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  1. Modules are free?

    You will have to have pledged for the Founder's Package or higher to access the modules
  2. I don't believe you will be able to pre-load the game. It's not planned at least.
  3. What can we do

    Social activities as well as some other stuff. Painting, book writing, all of which can be displayed for others to see. A Karaoke bar, a cinema playing public domain 1960s movies, character creation and customization, apartment customization, chess, etc
  4. I would recommend Fraps and (oddly enough) a camera to just record the screen as you play. Capture cards are just extra money for too little use if you ask me. And I have seen a good few videos taken on cameras, showing the screen. Just makes sure it is a good quality video camera though. Otherwise a capture card would be the generous way to go.
  5. Requested a refund

    The community manager works on weekdays, so by then hopefully he’ll be around to help you!
  6. Computer Store

    I believe the only game that will be present that I know of (both on phone and computers in-game) is the Counterfeit game. Which is a parody of CS:GO built inside Identity where you can do things like deathmatches and maybe more.

    You will start with $1,000 cash and a ticket for free stay in the variety of motels in-game for as long as you don't have any other sort of housing. All this as well as any backer rewards you may have.
  8. Can me and my friends play this game with our pcs?

    I am afraid I know very little about AMD CPUs, but if you can run games like GTA V just fine with it I believe you will be fine. The GPU and RAM should be just fine if you ask me. However, don't take this as official word that it will work. But... it should work just fine so long as that CPU isn't too outdated. Because again, I sadly know too little about AMD CPUs.
  9. French or not ?

    There will be servers for sure in the area for players in your region to also connect with. So interacting with players speaking the same language shouldn't be a huge problem. Official game translation however sadly wont come until full release. This include things like UI and any other text ingame
  10. steam

    Should be around April 23rd for the first iteration of the game, Town Square. Not sure if you will be able to purchase the game on steam though or not while it is in it's early access stages.
  11. Refund

    If you had to ask me, an i5 processor (I don't know the AMD equivalent) and a GTX 750Ti 2 GB GPU(Again, do not know the AMD equivalent sadly) with about 8GB of RAM should be around the minimum specs needed to run the game. But don't quote any of us on that as there is no way to know for sure without proper testing. However, if your specs infact do not match these and you fear you may not be able to run the game, Beach_Ball should be able to contact you in regards to this.
  12. There won't be any jobs or currency for Module 1 Town Square. These will all come either in the Beta or Full Release. I believe recreation drugs will be added in later updates but not on day 1, but don't quote me on that. The Town Square though is really just.. well, a town square. You can walk around and interact with players as well as do activities such as painting, singing in the karaoke bar, book writing, watching movies, customizing your apartment, etc. The outsides of the Town Square will be closed off with construction equipment to keep everyone inside while still looking nice and pretty. You don't just see the map cut off all goofy looking. As for murder, the police will know right away when you kill a player. But they will have to catch you to actually arrest you. Of course, nothing like this will be in the Town Square though.
  13. I'm afraid the chances are really low. Last I recall, newer versions of Unreal Engine demand 8 GB of ram, and 1 GB of vRAM just sounds too little. The devs made a guess saying that a GTX 750Ti might be the lowest card that could run the game and the 430 is far below that I am afraid.
  14. Town Square Module will have everything be free to players. No jobs or vehicles or currency.
  15. I feel betrayed

    Well, the only really great way to prolong the games life with free updates like they want to would be for them to have a streaming source of revenue coming in. While DLC could be an option this is the second best answer. The name might be ugly but really, they’re nothing advantageous. And there really isn’t going to be much grinding. It would be buying things like Identity tee shirts ingame or just a unique apartment layout. Or even a lower tier car Incase you need one ASAP. No way are players pushed towards buying these. They just assist in their long term goal to keep the game fresh with new stuff.