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  1. You don’t need to educate me on English and phrases, I’m well aware of what you meant and my response is still “Don’t be so quick to assume! Lots of people will be visiting the cinema!”
  2. There won't be any digging or fossil-hunting in the game so I'm afraid that this won't be possible. You could always suggest it as an idea but I'm very much certain it would just get shot down and rejected as it wouldn't be fun. Nobody really wants to be walking around digging for fossils. Plus, that would be an absolute nightmare to code; randomly digging up the ground in an open-world multiplayer game. It wouldn't work and would be too much effort for something that nobody really wants. Sorry.
  3. I personally ADORE old movies. Especially black and white ones as do many of my friends. Don't be so quick to assume! Lots of people will be visiting the cinema!
  4. Welcome, @Beach_Ball! Best of luck with the position and I'm sure you'll do an excellent job at keeping us all informed. It's great to have you here! Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to seeing more from you soon!
  5. Only just seeing your campaign thread (it bumped to the top of The Podium list), @FrancePourLaVie! Looks excellent. Although, as @BobbyCruz said (ages ago on July 11th): This is a policy I'm completely against. Whilst I can understand your reasoning, I do not agree with this policy at all. If you're going to allow everybody to freely practice their religion, fully, then it should be the exact same for Islam-followers / Muslims. By placing the ban on the burqa and Islamic face-clothing, regardless of your reasonings; it could be seen as quite discriminatory. I understand that, yes, it would make policing easier, however, there are other ways of identification than simply the face such as fingerprints as one example. I understand that the ban will be set for all religious practices and the ban is not only targetting Islamic clothing, however, it's still quite discriminatory. If someone was walking around with a balaclava or a ski mask, that would be an entirely different story, however, everybody has the right to their own religion and faith, along with dressing accordingly.
  6. forum game

    2033: A United Nations meeting is held which includes all of the major leaders who devise a plan to cure the current HIV>AIDS epidemic. The best scientists in the world are flown in from across the globe and work together to create a cure. 2034: Within only a year, with the incredible minds of all of the best scientists from across the globe, the scientists were able to find the source of the outbreak and shut it down at its source by spraying a U.N.-approved counterfeit spray around it and other affected areas. Quarantines were also placed until 2038 as a safety precaution. The quarantines were then removed and life went on as normal.
  7. Let's discuss some of your policies and laws. I will try to list some good things AND some bad things for each policy, however, some may be better/worse than others and some may only consist of good/bad feedback. This should NOT be taken as an insult but, instead, as constructive criticism. Taxes It's good that you are going into specifics about tax rather than just saying one number as a percentage for everything regarding the economy. However, your percentages are far too low. In total, you're sitting at a 13% tax. I understand that citizens may find tax frustrating and unnecessary, however, it is very much required to help fund government projects and increase the budget for things such as the Emergency Services. Defence This is far too vague and not even close to being detailed enough. By what means can they defend themselves? What classes as being attacked? Can they defend themselves if they feel threatened? If someone has a weapon? Can they use a weapon to defend themselves? Can they only fight back or can they kill to defend themselves too? Much more information is needed here. Faith I know that it isn't of "much" importance, however, your grammar/capitalisation is a bit "off" there with an unnecessary capitalisation of the word "T" in "Think" and a double-space between "can" and "believe". I just wanted to point this out so that you can fix it to make it look neater and more professional. As for the policy itself, it's good, however, you need to clarify a bit more. Which religions and beliefs are allowed? Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, etc.? These, I could understand and would, of course, be acceptable, however, you simply said, and I quote: Does this mean that you would allow people to believe that killing is okay? Is Satanism also okay by that logic? More detail is needed here. Also, I have a MASSIVE point to make in regards to your statement here but I'll wait until it gets to "Gay Rights". Energy I promise you that I'm not trying to insult you or your campaign, truly, however, it seems as if you only took a second to think of details and then quickly threw them down and moved on to the next policy. Regardless of what you may think, I'm really not trying to attack you but this is very vague and seems like not much effort was put into it. "I think that should be made in anyway needed". Firstly, it's "any way", not "anyway". "anyway" should be used in a different context. It's also not clear what you mean by that. Gun Rights This is always an enjoyable topic to discuss, isn't(?) Now this policy I, somewhat, do support! Whilst this island is set to be within the United States of America, where people have the right to possess firearms, there must be proper gun control restrictions and limitations set in place, however, people should still have the right to firearms. It's just about "who is eligible?" and "which type of firearm?". Farmers, shopkeepers and, of course, Law Enforcement should be amongst those eligible, however, we shouldn't just hand out weapons to anybody. Licences must be applied for and acquired. Your policy