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  1. Is this game legit or is it a scheme? Not trying to be disrecpectful I'm so so excited, I signed up many years ago I'll even help video edit for it PARATUS if you see this I've done work with PUBMASTERS I played on coL aka Complexity in 1.6 Counterstrike I have a big fan base on YouTube channel etc.., If you need help with the game anything I can do to help let me know! Do you have an idea of when Town Square Model will be available?!

    1. Segaside


      1. Why are you asking me? 

      2. You joined 2 hours ago... 

      3. Counterstrike sucks... xD (Unless you love paying for 1000$ knives that nobody cares about) I have no idea what coL Aka Complexity is... (It sounds more stupid than 'Complex')

      4. How can you "Help" me with the "Game" if it isn't even out yet? 

      5. Fanbase? Youtube? Why are you telling me this? Why do you think I care? 


      Stupid questions aside... I have no idea when the Module releases. Predictions lead to at least October, but then again... They said August... Then July and so on. 

      By the updates of the website, (Or the lack of them) it does make you wonder if they are "Scheming". I hope it doesn't lead to that. Otherwise, stay safe by buying the Beta at least. But not the other things. (You can earn most of them in-game anyway...) 


    2. Segaside


      Ah crap sorry xD I thought this was A message. I also found out that they are making A New Website. So that's understandable.