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  1. GOOGLE TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH: And there, guys, some Br there just hanging around the site, and waiting for the game to launch? @4Drakes, the game does not yet have a release date and, most likely, will not be released until either the very end of 2018 or, even more likely, early-mid 2019 but that's still a big push. We honestly have ZERO way of knowing when the game will be released so that is just a personal guess but don't get your hopes up for the end of 2018. Just forget about the game and come back to it another time. If you keep thinking about the game, it will seem like longer The BETA release for the very first module, Town Square, will be released on March 21, 2018 to anybody who has kickstarted/pledged $30 USD or more for the Founder package or higher. The Town Square module will strictly be a social module demonstrating some of the very limited features that the game will currently have due to its early stages. You should not expect full map exploration but instead, simple access to the town square and interaction with other players. GOOGLE TRANSLATION TO PORTUGEUSE: O jogo ainda não tem uma data de lançamento e, provavelmente, não será lançado até o final de 2018 ou, ainda mais provável, no início de meados de 2019, mas isso ainda é um grande impulso. Nós realmente temos ZERO maneira de saber quando o jogo será lançado para que seja apenas um palpite pessoal, mas não tenha esperanças para o final de 2018. Basta esquecer o jogo e voltar a ele novamente. Se você continuar pensando no jogo, parecerá mais longo A versão BETA para o primeiro módulo, Town Square, será lançada em 21 de março de 2018 para qualquer pessoa que tenha iniciado / prometido $ 30 USD ou mais para o pacote Fundador ou superior. O módulo da Praça da Cidade será estritamente um módulo social que demonstre algumas das características muito limitadas que o jogo terá atualmente devido aos seus primeiros estágios. Você não deve esperar uma exploração completa do mapa, mas sim um acesso simples à praça da cidade e a interação com outros jogadores.
  2. Plus, people would kamikaze every two seconds.
  3. Not in a sense of simply wanting to prove him wrong, as may or may not be implied, simply due to me hearing differently and wanting to know where he heard such information.
  4. No, I know that already. I saw every one of the currently posted Twitch clips regarding politics and governorship but I'm enquiring in regards to you saying that elections will be help every 2 weeks and was wondering what your source was. On one of the Twitch clips I saw, they said governor would last for 4 days before the next election and that campaigning would last for 4 days before one is elected.
  5. Not that I don't believe you, Lucious, but I just watched the Twitch clip in which they said 4 days to campaign and 4 days as Governor.
  6. You obviously missed my message to @NanoSpace. I said: I'm not saying that it all needs to be positive feedback and I am always one for taking on constructive criticism myself, so I know the developers will be too since they listen to the community so much. However, this post is more-so regarding the TOXIC people (as implied via the title of this thread) who have been giving hate to the developers for their work and progress. Again, I know it's frustrating to have a date being missed but you shouldn't dedicate 100% of your brain to expecting them to hit the deadline. However, with this being such a massive event, I'm positive they wouldn't have given the date unless they were entirely sure. Constructive criticism is important, but trashing the developers, starting fights with other players and trolling on the forums, trying to make the developers look bad isn't okay. I also covered that in my response to Nano.
  7. And I entirely understand that. I'm not saying that I don't get annoyed by delays because - and I truly don't mean to sound too self-focused (for lack of a better word) - as you know I'm one of the more active members within the community so of course I do. I know it can be very irritating to get hyped up for something just to be told that it's going to be delayed. I understand that and I do agree that unless they are very sure that it will be done by a certain date then they shouldn't provide any dates publicly, however, surely people should understand by now that just because they say "Oh, this thing will be out on this date", whilst you should be dedicating 95% of your brain to believe them, 5% of you should at least say "Okay, let's give or take for any development issues which may arise and understand that it may or may not actually be on that specific date at that specific time, as to avoid disappointment". With all of that being said though and as I said above, with something as gigantic as the BETA release for the first module; the player's very first ever interaction within the actual game itself, I am very positive that they would not have given a date for it without being at least 99% sure but you still have to think about that 1% and at least know that, if, for whatever reason, they need to postpone it (or whatever else they are working on) then it's for the best. I would prefer to be playing a BETA with as less bugs as possible. Of course, there will still be a lot of glitches to report, no doubt, but at least if they have more time then they can work to make it as good as possible for us when we finally get in. However, I am still very positive they will hit the deadline of March 21st successfully. In regards to frustrated community members, as I said, I'm not going to lie and I admit it can be irritating for me too but to actually start calling out the developers and giving them a hard time for it is not okay. To start hating on them and their work isn't an appropriate way to handle it. I've seen quite a few salty members who weren't only venting their frustration at the delays (which, to SOME extent is okay) but starting fights with other members about it and really trashing the devs for it. THAT is my issue. Additionary Edit: In regards to your statement about "posts like these" stirring up trouble; posts trashing the devs and complaining about the delays are the ones which are much more likely to "stir up trouble" than this one.
  8. Hello everybody, Within the past week, I've seen quite a lot of so-called "supporters" of the game complaining about the developers not meeting the deadline for the gameplay video and being a week late. However, this isn't the first time that I have encountered these kinds of people who constantly try to find things to hate on the developers and the game so I'll simply say what I have always said in the past; Don't rush them on the video or you'll just be put with a rushed one which wouldn't be as good as one in which they spent a lot more time on. Plus, they are constantly busy with the game itself. I know that I would definitely prefer that they focused on the actual game rather than just a very short video of the game. If you prefer the former to the latter then ask yourself "why?". Again, yes, I understand that it can be frustrating but it's for the best. So what if they have to delay it by a few days, a week or even a month? All that matters is that they dedicate as much time to it as possible, however, whilst I'm sure the video is, in some way, a priority, their biggest priority will be the game itself. Second point of business; numerous delays in the past and the possibility for a delayed BETA release. Firstly, with something as gigantic as the BETA release, being that it will be the very first time in the years that they have been working on this game, I am positive that they will have learned from their mistake in the past, years ago, of issuing a release date and having to cancel and wouldn't have released this date unless they had thought very long and hard about it as they know how massive of a deal this is. In addition to this, just think about how bad it would have been if they released it all the way back then as opposed to on March 21st. They wouldn't have had all the different features and plans that they do now so it works out for the better. With all of that being said though, if and just if they do, for whatever reason, need to delay the BETA, although, as I stated in the paragraph above, I am entirely positive that they won't, whilst of course I predict a lot of frustration from the community and of course I will be disappointed, I know they will be working their absolute hardest to make the game so much better and don't mind waiting an extra few weeks for it even though it would be very frustrating (drinking game; take a shot for every time I said "frustrating" in this thread, I know) as I know it would contain much less bugs and glitches than it would if they rushed it. Conclusion Yes, the delays can be annoying but if you want to call yourself a true SUPPORTER of Identity, then support the game's progress and the developers through all of the difficulties rather than moaning and complaining about it and the team so much. Also, keep in mind they are an absolutely tiny development team in comparison to larger video game development companies and the progress they have made throughout the few years they've been working on Identity is not only incredible but it's outstanding! Also, numerous posts about it just make the forums look spammy, unsupportive and cluttered. Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns below so long as you remain respectful. I've seen a couple of frustrated users start fights with others, taking their anger out on them so let's all show some love. Thanks.
  9. Anonymous