is, however, not detailed enough. Environment "I mean yeah". I honestly don't mean to "attack" or "insult" you at all, however, this could not be any further from professionalism. I highly recommend fixing this. Also, "littering should not be encouraged"? How about actually placing LAWS about littering and setting fines? It shouldn't just be discouraged, it should be sanctioned. Drugs WHICH DRUGS? HOW WOULD YOU ENFORCE THIS? FINES? JAIL/PRISON TIME? Not detailed enough. Health Care You're right; citizens of the island should be taken care of but how? Does this mean FREE healthcare or just affordable? Also, what about healthcare for tourists injured during their stay on the island? Or immigrants injured? Criminals injured? Side-Note: What's your views on immigration? Gay Rights Okay, now here is where you have, quite simply, frustrated me. Although not political, for the sake of risking violating forum rules, I'm not going to get too in-detail here, however you DO need to be educated on this matter. The title of this policy, first and foremost should be "LGBTQ+ rights" rather than simply "Gay Rights". By changing the title, you are including much more of the community and are explaining to more people, rather than simply to same-sex couples. What would this policy mean to bisexual people? Transgender people? Polyamory people in polyamorous relationships? Now, remember that thing I said about your "Faith" point? That I wanted to bring something up in regards to "Gay Rights"? Quite simply, if you allow people to demonstrate any religion and/or belief that they follow, why can you not allow the same for same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ relationships? If you allow for people to follow an OPTIONAL following (following a religion is YOUR CHOICE), why can't you allow same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ+ relationships which are NOT OPTIONAL? When I say "NOT OPTIONAL", I mean, it's genetic. Ask me to back this fact up and I will, however, for forum rules sakes, I won't get too into it for now but you are BORN with your sexuality and gender identity (not the same as biological sex). Again, I don't want to get too into this but there seems to be a hypocrisy regarding your "Faith" and your "Gay Rights" policies. CONCLUSION More detail needed in all policies.
  8. Welcome to the community, @misterff1! No worries, @Rinyuaru-Kun. I don’t get mad so don’t worry haha. If it helps other people then go for it!
  9. Apologies, I should have also mentioned this in my above post however it completely slipped my mind and I forgot. I thought you might like to know this: Founders (I'm not sure if people who purchased "Citizen" get it too or not, sorry!) and higher package purchasers get emailed when a new Dev Blog gets posted and get to see it an hour or so before it gets posted on the forums (click the golden/yellow, bold text) so that's another bonus. Now for the information I forgot to mention and that I thought you'd like; As mentioned in the most recent Dev Blog, they plan on providing a release date (the release itself won't be this month) for the Town Square module sometime THIS MONTH. So, that could be in the next few days, weeks or on Hallowe'en. Nobody knows. All we know is that the release date will be announced this month. In regards to your reply, we are all wanting the game to come out. Some people have been waiting for a couple of years now (I could be speaking BS and be completely wrong there since I'm not sure how long the game has been in progress but my point is that some people have been waiting for MUCH longer) so imagine how they feel. My advice is, if you REALLY want access to the game soon, I'd highly recommend the "Founder" package and then just forget about the game. If you keep thinking about it and keep wondering when it's coming out, it will seem like a lifetime before it comes out, whereas, if you forget about it, time should just fly by. You will be emailed when it's released and when a new Dev Blog is announced if you purchase the "Founder" rank
  10. A simple use of the forum's "Search" bar would give you all of the answers you need as this has been asked a countless and frustrating amount of times. By purchasing the "Founder" package ($30) or any packages higher than that (over $30), you will gain ALPHA access to the Town Square module (which I'll call "TSM" for convenience). The purpose of the Alpha testing is so that you can test out some of the features and report bugs and glitches for the Developers to fix and improve. Do NOT expect to be rushing in and exploring the entire island yet. The TSM is simply a SOCIAL module and will allow you to create a character (with very limited customisation, please be patient. It will be much more customisable in the future but there's more important things to do first) so that you can socialise with other Founders (and higher package purchasers) and test out some of the features such as the barbers/hairdressers and the cinema as examples. There will be no vehicles in the TSM as that will be coming with the "Racing" module. If you visit the modules page here you can track the TSM progress and learn more about it, however, the progress bar will be MANUALLY updated and will, most likely, have no further change from its current 89% until it, one day, skips straight to 100%. I could be wrong there, however, it is most likely going to happen like that. For future reference, please use the "Search" bar on the forums and check around the community and the website itself much more before creating posts like these as this question gets asked so much and was even asked just a couple of days ago too. By making the same type of post like this, it simply creates duplicate posts which can be spammy and push other people's posts (some of which may be new, original questions) away, making it harder to find them which isn't fair on them at all. If I was able to provide useful, helpful or relevant information, please leave a "Like" on this post. Thanks.
