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  1. Hello Eldunco. Welcome to Identity. Do you want to make your own plans, your own strategies in politics, then come to us, Radical Democratic Left Party and will be member or only supporter and do you thing. Your politics is important. Write Chairmen Maurice Fineske
  2. For you. I am not only the Party for the People, I am also the Party for the police. We want that you should get you own police cars and your own weapons, when you police men and police women have questions then write write me.
  3. Our Radical Democratic Left Party is absolut against corruption. We are fight against it, because when you or we build a financial system or an other system and than a corrupt politician will be elected and destroys all of the plans you or we made. So absolutly against it. When you fight for justice then fight with us. Write Chairmen Maurice Clinton
  4. New Update: Our 4 Main Terms (Website)
  5. Our internet site is online: Radical Democrats: We will update every day something
  6. My Party is missing. My Spectrums are in my site. Look
  7. We are back and we have a new one. Radical Democratic Left Party
  8. Thank you. I think you will do a great job as governor.
  9. We fight for people and when you want to fight for the People too than write us. Greetings Maurice Clinton
  10. The Radical Democrats wish you all the best in the political race. So your best and maybe we will see us. Good Luck, Chairman Maurice Clinton
  11. Also für Alle Ich bin bia jetzt vielleicht der einzige Deutsche der eine Partei hat. Sucht mal in der Community nach Radical Democrat Left Party (RDLP). Wenn ihr hinkommen würdet, werde ich es euch auf Deutsch übersetzen und wenn Ihr Mitglied oder Unterstützer werden wollt schreibt mich an. Grüße Maurice Clinton
  12. Hallo Nexion, willkommen bei Identity. Ich komme auch aus Deutschland. Mal ne Frage. Würdest du meiner Party unterstützen wollen oder sogar Mitglied werden. Du musst nicht Mitglied werden wenn due unterstützen willst, aber du kannst, wenn du Mitglied werden willst, für politische Ämter kandidieren. Ich bin auch glaube der einzige der als Deutscher eine Partei hat. Grüße Maurice Clinton
  13. My Spectrums Radical Democracy Democratic Socialism Left Liberalism Titoism Party color: red
  14. merging

    So now my party is on a new Spectrum, I think.
  15. BobbyCruz, we have now a new party. I say it you, for now problems ok. Greetings Maurice Clinton