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  1. Indoor, Outdoor, Bush and Ruffy.
  2. A bit of self respect, you have to want to quit first and take it slow, don't try and quit tomorrow just cut back how much you take until you think your ready to quit.
  3. A part time job possibility, in real life the police sometimes enlist the help of civilians with special skills or knowledge on there current case like retired thief's to backtrack the case or narrow down suspects with the skill or know how to get that specific job done.

    No you don't need mental health services or counseling your beyond that you need Jesus and the love of a caring parent. But you make a good point there should be an actual asylum in game for characters to plead insanity.
  5. Puts $4K in my pocket, $350 a week and when I'm there food plus my own room free.
  6. Dude!, Sweet!, thank you!, that's what I need, I get that with VIP.
  7. I'm so fucked, I have a job that requires me to work 6-8 weeks on, 6 weeks off and the whole time at work there is no access to internet. "Deep sea fisherman, FML".
  8. They should look up what addicts have said about there experience with drugs and try a realistic emulation?. #Weed makes you feel like your flying with bubble like vision and hearing sounds that are not there like the ocean or anime theme music along with the need to eat more when your addicted, some times you see white crosses when in withdraw and you get blurry vision and the need to sit down when your trying to get sober. "4 years EXP going on to 4 years sober, I'm addicted to games now, much more lethal effects, it should be a class A substance".
  9. Realistic Bedroom Setup

    Or is there projectors at all so I can show my own movies from You-Tube in my apartment or small business?.
  10. More then one character??

    Ratty, I didn't want to hear that, but thanks for the answer.
  11. Realistic Bedroom Setup

    So what I mean is my room is a bit unique, 2 Laptops and a Desktop (I make beats and edit music videos, and soon I'll be making video games), but if you look close... You also see my projector aiming at the ceiling above my bed "That is what I want in identity a projector aimed at the ceiling above the bed, so I can watch You-Tube in bed while looking at the roof, as I do IRL".
  12. selling illegal items

    Looks like Identity Island is going to have a DPR as well as a Silk Road.
  13. Examine crime scenes and try to provide information to help the police determine likely suspects. Provide assistance on technical aspects of a case to help police identify useful evidence . Testify in court in topics that fall within their area of expertise. "I pulled these from a quick search and I'm still wondering can this happen?".
  14. More then one character??

    How about inventory is it shared or locked for only the character that you used at that time?.