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  1. 1) You will be able to design your own clothing / fashion items and choose whether you wish to keep them for yourself, open a store and sell them, or sell them and have them delivered via a delivery company (run by other players; if a player with the job of a delivery driver does not get to the buyer in time, it will be delivered automatically). As for being a superhero; perhaps, although, that's more of law enforcement and the police's job and you might not want to interfere with them or you could risk getting arrested. It depends on roleplay. 2) No, all police officers will be fully outfitted with an identifiable police uniform; even for detectives. 3) Taxi's yes, buses yes, trains yes. You will be able to startup your own taxi/bus companies and purchase buses to pick up people in. Trains will be run via an AI and will transport you around the island whilst also allowing you to move around within the train or sit down on the seats within. 4) As law enforcement will be a career as opposed to a job (jobs are smaller things which anyone can do such as taxi/bus driver, delivery driver, etc. and careers are things such as law enforcement) you will be able to work your way up from a simple officer to a detective to a Police Chief - or so I believe, don't quote me on that last part, but you will definitely be able to work your way up through the ranks. 5) Yes. Weather will change throughout the days but remember, it's only very early stages so it might not be implemented immediately. 6) Yep. You can own a store and sell your own clothing or other creations, however, NPC's will run the tills for you and all you have to do is manage stock and deliveries (via delivery companies). You will not be able to control the tills yourself as it wouldn't be enjoyable. 7) NPC's will only be seen in stores. All players roaming around the map will be players. 8) Yep. You can host radio stations to report news too. 9) Unsure, but I'm very doubtful. Perhaps in the future/ 10) I very highly doubt it. You should be able to change your character's appearance in ways of hairdressers/barbers and clothing stores though.
  2. December 2017 Poll

    It's always a pleasure hearing from you, Lucious! Being perfectly honest, not sure why you brought racism, swastikas and references to Nazis up with no prior mention of it. Seems as though you're looking for a fight with FatherOfTimes (won't tag as I'm going to quote them next anyway) and ROYAL which doesn't seem very professional or mature for that matter. I've always been a strong supporter of many of your views and beliefs but sometimes your behaviour lets you down such as on this occasion where you tend to have a much more hostile and aggressive approach where one is not needed. That's not to say I have been perfect in the past though. We've all made our mistakes and I've not always remained the most calm in certain situations, however, nobody truly has, have they? Although, this happens repeatedly with you. I don't mean to attack you in any way, however, pick your fights wisely and don't bring up unnecessary and unneeded topics such as racism, swastikas and Nazis. I wouldn't say she's attacking anyone, per se, more-so having one of those days where she wishes to create conflict with others. Why are you getting involved? If I didn't, someone else would have. Plus, with Identity, if you don't get involved, nobody else is going to ask you to so you need to take it into your own hands (unless it's a rule-violating offence, then the Moderator's can step in).
  3. December 2017 Poll

    As I have just noticed that the poll ends on December 15th, I would like to mention that I will not be actively working to encourage supporters to vote within this poll for the sole reason that I have been inactive within this month and appear to have already missed the beginning of this poll so it would seem to be almost pointless attempting in this one. I mean no disrespect to @Identity_Party_Data, I will simply be waiting until the January Poll before continuing to encourage my supporters to vote As for the other discussion going on in this thread - to which, I will be honest, I am unsure as to where it originated from or what the discussion is actually about - I'll do my best to share my "2 cents" (?) or at least just try to share my views on some of the other candidates, highlighting their strengths along with my own. @LuciousTimes - is definitely one of the oldest candidates (not by age but by startup on their political campaign) and @ThomasHetch and @JoelKeys had definitely been around longer than that making them even older candidates. Although, this has already been mentioned by Lucious in his previous post within this thread. Their experience within the community will definitely be a major boost in their campaign. @FrancePourLaVie - as she says and as I definitely would have to agree with, is probably the most patriotically-driven candidate, although, I'm not exactly sure how a love for France can help our American-based island. However, their love and passion of their country shows that they can be very passionate about leading Identity Island to greatness. Myself - I am definitely one of the newest candidates to the race after beginning my campaign only a day or two after joining the community back in August 18th, however, there have definitely been more candidates who have started their campaigns after mine. Although, when I first created my campaign I remember someone very clearly saying something roughly along the lines of: I also remember me gaining so much support within that one month and the following and replying to them pointing out that they shouldn't be so quick to assume. I feel that my continued commitment, determination and hardwork and gaining so much support within such a short time shows that I must be doing something right and that I am willing to put the time and effort into making the island as great as it can be.
  4. COMING SOON: THP GROUPS - Groups will help to bring our supporter's community closer together by creating more public, team-building and friendship-making activities. This is not intended as a way to "categorise" but instead as a way to help our supporters find people with similar interests which, hopefully, will allow for more friendships to be formed. It's also a great way of talking with others about the most recent updates to the party and can help to keep you up-to-date on all the latest gossip.
  5. Rp Politics

