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  1. Need A Graphics Designer

    I don't have time to create something from scratch, but I know that there are some awesome wallpapers out there.
  2. Who Would Politicians Pick?

    I am not a politician, nor do I plan on becoming one, however I believe in the moral stance that emphasizes the group and its interests. With focus on communal, societal, or national interests in various types of political, economic, and educational systems. I also believe in maximum personal freedom, whether it would be access to information, religion, taxes or whatever you can think of. So you could say that I am a anarchist and a collectivist. An Anarcho-Collectivist or a Horizontal Collectivist, if you will. I don't think many people have the same views as I have, so I'll refrain from going in too much detail when it comes to specifics, since you'll all probably laugh at the controversial thinking.
  3. I'd like to ask about modding and servers. Will you be able to create your own server? If so, will people be able to change features of the game on their dedicated server? Will you be able to mod the game? Oh, and will the game be on Steam or any other form of game platform? (Not sure if this has been asked..)
  4. Ofcourse, what better way to deliver a story, than through the person of interest! I'll have to wait till I get the entire platform of the news outlet setup, but I'll surely contact people of interest when I see a flourishing story.
  5. Is the Voice Chat Toxic?

    Hey, I was wondering about the ingame voice chat. To be more specific, I was wondering what the game is going to do, to keep the game non toxic, aka keeping the realistic feel that the game is going after. I mean anyone can say anything in voice chat right? So how does that stop people from absolutely be as toxic as they possibly can against each other? This is possibly one of the main things that has kept me from pledging to the game.
  6. The Identity Journal. A place where stories don't get muffled in any way, and where facts are the only way to handle news. This is the Identity Journal, and we strive to become the primary source of information when it comes to news in the game. Who was the person that won the previous election? What was the accident that happened down the street? Why is it that I am reading this newspaper?.. Those are the questions that we aim to answer! As a business, we strive to absolute perfection when it comes to news. We do not care about money, politics, crime or other businesses for that matter. All we care about is you, you the reader! That's right, we only aim to deliver the best possible stories that impact the peoples daily lives. Our business model is quite simple. We gather all the information we can from everywhere we can, either through our personal investigators, police force, or our underground moles around the criminal world. All we want is for you to get the best possible news that we can provide you with. What about your personal goals? That is the question, any normal person would ask me. It's quite simple to be fair. I have no interest in power or money in the game. All I want is for The Identity Journal to become the number 1. source of news in the game. Nothing more, nothing less. Behind the mask of "Aengul" I am a young man in the 20th. working full time as a digital designer and photographer, and I've read communications and digital media in my studying years. I've previously made articles in the local newspaper, however nothing to brag about. I ask you! Do you want to become a helper with this endeavor? We need people like you, the player, browsing through the forums and reading threads and posts that peaks your interest. We in The Identity Journal, strive to give you the best news, however we need you to help us with the stories. When we finally launch our platform, we would love to have you on board as a personal source of information. A reward will be given in the form of ingame currency, if we receive a story that we can publish in our weekly newspaper. That is all for now, you'll hear from us in the near future, when we've setup our team, and is ready to deliver stories directly to you! - Aengul
  7. Thank you, I am hoping to become a future media outlet in regards to news and whatnot, in the game.
  8. Do anyone know if the game is bound by todays standards, or if it's more of a sandbox game? I'd like to know if you can think outside the norms of todays society, and experiment with different ways of handling the island, other than what is commonly known as the standard.
  9. Need A Graphics Designer

    Give me the details, and I'll have it done today.
  10. I thought it would be nice with a favicon without the white border, but I thought that people were too busy for that. So I created one myself, since I wasen't sure which exact color of orange it was, I made it in the color #eb4f1e, which has been drawn out from the small favicon currently in play. Here's all of the images in .PNG in different sizes. 600x600 (Original) 180x180 (ISO) 48x48 32x32 16x16
  11. I have put together a small thread regarding some of the potential parties and individuals who have made their cases. I thought it would be enjoyable. Underneath is a small clarification on each party/individual listed. The graph goes as follows: Thomas Hetch: Thomas Hetch supports a controlled environment for guns, however not a complete shutdown of guns. He also supports regulations on corporations, and death penalty. His healthcare plan consists of packages, which suggests a right sided economical mindset. I would place Thomas Hetch as a strong Progressive, considering his values lies with economical growth, and a sustainable and controlled environment. Mr. Lucious: Lucious supports privatization on most fronts, meaning that his economical values consists of little tax, and freedom for corporations, however his ethical mindset is very liberal, since he supports open borders, and no oil drilling. He also believes in the freedom of the people, and wants limited government control. I would place Lucious is a well-rounded Libertarian. Bobby Cruz: Bobby Cruz's campaign is a very left leaning one, considering his government involvement in healthcare and gun control. He has a strong emphasis on wanting the best thing for the people, and keep the people safe. Bobby Cruz is a solid Social Democratic. FrancePourLaVie: FrancePourLaVie is a very Authoritarian politician, believing in strong government influence when it comes to the freedom of travel and religious beliefs. He believes highly in his police force and places a lot of emphasis on the development of the police force. He believes in the death penalty, and his economical mindset is a flat tax with little to no tax cut. FrancePourLaVie is a strong Nationalist. CCP: The CCP believes in very low taxes, and little to no government influence on the people. They still have a small form of gun control, however they place strong emphasis on their freedom for corporations to roam freely. The CCP is Ultra Capitalists. TPP: Not much is known about this party, other than the Tax plan provided. The taxes are exponential in the growth, and the more you earn, the more you pay. The economics of such a system, means fewer rich people and fewer poor people. This is a very offset mindset, in comparison to the other parties. I place TPP as Authoritarians, without any other knowledge than their tax plan. NSIP: They believe in any form of control that the government can have, their taxes are also above 85%, and they believe that a strong government is what is required for a growing economy and that people are meant to be led. The NSIP is Nationalistic Communists. --- You can disagree with the graph, however I just made on the basis of my first read over the platform of each individual. If something has changed, I would not have seen it, and I apologies. That concludes my overview, and can I just say that I find it amazing how well thought out some of these ideas are! Amazing work.. PS: If I missed someone, don't be afraid to speak up, I will take a look at your platform, and tell you where you are, in comparison to the other parties.
  12. Still Skeptical and Hello!

    Greetings people. My name is Nico, formerly known as Aengul. I've been into Roleplay and Sim games for a long time now. And I am excited to see, what appears to be a great game, if executed correctly. Personally I am unsure as to what I can expect from the game, but if the developers pull through, it'll be interesting to take a look at. I may have a few questions regarding the intentions of the game, mostly regarding the technological side of things, such as modding and servers and stuff. However I am currently really open minded in regards to the developers decisions, since they appear to be well informed people when it comes to knowing what the players want. I am also interested in regards to the gameplay, since the game advertises itself as no grinding, yet you have to constantly move "upwards" in order to become someone noteworthy (which in itself is not the goal, I understand that). Yet it appears that people constantly progress/grind through their proffesion/career/job, to become the best that there is. I am not complaining, I am just pointing out something, that someone may be able to help me understand. I do hope that I get to try out the game, since I really want to help out where I can. I am more of a helper than an actual player I think.. Anyhow, I'll probably catch you all around!