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  1. Greetings all...

    Welcome to the Identity community! Check out the Twitch Clips Directory for more info!
  2. A strong, safe, stable greeting to you all.

    Welcome to the community! Check out the Twitch Clips Directory for more info!
  3. Blacklisting Companys

    Let me attempt to answer your question. Probably, you will have the ability to manually restrict certain players from entering your store, if you do not want them in there just because they work for a rival company. This means that you could put a guard outside, and make him stop any rival company members. If you did not do that, the profit the rival company would make from selling a few fish is so low that they could not even afford a new car with it. However, if you were start a fish factory, there would probably be a different system for that. I do not think NPCs will sell anything to anyone in a factory. You would control when and where to send your fish, so if the rival team makes an order, you can decline their order so they could not purchase your fish in bulk. However, it all depends on playing your cards right. If they fail AFTER you sell your fish to them, then they would have nothing, you would have a chunk of money from them PLUS what you sell to smaller fish stores, and you would rise up in the market, and more people in demand for major shipments of fish would begin to buy from you, ergo, making more money for you. Do not worry about rival companies buying your fish if you are a fish selling store.
  4. Can't log on

    There are two accounts, one for the Community and another for the shop. You have to create them separately.
  5. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the community! Check out the Twitch Clips Directory for more info!
  6. Emails

    There could be emails, but there definitely will be a messenger, with the ability to send group messages or messages to a specific player. I know emails are a completely different thing, but if you want to send just text to someone, the messenger is an alternative.
  7. go to bed

  8. Off-Duty Job For All

  9. Sounds cool!
  10. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    There is not any in-game money in Town Square, so everything is free, I think, except for the items in the new website's shop. I don't know anything about the website shop, though.
  11. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    No problem!
  12. Greetings from Czech Republic

    Welcome! Also check the Twitch Clips Directory for more info!
  13. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    You would probably just walk out of the apartment like in GTA Online, and your decor/possessions would more than likely be transferred to your household inventory (like the household inventory from The Sims). For more info, visit the Twitch Clips Directory.
  14. SantosRP

    I have never tried it. I used to play something called OrangeRP, I think, and then HooplaRP, and now RetributionRP. Orange and Hoopla shut down, I believe. Retribution is very fun, but Hoopla was the best by far. I might try DefconNation one day.
  15. Greetings from Germany

    Welcome! Please check out the Twitch Clips Directory for more information!