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  1. first of all thank you for saying it in a nice way and ill speak to francepourlavie about it.
  2. its like chief of police and gaurding the president and doing mass gang busts and investigations
  3. Greetings to everyone, we are looking to hire agents for right now, (since of course its TOP SECRET)direct message me #don't public message thanks for listening. #under guidance of francepourlavie to view his account go on this link http://www.identityrpg.com/community/profile/11081-francepourlavie/
  4. first of all thats why we have fbi and very highly trained agents who will snif out the crime and stop it and yes i am gonna be FBI as far as i know qwert1029 is on the wanted blacklist for plans to murder piliticial leaders! sincerely, CHIEF OF FBI INVESTIGATIONS
  5. we will not allow assassination of political members!
  6. Love it and if have any security problems feel free to message me sincerely, CHIEF OF FBI INVESTIGATIONS
  7. will there be FBI or counter terrorists/investigations?
  8. will there be FBI in the game/counter terrorist


    1. Andreas


      If you would like a game like Counter-terrorist. Then why not play Counter-terrorist? If there is FBI there also has to be equally badguys as they are good. With that being said.. you kinda need random deathmatch to make that work. There will be paintball, Is that good enough for ya?