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  1. Will the game ever be released?

    An excellent idea if you're getting frustrated about having to wait for the release; FORGET ABOUT IT. Honestly, the more you think about it, the longer it is going to seem that it's taking, whereas, if you simply forget about it and wait for Dev Blogs every few months, time will fly by. Go do other things in the meanwhile but don't doubt the developers. They have and are putting an incredible amount of time into this game and I'd much rather it be very late than very glitchy.
  2. The Hamilton Party

    Sorry for the slow response. Thank you, it's good to be back.
  3. The Hamilton Party

    The Hamilton Party is back and running again.
  4. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    You definitely deserve to be where you are now, @LuciousTimes, with the incredible amount of hard work and determination you've commited to your campaign but my break is about to end and I'm about to get back on my feet again so be ready For real though, very well done and you're doing an excellent job. I can't wait to see you and @URSAMAJOR03in-game.
  5. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    Thank you so much, that really means a lot. Since the loss of a close friend at the start of February, I have been taking some time to myself and have not been focused on Identity as of recent, however, with the BETA just around the corner, I'll be sure to get back on my feet and ready before access. Unfortunately though, my download speed is appallingly bad. In fact, although I have absolutely no issues running GTA V, it took me nearly 2 days to download and install it so I worry for when it comes time to install Identity.
  6. That is correct, yes, @TIBURON7013 You do not have to spend any more money after you have purchased Founder ($30) or any higher package. If you purchase Founder ($30) you will also get the full game when it releases.
  7. Okay, let me clear everything up for you, @TIBURON7013, If you purchase the Founder package for $30 or any package higher/more expensive than Founder/$30 you will have access to the BETA release for the first module which is called Town Square. This module is estimated to be released on April 22nd. There will be 3 modules (including Town Square), however, we are not yet aware of any release dates regarding them, only for the Town Square module. If you do not purchase Founder package or any package higher than £30, you will not have access to the BETA on April 22nd and any other modules once they release and you will have to purchase the full game at full cost when it fully releases at the full retail cost. The only exception to this rule is if you purchase the Citizen package for $15 which will grant you access to the game when it fully releases at the discounted cost of $15, however, you will not have any access before then and you will not be able to enter the Town Square BETA or any other BETA modules prior to the game's full release. In the Town Square module, it will be extremely limited at first, with the developers constantly working on adding new things all the time and many updates may be required throughout the BETA to help fix bugs, glitches and for them to add in new features, including the future modules when they eventually release, however, they are not a priority right now. You should also NOT expect full map exploration and access to every planned feature within the Town Square module as this is strictly a social module for you to get a feel for how well the game runs and functions, along with allowing you to interact with others within the community, socialise and see some of the features that are currently being worked on and improved upon. I hope I was able to help. PLEASE QUOTE OR TAG ME IF REPLYING TO MY MESSAGE WITHIN THIS THREAD. I WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED OTHERWISE AS I HAVE NOT ENABLED THREAD NOTIFICATIONS AND DO NOT WISH TO.
  8. My rant video

