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  1. I'm going to work in 2 days, so I'll just buy the rest once I get paid.
  2. awards

    No, its like, I really do believe that I could win this one.
  3. Oh thanks. It says that the Town Square is 89% done, when do you think it's going to be released? I really have no idea, lol.
  4. I also meant to pledge another 15$ before the first module is released. :EDIT: I just think it would be better to still have some money in the bank, for as long as possible.
  5. awards

    Yall should've had an award for the most inconsistent and lazy member/No effort put in. I think I would be a great nominee for this one!
  6. I pledged 15$ yesterday, and I will pay another 15$ the day before the release.
  7. Hello Genesai. Thanks for the tip, you helped me a lot. Sure will give you a thumbs up. Best regards, Lynnerup!
  8. Application : Financial Analyst Name : Andreas Lynnerup Previous Experience : I am a accountant pupil, in college. I have worked for several smaller companies as a financial organizer. Personal Skills : Logical, Funny, smart and an extrovert.
  9. Hi, developers of Identity. What a cracking game that's in the making, I have to admit it. So recently, i decided to pledge for the game. I pledged as the citizen, which gives access to the game, when it's fully released, right? Well, I also found out, that the founder pays the exacts same, but gets to play try the game even sooner. I wanted to play the game as soon as possible, and is it possible that i can switch my pledge, as it costs the same, or if I can get my pledge refunded, and than buy the Founder pledge? In advance, thanks for even taking the time to read this. Lynnerup.