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    I don’t know if I agree with this because we all know that it is just a game. I doubt that it will make us do most of those things that you said. I mean u less your a little slow, you should know the difference between a video game and real life. I haven’t come across one person that thinks they are living in the video game. What you said in my opinion was just not the brightest thing you could have said. If you can link proof of multiple sources of well trusted sources than I would believe you but until then, I think your just full of it rigt now.
  2. If we have the rusty car from our pledge will we be able to drive it in the town square?
  3. Ok will do thanks for helpin me out. I’m not being sarcastic really. Now I won’t look so stupid
  4. I would love to see some planes, jets, good ambulances, fire trucks, helicopters. For the cops maybe some impala's, the new chargers, the crown victoria, some suv's like the tahoe, the ford expedition. I would like to drag cars, low riders, street racing cars (fast and furious type), toyota supra, nissan skyline and Gtr (r4 and r35), some cool classic muscle cars, some cheap cars that a poor person can afford, some very expensive and luxury cars like rolls royces and bugatti's, lamborghini's, ferarris, porches, etc., i would like to see some boats, yatchs, jet skis, And bike/motorcycles, ducatti, kowasaky, some 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, bicycle, and back to cars we should have some big truckes like 18 wheelers, pick up truckes, industrial vehicles, moving trucks. we should be able to customize our cars with colors, cool rims, window tent, exhaust, interior, most definently engine, we should have a lot of engine to make our cars sound and drive the way we want, tires, liveries, lights, ride hight/suspension, other things as well like wheel size, hydraulics, etc.
  5. We could maybe like guard a important person from bad things or bad people during a concert or parade, etc.
  6. I found a cyberpower gaming pc at bestbuy with all of the recommendations meeting but the graphics card is a and 580x. Is that good or should I try to get something better.
  7. Well I found the requirements and recommendations but I was seeing if there was something else but okay thanks
  8. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    I would like to see a Toyota Supra, Nissan skyline, r34 and r35, a couple of the new lamb is, for the really rich maybe a few rolls Royce’s and the new Bugatti Chiron, koenigsegg regara, a few buckets like cheap Toyota’s and Honda’s, I would like to see the new challenger and for the cop cars maybe some of the new chargers and fords, a good fire truck l, a good ambulance, some other everyday vehicles, some old school muscle cars and stuff. Maybe some cool boats planes jets helicopters, drag cars, off-road cars, tuner cars, lowriders, donks, monster trucks, good military vehicles only for the military to use, good swat and fbi cars, and more.
  9. Will there be gauges on like a corner or something telling how fast we are going in 3rd person mode. like how it is in need for speed.