    Hi @GreyFox, Firstly, excellent video and you make a lot of great points. Now, I'm sure you've seen me around the community quite a lot in the past (with the exception of the previous 2 months due to the death of a very close friend in my life) and you may have even seen just how often I am constantly defending the developers and saying "no, no, it's okay, they are a very small team and the work they have accomplished over the years is incredible". However, if you have seen me posting regarding the developers, then you've most likely also seen me talk about how "with the extreme importance of the Town Square module and the giganticness of it within the community, I am positive (I even used that word numerous times) that they would not give a release date for this module unless they were entirely sure". I am disappointed. Truly and fully, I am disappointed and I even feel somewhat stupid. I have said many times in the past that, with such a small development team and the pressure of the community, any dates they gave should be expected to be estimates, not specific, factual dates, except for the Town Square which I was certain they would keep their promise on. However, after listening to some of your points about what they have been doing with their time, building concept art and features which won't be needed for anything even remotely close to the Town Square, once again, I feel somewhat stupid. Now, like you, I am not in any way attempting to hate on the developers as I am not a hateful person and I have a lot of respect for the developers and all of the hard work they are doing. In addition, I give my congratulations to the lead programmer on the birth of his son. However, as you said, that shouldn't be any reason for delay and their money should be spent much more wisely. If they are that small of a team, why not continue to hire people? I know they have career positions available but they clearly aren't hiring enough developers or at least not consistently enough and aren't maximising use of their $1,000,000 that they earned. In conclusion, I will always continue to defend the developers against trolls who try to do nothing but trash them for delays (as they will also be the same people expecting a fully-fledged and functional, glitch-free game on April 22nd), however, they have definitely lost a lot of my trust and I do not think I can believe any other dates that they may provide. I'll just have to wait and see if they stay true to their word this time. I also believe - but could very possibly be wrong, it has been a few months so forgive me - that we may have clashed once or twice in the past about this topic, however, I admit that I have been foolish in trusting the developers on their promise. I was strongly looking forward to March 21st and now I simply feel disappointed and frustrated that we have to wait yet another month. I understand that it takes time and "Rome wasn't built in a day" but it's been 3 years for one, small social module with very limited exploration and interaction other than between players. Developers and Moderators, please do not think that this is in any way a hateful or conflict-creating post, however, I am very much disappointed. EDIT / ADDITION: I also think that we need to see a lot more evidence of work from the developers, without spoiling the surprise for when the Town Square releases, so that we can confirm that they are at least somewhat close to finishing the Town Square. I don't want to see deer or S.W.A.T. uniforms. They won't have any part within this module and I'm a politician not a police officer. SHOW US MORE OF THE TOWN SQUARE!
  9. March 2018 Poll!!

    Sorry for the double-posting but 9 days? These are getting shorter! Should last until the last week of the month, @Identity_Party_Org
  10. March 2018 Poll!!

    Edited my comment
  11. March 2018 Poll!!

    *Cough* I know I haven't been active as of late due to the death of a close friend but I am re-engaging with the community again.
  12. Quem aí é BR ??

    GOOGLE TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH: And there, guys, some Br there just hanging around the site, and waiting for the game to launch? @4Drakes, the game does not yet have a release date and, most likely, will not be released until either the very end of 2018 or, even more likely, early-mid 2019 but that's still a big push. We honestly have ZERO way of knowing when the game will be released so that is just a personal guess but don't get your hopes up for the end of 2018. Just forget about the game and come back to it another time. If you keep thinking about the game, it will seem like longer The BETA release for the very first module, Town Square, will be released on March 21, 2018 to anybody who has kickstarted/pledged $30 USD or more for the Founder package or higher. The Town Square module will strictly be a social module demonstrating some of the very limited features that the game will currently have due to its early stages. You should not expect full map exploration but instead, simple access to the town square and interaction with other players. GOOGLE TRANSLATION TO PORTUGEUSE: O jogo ainda não tem uma data de lançamento e, provavelmente, não será lançado até o final de 2018 ou, ainda mais provável, no início de meados de 2019, mas isso ainda é um grande impulso. Nós realmente temos ZERO maneira de saber quando o jogo será lançado para que seja apenas um palpite pessoal, mas não tenha esperanças para o final de 2018. Basta esquecer o jogo e voltar a ele novamente. Se você continuar pensando no jogo, parecerá mais longo A versão BETA para o primeiro módulo, Town Square, será lançada em 21 de março de 2018 para qualquer pessoa que tenha iniciado / prometido $ 30 USD ou mais para o pacote Fundador ou superior. O módulo da Praça da Cidade será estritamente um módulo social que demonstre algumas das características muito limitadas que o jogo terá atualmente devido aos seus primeiros estágios. Você não deve esperar uma exploração completa do mapa, mas sim um acesso simples à praça da cidade e a interação com outros jogadores.
  13. Environment Realism / Video Logic

    Plus, people would kamikaze every two seconds.
  14. How often are elections?

    Not in a sense of simply wanting to prove him wrong, as may or may not be implied, simply due to me hearing differently and wanting to know where he heard such information.
  15. How often are elections?

    No, I know that already. I saw every one of the currently posted Twitch clips regarding politics and governorship but I'm enquiring in regards to you saying that elections will be help every 2 weeks and was wondering what your source was. On one of the Twitch clips I saw, they said governor would last for 4 days before the next election and that campaigning would last for 4 days before one is elected.