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  1. Character creation, Hair, & Clothes

    Something like this!
  2. I'll look into the Santos RP. I guess I can't download FiveM because I have GTA V on PS4.
  3. I have been following Identity for a little while, and I have seen people ask questions similar to the one I have. I play Garry's Mod DarkRP and GTA V Online. In both games, the servers are filled with people who go around and harass other players constantly and/or kill everyone on the server. Multiple times when I have tried to defend myself, I am "warned" for breaking some bullcrap rule. The moderators actually break the rules themselves and then end up punishing me. To keep this brief, the servers are corrupted, and the moderators never do anything about it. When I play Identity, I would expect that pushing a bookcase against the door to prevent a burglar from entering, arresting someone harassing another player in the streets, defending myself when attacked, or returning to my death position 5 minutes after I die is "legal" with the "rules." With that being said, my hope is that, at least on the official servers, there is good moderation. I want to walk down the street in Identity and not have worry about someone running up and blowing up me and my friends who are around me. The only reason I am mentioning Identity in the same post as GMod DarkRP and GTA V Online is because I suspect that communities from both of those games will one day invade Identity, and, without the proper control and security, they will ruin it, just like they have done with DarkRP and GTA V Online. I would like to make a suggestion that a "button" be created that could be pressed to automatically summon a moderator to a player's position, without the delay of having to call and wait for them. People who abuse the "button" can get a warning. I just don't want to see such a magnificent and extraordinary game as Identity be ruined by trolls. Thank you so much for your consideration of my suggestion and for developing such a great game.
  4. Places to Sell Items

    PAWN SHOP: At the pawn shop you can sell player-made/rare items and get money for them, or have an event similar to Antiques Roadshow. There will be money arguments, like out of Pawn Stars. THRIFT STORE: At the Thrift Store you can donate clothes and other knickknacks, and they could go to charity or to players in need, or simply be available for purchase. The player in charge of the Thrift Store can decide what goes to charity or what stays at the store. I would very much like to see this, and not only would it add to the realism, but it would also give some poor/independent players a chance to make custom items and sell them as one-time items rather than paying a lot of money to have them mass-produced, and still make some cash. ONLINE: Players can sell custom-made items online, like shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other things to promote their business or cause, or just for a shirt with a custom design. This would work to add realism to the game, instead of just bringing up a menu or walking to a closet and making a custom shirt for free. Something like Etsy, to sell promotional content, or like Custom Ink to make your own shirt, or sell your design. Also, there would be an in-game website like Ebay for you to sell other items, too. There would be a wait-time for it to be delivered, and you can track it, too. This feature would be connecting to some other server that is storing ALL of the player-made content that is set to be public, or to be sold globally, so it would take time for some packages to be sent from one server to another. This would be a really cool feature, in my opinion, for it allows more content, more community, and profit for those who are selling their items. An analogy would be the Stock Market for GTA Online, where players from ALL servers are interconnected to the Stock Market, and their actions can affect what stocks go up and what stocks go down. This "global selling" feature could possibly be available for official servers only. BOOTHS AND FLEA MARKETS: This is a simple way of selling items, similar to my other suggestions, but it is only in a certain location, or at an event. You can bring your items to a Flea Market, set up a table, put it on display, set prices, and sell. Whether produce or shirts, or game consoles or phones, this would be a great way to get rid of stuff you don't need and make some money, too. If you made it to the end, congratulations! Here is an emoticon -
  5. I won't be disappointed. So far it looks awesome.
  6. Thank you for answering some of my questions!
  7. I have a couple of questions: 1. For people without a mic, will there be a text-to-speech feature if we want to talk, without using chat-boxes? 2. Will owned buildings be like Garry's Mod DarkRP where your owned building is only owned by you for the amount of time you are on a server? 3. When you eat food, can you choose your utensils, plates, how you cut your food, how you eat it, and can it be too hot or too cold? 4. Can we make custom cellphone brands in the game? 5. Will there be servers for a certain time period like the 1980's or the 2050's? 6. Can you have different characters on different servers, so on one server I have a criminal and on the other I have a police officer or detective? 7. Will your hair be able to be brushed to your liking, or is it already brushed and from a selection? 8. Can you use a razor to shave? 9. Will wind affect the game? 10. Will there be classic flip-phones? 11. Can we become fit at a gym? 12. How advanced will car crashes be? 13. What about microwave/instant meals? 14. Can you choose whether or not to zip up your jacket? I will be asking way more questions in the future. Thanks you, developers, for your hard work so far!