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  1. Cafe owner!

    Sounds very chill, excited to waste money on beer and have fun!
  2. Thanks LuckyDuck, you cleared up stuff for me, cheers!
  3. I thought so too, but a reliable youtuber said in one of his videos, that the drivers license was confirmed to be in the game?
  4. Hi, I'm Lynnerup! I just wanted to ask, if anyone knows the price of the driver license, which you will need in order to drive legally. Also, is there going to be people teaching others how to drive, or is it an automated process (You still have to pass the test, but you won't need someone else to tell you what to do)? Any information is appreciated. Much hugs, many nice. Lynnerup
  5. Hi fellow pledgers! Does anyone know, if there is a illustration of the ''Sports car'', which you can inherit if you pledge enough? Thanks in advance, I know it is kind of an irrelevant question, but If anyone has the time, I would appreciate any information. - Lynnerup
  6. Looks really cool man, I have found quite the interest in your bank! Bumpie!
  7. Hello Hatoful. Please check your PB. Thanks.
  8. Totally going to vote for this party! You have just the right policies, I hope you're going to do well.
  9. I'm going to work in 2 days, so I'll just buy the rest once I get paid.
  10. No, its like, I really do believe that I could win this one.
  11. Oh thanks. It says that the Town Square is 89% done, when do you think it's going to be released? I really have no idea, lol.
  12. I also meant to pledge another 15$ before the first module is released. :EDIT: I just think it would be better to still have some money in the bank, for as long as possible.
  13. Yall should've had an award for the most inconsistent and lazy member/No effort put in. I think I would be a great nominee for this one!
  14. I pledged 15$ yesterday, and I will pay another 15$ the day before the release.