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  1. At witch point is verry soon? I have been wainting since the kickstarter were done, and there you put the estimat to december 2016 now its july 2017 so how can i feel safe that the module will ever come? I'm soon thinking i will pull my pledge and get my money bac cuz i have spent $100 on you and feel like this is soon getting in to a hussle and it's now soon coming a game like this started AFTER you abd the beta is in one week.... So what makes you slow and them faster with even less money to use on devs? I feel like something is not quite right here... Give us some propper details we can go with and not very soon....
  2. Still wainting.. Im wanting to change the pledge account mail so i can get updates to my new mail sience the old one got hacked
  3. And then no one answers. But is it any way to change it?
  4. Nad the pledging account tho?
  5. How do i request a mail change? Cuz my main mail has been hacked and i'm locked out of it.
  6. hello i sent you a DM may you see it? :)



    1. HairyGrenade


      I haven't received a message from you. 

    2. TheSphix


      Ohh i saw now that you had left the old conversation about the mail change now :P

  7. Is it possible to get the mail changed on the pledge account? Cuz i do not have the password to thet any more
  8. Do we be able to make a private server and host it by us self? Like steam cmd and stuff like that?