    You realise he's basically saying he doesn't want the island run by a player Governor but by everyone equally, right? Meaning, he'd actually be working against you.
  10. Luprano Family

    Firstly, in a way it is related to the topic being that you are engaging with The Lupranos, a criminal organisation and this is the very thread of The Lupranos' organisation. However, a continued discussion past this point would be crossing the line of going off-topic. Secondly, you've never had any reason to smear mine, as far as I can see. However, it's not exactly a hidden fact that you are an active contributor to this thread and have spoken with Frank Luprano in the past. Anyway, off this thread I go
  11. Pre-order perks will also be reset?
  12. I’m not receiving email?

    Apologies for the slow response. From what I can tell, you are regarding the main website login which you used to pledge (or plan to use to pledge). It would also appear that your email for this is not able to be edited. You should send @Beach_Ball a message about this. He's the paid Community Manager and should be able to help you further. If you ever have issues with your forum account though, now you know how to edit it. However, I do not believe you can edit your email on the pledge without contacting Beach about it. Hope I helped, Devon
  13. I’m not receiving email?

    You said that you mistyped your email address. It will be attempting to send the emails (including the activation instructions) to the email you mistyped. If you go to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS and enter your email address correctly there, then hit resend, it should work.
  14. I’m not receiving email?

    You can edit your forum account email via your ACCOUNT SETTINGS.
  15. Luprano Family

    Said it many times before and I'll say it again, @LuciousTimes' continued support of The Luprano Family and constant posting activity ln their thread is somewhat suspicious if not incriminating for his campaign