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  1. Thank you, everyone, for 6,000 views! Your continued support is much appreciated!
  2. Skull & Bones Recordings 💀

    Skull & Bones Radio Coming soon!
  3. Hopefully, there will be something like that, it would be ace.
  4. It is truly an honour to be awarded this position. I hope I can be a keystone for a positive and innovating business sector for Identity, giving well researched and solid counsel. I will always serve The Royal Family Party and @LuciousTimes to the best of my ability. I will be looking to bring Identity's business leaders together to talk about things concerning business and politics, and the things we can do to make a positive change and inspire success. It will allow me to give the best counsel to our government and to make sure we are doing whats best for the citizens of Identity and Identity's business sector. Michael Payne Acting Business Counsel for The Royal Family Party.
  5. What are you currently listening to?

  6. Official Sponsorship Announcement I would like to announce our sponsorship of LK Motorsports! Here at Velocity Logistics we have a passion for motorsports, and are glad to be a part of the team and would like to wish them all the best of luck in their future competition! Here is a concept of our sponsorship design for the racecar: - Michael CEO
  7. There's no need apologize it is all water under the bridge now. we are happy for you to take ideas from our post and make them your own. If you need help with the new post or anything you can PM me I will gladly help. Have also retracted my comments.
  8. Competitive Business

    I agree with everything you have said, I have no issue with taking inspiration or even taking something. I just believe like you said giving credit. Acknowledging your inspiration is great etiquette, It makes the person that has inspired the idea feel great and inspires the person taking the inspiration. That in turn, inspires innovation and turns the wheel of using each other's innovations to create great businesses. When I got into the business sector I chose to live by two great quotes "A business that is only in it for making money, and not helping other people, is a poor business." & " Do not worry about people using your ideas. Begin to worry when they stop." I will always be happy to help a new business or a legacy business. At the end of the day, we are a community. Elevating ourselves does nothing, elevating each other makes great fun and a great community, which equally in turn, creates a great business.
  9. But I have no issue with you using it, what bothered me is not just asking. 9 times out of 10 Harry and I would have said yeah go for it, Harry would of probably put your logo into text format for you to use. We aren't monsters, we are happy to help anyone, I feel like other logistics companies have painted us as some sort of bad guy and that we are trying to lock off the logistics sector for ourselves. We want and actively try and help companies grow even if they're in direct competition, we want healthy competition it is great for business. @Blue_Footcan testify to our passion to help other companies. It's just as simple as messaging me and harry and saying Hey I like this certain thing on your post can we use it or can you help us make it our own but just as good, and as I said 9 times out of 10 it will be yeah sure. We aren't just here to build a successful business just for ourselves we want identity to have a great and booming business sector, we will help any company that wants it. We are down for partnerships with anyone who has the same goals as us or if they want to grow, I'm sure you have seen the huge logos we put on our post for our partners, we want all the people that look at us to look at them too. Just to wrap it up we aren't monsters we are happy to help, you just have to let us know!
  10. Skull & Bones Recordings 💀

    Skull & Bones Business Update #1 Skull & Bones is moving forward at a steady pace, we continue to work with our current artist as well as looking to add more talent. We are also seeking brand partners. Music videos In-game will be a great source of advertsing for any company that might require it, like clothing companies. We are currently going through a staff restructure, we recently hired a COO to take over the everyday running of Skull & Bones. We are still looking for more staff, you can message me if you feel like you would enjoy a role with us. We currently have multiple artist getting ready to sign with us aswell as current artist working on more projects to bring you great music. Starting now we are writing up plans for the radio station, making artwork for it and working out the logistics of getting great quality music through the radio platform aswell as Identity. We are also playing with the idea of creating a "Remix Brand" like Selected, Kitsune or Proximity. This requires talented music producers, If you happen to be one and would like to show off your talents you can hit me up through PMs. In conclusion just like our sister company Velocity Logistics we are busy bettering ourselves and the brand, creating a great source of music for you and Identity as a whole. Thank you for your continued support! Michael Payne CEO.
  11. Velocity Logistics ➤ Business Update #2 As always the the team at Velocity has been busy, we continue to strive towards bettering ourselves and the brand. You may have heard about the Video we have been working on, the aim of the video is to show what Velocity does in a simpler format. It goes over a multitude of things, the one I want to talk about is what I like to call "Future Tech". You will see a section where it shows pictures towards the end (we will go into more detail in the post) you will also see text that says "Tech to increase productivity & Tech to reduce carbon footprint." This shows future tech that we would like to include when or if mods ever do make it to the game. Basically we are planning well ahead, and we cant wait to share the ideas in more detail. We have now added two new teams to the company, The Human Resources Team and The Business Development Team. We believe these teams are an essential part of any sucessful business. The Buiness Development Team aims to constantly find ways to better the company and its services, gathering ideas from staff and using the teams creative minds to lay foundations for things like "Future Tech". The Human Resources Team has the task of administration, and basic training of staff. They will also be in charge of dealing with internal strife in a non-biased and impartial way. We continue to look forward to The Town Square Module and meeting all of you! I would like to thank you for reading this, for your continued support and interest in Velocity. We will remain busy and continue working on the brand to make it great for you and the Identity platform. "No One Knows Logistics Like We Do." We aim for it to remain this way so we are constantly learning, to live up to our motto. Michael Payne CEO & The Velocity Logistics Team.
  12. Delivery

    If you have a look at the Velocity Logistics post, you might be interested. Michael
  13. Skull & Bones Recordings 💀

    Skull & Bones would like to wish all of you who celebrate it a happy
  14. Velocity Logistics would like to wish all of you who celebrate it a happy