    Currently, the most well-known and popular candidates, without wanting to sound egotistical at all in any way and more-so from a statistical point-of-view, would have to be @LuciousTimes and myself, although, there are many other very committed, active and well-known candidates such as those found on the IPO December Poll. The IPO (Identity Political Organization) is responsible for hosting debates and keeping track of the most up-to-date results by hosting monthly polls on the forums to keep an accurate record of political candidate's support. In regards to roleplaying, I feel that Identity politicians, such as myself, are very much aware that, yes, it is just a game and certain things may not always be possible, however, many of us take the roleplay serious enough to add in things to our manifestos and talking-points (for debates and press conferences) which may not actually be possible once Identity is released, solely for the purpose of roleplay and to allow the public to get an idea of the candidate's personalities and how they feel about certain topics. USEFUL LINKS: The Podium The Hamilton Party - Website December Poll 2017 (IPO)
  6. December 2017 Poll

    I must say that the list of candidates is definitely increasing! It's great to see so many new faces running for the candidacy, although, it also means we're going to have to work harder to compete against the new competition. Due to work in real life, I have not been able to check Identity as much recently, however, I'll definitely be sure to check it more often. If you would like to learn more about my party and it's policies, acts, laws and other useful information such as how to begin a career with us, simply click here to visit our website.
  7. I feel that there's far more than simply @LuciousTimes and myself, even though I am aware that you said "two main politicians", as I would say all those who participated in the IPO Debate of November could be classed as "main" politicians as they, along with Lucious and myself (both of whom also attended the debate), appear to be the most recent and up-to-date candidates. Unfortunately, due to work in real life, I haven't been able to check Identity a lot recently but I believe that all those who attended the debate last month are still running nowadays. In regards to vote size, Jack Lester should definitely be classed as a main candidate as he gained a very significant amount of votes, almost drawing second with myself. Either way, I wish all candidates the absolute best in the election My website can be found here if anybody is interested in learning more about my party.
  8. SEA based jobs

    My stupid self thought SEA was an acronym for something and I was so confused *facepalm* Then I read your actual post and I realised what you meant
  9. I feel quite stupid. Straight after I hit "submit" I realised
  10. The Devs have already stated a couple of times now that they won’t be adding any aeroplanes or helicopters into the game for players to use as they feel it would break the immersion. They also want people to really “take in the sights and atmosphere” (not a quote, simply my way of describing what they said) rather than simply flying from point A-B and missing half of the island’s sights. I completely agree with the Developers on this one. Planes and helicopters would ruin the game, not to mention the trolls who would simply kamikaze all the time.
  11. Incorrect and false information. Correct date is: March 21st, 2018. This question gets asked so many times each week, I've lost count. A very small bit of research and using the on-site SEARCH BAR would have easily answered this. I'm not a Moderator or staff at all, in any way, however, I would still like to point out that by repeating this question as it has already been asked many times before, it only creates more spam and clutter on the forums.
  12. I was definitely planning on purchasing Homeowner, however, I'm going to wait a few months (before March 21st obviously) to buy it so that I can save up with my pay from work. I simply bought Cabbie just now so that even if I don't manage to purchase Homeowner by March 21st, I'll still have "something" I don't need a massive, fancy penthouse yet, I'm happy living in my own little apartment which I can customise and just make "my own" little home. I completely understand but it'll be good to have a bit of a head-start once Identity releases since so many others will already have sportscars, motorbikes and apartments along with some money too so if you're planning on starting a business, running for Governor or doing any other majorly important jobs, it would definitely be good to be prepared in advance. I understand about it still being developed though.
  13. Just wanted to share that I've just upgraded my package from Founder to Cabbie so I can now get the rusted car! Note: I am perfectly aware that cars won't be available for a LONG time or at least until the 3rd module is released but I just wanted to buy it in advance whilst the prices are still cheapened. Which packages did you all purchase?
  14. So, could you technically just never buy an apartment/house so you could never be homeless (unless you wanted to, of course) and always live in your hotel or would it kick you out automatically once you could afford an apartment or house even if you don't buy it? Also, if you buy an apartment or house then decide to sell it or move out, will you then become homeless or can you get your hotel room back?
  15. IPO Debate Information