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  1. Welcome / Willkommen! If you have any questions, please take a lot at the great FAQ's inside my signature down below. Feel free to message me if you need help or have other questions that haven't been answered before. Cheers, Cayn
  2. Hi Preston_bodhi_343! Currently we have only these blueprints available (the luxury ones get bigger and a bit fancier): But maybe is Jade able to show you your apartment in one of his streams! He's streaming his work of it and other 3d modeling quite often: Cheers, Cayn
  3. Hi Cedric! Welcome to our great community. Enjoy your stay. If you need any help, feel free to message us moderators! Cheers, Cayn
  4. Hi Kardlef! Welcome to our community. If you're still looking for answers to your questions, please make sure you take a look at the great FAQ's down below inside my signature. The Twitch Clips Directory will provide the newest answers as well - directly from the devs in the weekly dev streams. Have a great day! Cheers, Cayn
  5. I can't decide between being a hardcore business man or to live in the woods to be a hunter / fisherman. Tough question, I think I will try every career!
  6. Hi TwitchTriox! As GreyFox has mentioned you will be able to stream your gameplay upon release of the first module! We're excited to see some fun gameplay, so thanks in advance! Cheers, Cayn
  7. Hey Pumple! And welcome to our community. Enjoy your stay! Cheers, Cayn
  8. Hi Jessouille! Welcome to the Identity community! If you still have any questions - please take a look at the great FAQ's down below. Or just ask again here at the forums or on our official Identity Discord! Enjoy your stay! Cheers, Cayn
  9. Hi Negan! Welcome to the forums and this community! If you have any questions, please take a look at the great FAQ's inside my signature and the Twitch Clips Directory which will be updated frequently. Or just ask if there's still anything you'd like to know. Take care! Cheers, Cayn
  10. Hi ShepardWhsikey! Welcome to the forums! Please take a look at the great FAQ pages which will provide a lot of information. As Lucky has mentioned - please take a quick look at the Twitch Clips Directory as well. It contains the newest information about Identity and gets updated frequently. Have a nice day! Cheers, Cayn
  11. Yes, you're able to upgrade your package, but please keep in mind that the prices will increase with the new website, and the website will be updated before module one (21st March 2018). Also some early-bird packages will be completely removed from the store. Before the new website gets launched we will notify everyone and so that you have the chance to upgrade your package before that.
  12. Hey Conor! Q1) On official servers your character will respawn in / near a hospital after you got killed. But on custom servers (they will be available to rent) there will be an option to activate the "permadeath", so your character doesn't respawn anymore and is gone. Q2) Your body will remain there for a short amount of time because the killer is able to loot your body and gets everything what you were carrying with you at this moment (but not your clothing/cosmetic things). There would be no point in hiding the body because a murderer gets automatically flagged with the murder status, so everyone knows he has done it. Q3) For this question there are some Twitch Clips in which the developers have said some things about the detective job: PS: The developers will look into console porting after the full release, so.. it's a maybe! I hope I was able to help you out there! Cheers, Cayn
  13. Hey charlespayne, you'll get a "discount" automatically because you've already pledged $100 for the biker package. So the upsized package - which normally costs $150 - got reduced by your pledge amount. (150 - 100) Hope this helps! Cheers, Cayn
  14. Welcome on board, Skepta! It would be awesome to have you as an active part of the community here and on the discord. Make sure you're following the progress on social media as well and on our official discord for the newest screenshots and everything. Our discord: If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to ask if there's anything unclear and please take a look at the FAQs and the Twitch Clip Directory inside my signature down below. Cheers, Cayn
  15. Hey Sage! Welcome to the forums and to this awesome community. If you need anything or have any questions, please look at the FAQs and the Twitch Clip Directory in my signature below and feel free to ask if there's anything unclear! Cheers, Isaac