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  1. Refound

    Okay do you know who that have that mail and can deg him/her?
  2. Refound

    Yea i can that cuz they allow refounds so yea i can
  3. Refound

    Or i have to go the consumer Council here in norway and put them on the case.. we gor rights and you need to follow them
  4. Refound

    @LuckyDuck May you please check your mail about the refound?
  5. Refound

    I have sendt a mail to that adress but no answer...
  6. Refound

    Let's start with i have sent u an mail.. I will add a copy of the mail here Hello i would like to request a full refound of both my accounts That is acount ID’s: 4523 With pledged $100 (Username: TheSphix) 4523 With pledge $60 (Username: MixiLigth) I have been wainting too long with out getting any thing and i will buy the game on release Please do full refund to my new paypal that is
  7. Refund, help?

    Your mail does not work
  8. Mail change

    Still wainting.. Im wanting to change the pledge account mail so i can get updates to my new mail sience the old one got hacked
  9. Mail change

    And then no one answers. But is it any way to change it?
  10. Mail change

    Nad the pledging account tho?
  11. Mail change

    How do i request a mail change? Cuz my main mail has been hacked and i'm locked out of it.
  12. hello i sent you a DM may you see it? :)



    1. HairyGrenade


      I haven't received a message from you. 

    2. TheSphix


      Ohh i saw now that you had left the old conversation about the mail change now :P

  13. Mail on user account

    Is it possible to get the mail changed on the pledge account? Cuz i do not have the password to thet any more
  14. Do we be able to make a private server and host it by us self? Like steam cmd and stuff like that?