on 21st March 2018.
  6. Just through the modules to try out the customization part of the game!
  7. Hey Maplemooses! Welcome to the forums and to this community! Make sure you're following the progress on social media as well and on our official discord for the newest screenshots and everything. Our discord: If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to ask! Cheers, Isaac
  8. As Hairy and Paratus have mentioned: So you should be fine, KILLED_IRL But really an interesting story you got there with your job! 6 Weeks without access to the internet, yikes.
  9. At first they were a very small team of 3 devs working on the game. What happened was that Town Square was originally supposed to be its own isolated thing. But later they discovered that they can save much time by using Town Square as a baseline for future modules, it took longer but if done right, it should significantly cut time spent on modules 2 and 3. So it wont take years to develop. March 21 2018 is a realistic date that they can achieve now. They've denoted a good amount of time to both creating and playtesting. That being said, all businesses encounter hiccups from time to time, like if a systems programmer falls super ill for like a week while working on something critical to development progress. They've definitely given themselves a good buffer with this date, but there's always the aspect of the unknown that could delay things. BUT they're working crazy hard to meet this deadline, as fulfilling deadlines most certainly builds confidence. Also - every tuesday and thursday they're streaming progress on 3D Art, animations and things on their channel You can watch Jade's (one of the Devs / Artists) stream as well as he's streaming like everyday on new models Once Town Square is released, the percentage goes up from 89% to 100%.
  10. Hello there! My name is Isaac and I'm a big fan of Identity since their Kickstarter. Following all their progress since then. I've worked on several (gaming-) projects before and now I'm super excited to join the moderation part of this amazing project! As many others here, I just love gaming and the community of it since I was a child. From SNES to Current Gen, it's just pure fun since then. It's amazing to see all the joy that comes with it and I'm glad I can share it with you! So let's take this road together and share the fun! PS: If you need any help - let me know! So I can help you guys out as soon as possible. Isaac out!