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  1. Just remember that DLC, if ever, is something to not even consider until atleast the game's full release. Which after that they still intend to just update the game with new stuff.
  2. Not entirely sure. I wasn't spoken too much about it. I think it was just from looking back at games who did it in the past. They dont want it to feel required where as in many MMOs it often always is nearly required. Such as the old ESO and stuff. Great way for revenue and all that, but they really want to stick to the idea that you bought this game, you should be able to play all of it without having to pay another dollar, euro, or whatever.
  3. It was considered long ago, a monthy optional subscription type of service. Decided against it though.
  4. There will be microtransactions, yes. But really, the devs just as well as everyone else dislike them too. It's more or less just a way for them to get gradual funds through the game's lifespan as they continue to work on it with updates. Things like Identity branded shirts and more. The plan is for it to all be mostly cosmetic but there are other things purchasable. There are unique apartments and cars as well, but please do take that with only a grain of salt. In NO way do they intent to add things like super cars or anything of that sort. Atleast not as a mictotransaction. They will be lower-ish end vehicles for if you really just need a ride RIGHT NOW. Then there are unique apartments. Totally optional in comparison to other homes. Just apartments too. Thankfully, money will never be a purchasable in-game with real currency (beyond just the current pledge package rewards). Mictotransactions are ugly and we all agree with it. But when they want Identity to be an ever-growing game and not just a release and move on, it's just there as a way for possible revenue to keep coming in to help development further. DLC is possible but not entirely planned. That's years into the future. If there is anything it will likely be a new worldspace. But there still is no confirmation of DLC.
  5. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    Goodness no. Until they get the mocap sessions rolling in, these most certainly are temporary. Can't say how long they will stay though. But its all very much placeholder.
  6. I have a question!

    There are seperate accounts for both the forums and for pledging to the game, yes. One account will be used to tie your pledge rewards to your game account while the other is there for visiting and communicating here.
  7. A face to the name of Developers...

    I think it’s alright. We might not be the most open on names, but we’ve put them out there for people to see. Just got to look in the right areas. Appreciate your wishes in wanting to have respect for the team, Preston_Bodhi_343, but really, it’s okay
  8. A face to the name of Developers...

    This is kinda fun to keep track of and watch! ; )
  9. what happen to dev blog this month?

    Since the holiday fell on their weekend which they already had off, they closed up for Monday as many other locations do that are closed up on the weekends.
  10. Way too much hostility here. Very inappropriate.
  11. what happen to dev blog this month?

    Been a busy week with holidays and more everywhere. It will be up later today. Likely later in the night, eastern standard time.

    A bit misleading with a title like that...
  13. While that would be a more satisfactory thing to do, it sadly doesnt work that way with steam. The team needs to wait for the final update to be ready (the update that completes TS) before they can submit it to steam for review.
  14. When you purchase a package, you pledge to fund development for an upcoming game that has yet to be released. You can follow progress of the first module included in packages with beta access here:
  15. Is this a scam or a game

    When you pay for the game, you are infact pledging to fund development for a game that isn't finished yet. The first module of Identity isn't out yet. You can follow progress on what is left to be done in Town Square before it's release here: Upon Town Square's release (assuming you have beta access), you will be able to link your Steam account to your Identity account to receive your key.