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  1. Called it

    There is games of litteral spyware on steam, games where you need a special developers key to uninstall it that are pure viruses, steam don't care less as to what sort of games are coming onto their platform aslong as they make them money. They clearly aren't spending it correctly.
  2. The Mariano Crime Family / AU / UPDATED

    I really doubt that...
  3. ECorp Announcement Thread

    Would be better suited in the Board Room, Good Luck with your company.
  4. Arma Inc.

    If you actually read the message, you would understand that I don't care about grammar, It will just make his BUSINESS post look more professional.
  5. Arma Inc.

    Chairman, and Vice Chairman. Don't mean to be a grammar Nazi. Just will make your post look more professional. Good luck with your company.
  6. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Well I'm sorry that you are unsatisfied in the fact that there is another private security firm, but I don't think it will affect you in the slightest, so I don't know what your complaining about...
  7. really bad management ?

    What are you talking about?
  8. Hawk Security - REVAMP! HIRING TODAY!

    Thank you! Glad to hear it!
  9. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to to the community, and please be aware you do infact need the Founder Pack+ to play the modules! Välkommen
  10. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    What an unnecessary addition, to an unnecessary addition of the unnecessary post.
  11. Browse > Online Users. It really isn't rocket science to have a look before asking something...
  12. really bad management ?

    Dude what are you talking about? they are clearly looking for someone to fix their website as it has a poor design, it has nothing to do with rust.
  13. faux cops

    Considering there is no undercover cops, I highly doubt this will ever be in the game, you never know though.
  14. Age Restriction?

    18 years or older (it will not be strictly enforced however)
  15. System Build Suggestions I recommend this monitor, its the one I'm using right now really cheap and no problems so far (been using good few months for long periods at at a time) Since its cheap you could defiantley afford a dual or triple monitor setup with that budget!