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  1. Upgrade help

    Hello Xterexz! Our database currently keeps track of how much you've pledged even if the amount spent falls outside of a current pledge reward package. You can pledge in smaller amounts to reach a tier you're interested in. However, shortly after the new website is out (which is extremely soon), this will no longer be an option. Packages will remain how they are for about a week after the new site launches, but afterwards, items will be purchased individually. The packages will be removed and there won't be an incremental progress to pledging for higher tiers.
  2. where to get a refund

    Hey joker420, I sent you a message with some pertinent information! Shoot me a reply when you get the chance.
  3. Refund Request

    Hey Ragnar, I sent you a message with some relevant info! Message me back when you can.
  4. Need help with some backup infomation

    Hello LegalStorm! If you'd like, you can send me a message in private with your Account ID. With that, I can see which purchases are tied to your account! If you go to your Account Details Page (click your name in the top right corner once logged into the store page), you'll be able to find your Account ID there.
  5. E-Mail change

    Hey Azathos! While there's no "change email" button, I can manually switch the value for you on my end. I'll start a direct conversation with you on how you can verify that you own both emails, there should be a message in your inbox shortly!
  6. Only a few more day

    Hey ECorp, I apologize for only getting around to replying just now. The transparency around Asylum has been more like translucency, and in some cases, simply opaque. We do need to offer the community more insight into the project, as we understand that missed deadlines and silence is no way to build confidence with the fans. The development tracker John has planned should help shed some light as to where progress currently stands and will enable users to follow along with the various milestones we accomplish. I (along with other members) have been pushing to show footage on stream as per the recommendation of the community, as we also realize that posting artwork and assets only covers one aspect of the game. I know the the team has traditionally wanted to make the first impression amazing by saving a lot of the surprise aspect, but I personally believe it'd be best to show things sooner rather than later. We'll see what we can do. While it's been difficult to get concrete information from the devs in the past few weeks, John is allegedly writing a message on the forums right now and should be posting a statement shortly. I aim to convey as much information to the community as possible, and will continue to try and connect with the fans as best I can. I'm once again sorry about the late response, and the team truly will try to make amends as best we can.

    Hey Harlow! You'll be able to name your characters, so you don't need to worry about your Identity Account Name or Steam Name interfering with things! I'll post two clips below where the CEO talks a bit about the phone number + naming systems! Politics (What name shows up on the ballot? How can I advertise myself now?) Politics (What name shows up on the ballot? How can I advertise myself now? 2)
  8. Change Account Username

    Hey LeadTooth! I can definitely make that change for you! I'll send a message to your inbox describing what info I need to make the switch (just a few identifiers to make sure it's you authorizing the change!)
  9. release date

    Hello Darkgnion! The first pre-release content players will have access to is Module One, or "Town Square". It's currently scheduled for release on the 23rd of this month! Users will have access to character creation and apartment customization, along with a lot of other social features like karaoke, the cinema, submitting works to the art gallery+library for other users to see/read, chess, etc. We will have two more Modules release later on in development. Module Two will be the SWAT Module which will show off the weapon mechanics during a SWAT vs Bank Robber scenario. Module Three will be the Racing Module, where players will be able to try out some vehicles! The Modules are small pieces of Identity that give players the ability to both test and experience things that will be present in the full game. We refer to them as "Modules" and not "betas", but many people call them betas anyways. Later on, once all Modules have been completed, we'll have a beta featuring the full game world. Finally, after all of that, we'll then have the full release. Unfortunately, we have no dates beyond Town Square's release at this time! ; . ; We'll let the community know more information ASAP!

    I sent you a message with some info that'll help RemoteGamer! We can change your forum username easily, but I'll require a few bits of info to verify that you're the one requesting an Identity Account username change (solely because these two sections of the site operate differently and has different logins). Check your inbox for the details!
  11. Trying to buy Motorist Pack

    As Lucky mentioned, we have been seeing users experience some issues with paypal recently. We've been forwarding the error messages to paypal and have been in communication with them to iron out the problems. Definitely give it another shot later on if you can! If your payment still doesn't go through then we'll hopefully be able to offer an alternative with the new website slated to release soon (credit card payments will be accepted independent of paypal's services). In regard to your question, Asylum Entertainment is currently based in Canada, but shouldn't have an issue accepting US funds (the prices on the store page should be in US amounts).
  12. I don’t no witch package I brought

    Hey Jabee! As the other two mentioned, the shop should indicate which packages you currently own. You can also check out your account details page and it should contain a list of the claimable rewards under your account! If you can't find a pledge associated with your account, and you know that you purchased one, message me in private and I'll see what I can do!
  13. Can't log on

    Hello Dwayne1812! The community section of the Identity website has its own log in (as our forums operate via Invision). You won't be able to log into the shop page with your community account, but once you make both accounts you can link them together! There should be a button on your account details page that says "Link Forum Account". If you did in fact create an Identity Account for the store page, message me in private what email you used during its creation and I'll see if anything weird is happening on our end!
  14. Refund

    Hey JoeyDawson! I sent a message to your inbox describing the sort of information I'll require! If you can get me a receipt and a few additional details, I'll see what I can do!
  15. Salutations everyone! You might be surprised to see me in this far corner of the forums! I recently purchased a cheap $200 dell computer and threw a $100 GT 1030 GPU inside (prices are in Canadian currency). My goal is to see how well or poorly Town Square runs on low end hardware, and I'd like the community's opinion on how I should proceed! I'd like to ask a few Qs below and I'll see if I can shape up a video using your input. Note that this is just a personal fun little experiment of mine, John didn't put me up to it or anything like that. I just think this would be a neat thing to do with the community. 1. What software should I use to show the PC's specs? (CPU-Z, the BIOS, Windows itself etc.) 2. If I had to choose one, should I opt for live game capture via an external capture card, or record the monitor with a tripod+camera? Shadowplay/OBS isn't an option because Shadowplay isn't supported and OBS tanks on low end hardware. 3. What software should I use to monitor FPS? (Steam's FPS monitor, MSI Afterburner, Fraps etc.) And if you have any other general remarks about how I should test stuff out, let me know! I don't think I'll be posting benchmark graphs (as imo it's kinda weird to do that for a game your working for aha, if they floated around the net then out of context they would lack proper disclaimer transparency) but I would love to show long clips of gameplay when Town Square releases. A lot of people have been asking about minimum specs for a while, and I hope this little endeavor will help lend a hand in discovering the answer (or at the very least, help supplement the testing the dev team will do)! Here are some pics of the PC if anyone is interested! Processor is an intel core i3-2120 and has 8GB of ram. Case: Internals: The GT 1030: