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  1. will there be computer hacking in the game and if so will it work like 'normal' hacking and if so could you make fake web pages to steal momey and would it be possible to make you own webistes and 'hidden' websites much like drug websites like dream market ,silk road etc... ?
  2. Kidnapping system

    how does one kidnap someone in this game in the first place?😅like what way works in the game?
  3. mechanics and physics

    is it possible to build a helicopter in the game if you have the knowledge and build other things like cars boats planes etc... ?
  4. car stealing

    can you steal npc cars as some of the cars are "exotic" and would sell for a nice price and is it possible to steal other players cars. like in gta5 import export dlc?
  5. gunrunning

    would it be possible to make guns and sell them on?