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  1. Dev Blog #009

    Sick. I can't wait.
  2. Good Evening from America

    kul mane
  3. This game seems fun and to have my own server to mess around on would be better, so I just wanted to ask how they will work. Some examples: Admin System, Slot amounts, etc.
  4. What's your Steam account?
  5. Could Someone Answer My Question Please

    Sorry but I don't think that is going to happen. Oh yeah and wrong forum. : p
  6. It could be anything from uniforms to an actual military base? As an example, I have a navy base in my town.
  7. Refund Request

    I guess so
  8. Beach

    Can you go diving?
  9. Refund Request

    "We, the Identity development team, would like to thank you for making a contribution to the Identity project and its development. As our thanks for your pledge, you will receive all awards listed in the package below. Because all funds are allocated to Identity's development, all pledges are considered final."
  10. Anyone interested in EMS

    Sounds like somthing I would do.