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    If you ever need to deliver a vehicle to a customer, pick-up a vehicle from a customer or require any services we provide, we would love to offer you our services. We have a partner program which offers quite a few benefits like discounts, access to more services, around the clock support and advice about logistics. If a partnership is not for you we still offer our great normal services with a first-time discount. You can contact us by discord https://discord.me/velocitylogistics or you can message me directly via PM. I look forward to hearing from you! Michael Payne
  2. Michael "Nines" Payne

    Updated, with minor adjustments.
  3. Supercar Saturday!

    Let's make great things happen! Just message me when you want to talk particulars.
  4. Supercar Saturday!

    Thank you, I like your idea so I want it to come to fruition so if our sponsorship can help that I am all for it.
  5. Random Polls | Vol. 3

    You got to copy the image address and paste it.
  6. Supercar Saturday!

    My companies would relish the opportunity to sponsor some events or become a regular sponsor. Most of us are car enthusiasts, you can take a look at our companies pages here: Velocity Logistics Skull And Bones We can have a meeting and discuss it anytime you are free. Michael
  7. what happen to dev blog this month?

    They're not all Canadian.
  8. Supercar Saturday!

    Should organise some car meets on GTA even before release to start building your idea and community. I'd be down to attend.
  9. will desync rams be possible?

  10. 🢡Pulse Websites🢦

    Seemed really unique business idea, sad to see that it might not be a thing, if you ever need any help with business ideas throw me a PM my brain is always available. Good luck with future endeavours.
  11. Random Polls | Vol. 3

    Mercedes Power
  12. I'm 22 and my business partner is 19.
  13. Much appreciated, I'm also looking forward to meeting everyone, I can already imagine the rich RP content. Forum activity is something I enjoy, so I will be present until release and beyond that.
  14. Both Directorship position applications will be closing on Sunday, so if it is a position you are interested in, apply now.