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  1. Town Square

    The town square module will be released on the 21st of march 2018, there is no expected release of the next module, but I would assume post-summer.
  2. I'm the same haha
  3. Xbox One

    They said they will have a look into console porting AFTER full release on PC Please use the forum search bar as there are many topics suggesting / asking this. Kind Regards, Grey Fox.
  4. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    Yeah, sounds great! good luck with it
  5. Welcome to the community, @LMcasanova
  6. Hello Brandon, Welcome to the community!
  7. RealLifePlayer Real Estate

    1. I'm planning to live in an RV, in the woods as I am affiliated with gangs and such need an undisclosed location, so no. 2. as far as I know you can only own 2, own an apartment and rent a house, might be wrong. 3. I would definatley suggest a secondary business plan also, mabye a cafe or something? 4. Yeah I think its pretty cool, a little bit of everything. And in German 1. Ich plane, in einem Wohnmobil zu leben, in den Wäldern, da ich mit Banden angegliedert bin und solche brauchen einen unbekannten Ort, also nein. 2. soweit ich weiß kann man nur 2 besitzen, eine Wohnung besitzen und ein Haus mieten, könnte sich irren. 3. Ich würde definitiv einen zweiten Business-Plan vorschlagen, auch ein Café oder etwas anderes? 4. Ja, ich finde es ziemlich cool, ein bisschen von allem.
  8. Hopefully! they said they were doing most recording and editing this weekend so I don't see why it wouldn't be out tomorrow, I don't really care so much about the video being delayed, I will however be annoyed if the module is delayed.
  9. Couldn't have said it better.
  10. yeah but a 1on1 taxi ride would have alot more social interaction and role-play than a 1:25 plane, journey would be alot shorter too, so nowhere enough time to chat and stuff..
  11. Day ain't over yet tho, but I doubt it will be today.
  12. The Kennedy Brotherhood.