  11. Glad to have replied and, without wanting to sound rude, really, PLEASE make use of the "Search" bar before making posts like this. I really don't mean to sound rude at all, I really don't but you need to understand that this question gets asked ALL OF THE TIME and creates duplicate posts of the same topic which push other people's threads away. Again, truly not trying to sound rude, I just need you to understand that. If you've purchased the Founder package ($30) or higher, you'll gain access to the Town Square module once it's released to socialise with others and test out some of the things such as the "barbers" / hairdressers and the cinema (which plays real movies) but be sure to help report bugs and glitches too when it comes out! If I was able to provide relevant, helpful and/or useful information in regards to your concern, please leave a "Like" on my post.
  12. NO DATES HAVE BEEN RELEASED YET! I'm not why I still bother to answer this question since it gets asked so many times each month that I have lost count. Only people who have purchased the "Founder" package ($30) or higher (over $30) can gain access to the Alpha testing of the Town Square module. The Town Square module (which I'm just going to call "TSM" because it's easier) will simply be a SOCIAL module and will allow people to create a character (temporarily it will be limited in customisation, please be patient!) and socialise with other Founders (and higher package purchasers). I also believe that you will be able to visit the "Barbers / Hairdressers" and go to the cinema in this module, however, all in due time. Rome wasn't built in a day and they will be constantly adding to the module once it is released. My advice for you is that, if you can't wait until the full release (dates not yet announced), then purchase the "Founder" package or higher and wait for Alpha access to the TSM. It won't have the entire island in it, only the Town Square (as stated in its name) but it will give you some temporary stuff to do. You should also realise though that there WILL be bugs and glitches since it would only be an ALPHA and the Developers will require everyone's help to report them in-detail so that they know what to fix and improve so don't be expecting to get racing in and doing everything with the TSM. The progress bar is, as far as I know, manually updated. Most likely, there won't be any more progress to the update bar until, one day, it just skips from the current 89% to 100% but hey, I could be wrong. Nobody knows. Please note that, although you said "I've already looked around but didn't see anything here about passing by", if you had used the forum "Search" bar, you would very quickly and very easily notice the insanely annoying amount of times that this has already been asked. Dev Blog There was recently a Dev Blog (click here) which gave everyone an update on how things are going. They recently moved to a new building and they are a very small Development team so they have been very busy and have worked incredibly hard for such a small group of developers. In this Dev Blog (please actually read it after reading my post here, rather than simply saying "Okay, got what I need, don't need to check it"), they said that they are aiming to provide a release date for the TSM in OCTOBER (this month) which means that it could be this week, next week or at the very end of the month on Hallowe'en. Nobody knows. If I was able to provide relevant, helpful and/or useful information in regards to your concern, please leave a "Like" on my post.
  13. Hey there! Welcome to the Identity Community, it’s great to have you here. I’m Brian, nice to meet you Here’s some links to help you get started. Below, you can find some FAQs and other cool information which you might like: FAQ (by Motown) FAQ Extended (by JamesLuck01) Reddit Q&A Q&A Podcast w/ Devs (by TheDynasty) Q&A Podcast w/ Devs (by PowerGaming7) There’s lots to do in Identity, so whatever path you choose to follow, I hope that you enjoy it. You should also be sure to get into some of the political stuff from time to time and vote for your favourite candidate (once the game is released). Once again, welcome!
  14. @thero, you really should have checked out the Forum Rules here. After noticing your extreme-amount of spam, it is very much apparent that you have not bothered to read the rules or to even search for them. As with almost any online forum, SPAM IS NOT ALLOWED! It simply floods other people's posts away and, for that reason, is incredibly selfish and immature. Imagine if you posted something but nobody saw it because other people started spam-bumping their own threads so you couldn't find yours. It would annoy you, right? Don't lie, you know it would. It would annoy anyone so please don't do it. I'm NOT a Moderator or staff member in any way but, as others have said in this thread already, please don't do it. It also makes your "gang" look incredibly immature and unprofessional too. You wouldn't go into somebody else's house and just raid their fridge because it would be somebody else's house, meaning, it would be their rules. They decide what you can and can't do whilst you're in their house. My point being, if you're going to use this forum, follow the forum rules since your spam also seems to have flooded some member's notifications which is unbelievably, even more frustrating. Once more, I'd like to reiterate that I am not a staff member and am, in no way attempting to mini-mod, however, you're still violating the rules and I simply wanted to let you know so that you don't get into any more trouble in the future. I hate it when people get into trouble so I simply wanted to let you know so that you wouldn't do it again, however, you do deserve to get into trouble for your complete disregard of the rules.
  15. hamilton party

    Bringing the thread back! One of my first acts of being Governor, will be working on tackling Gender Discrimination and helping to promote LGBTQ+ rights! Learn more on our website.