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  1. HI, If you need any logistic services for your company we offer a wide range services. If you're interested send us a message we would love to have a chat. Michael Payne CEO
  2. re-branded

    Whatever you say boss, we will rebrand just for you.
  3. re-branded

    We tried multiple arrow ideas but didnt get what we wanted so we took inspiration from citreon and modified there logo and as far as i can see from other companies theres no issue in brand similarity so Im not really fussed and at the top the post itsays its a concept so im not going to take action on your suggestion thank you though
  4. 28% corporation tax. That's a bit hefty
  5. Pull a Rockstar and just re brand the same company Like Versachi and just making little design differences and change the font a little
  6. I give up hahah
  7. An in house lawyer can gain personal benefit (financial) from the company which will effect his decisions and actions in an official capacity, In court opposition will always claim possible corrupt decision making and all sorts and the judge will say that in house lawyers cant defend there client in a fair mannor. Mostly in house is used for contract law and employment law and minor things. Anything class action or around that will mostly go to outside help.
  8. I think sole representation by an in house legal team/aid is bad, it just has conflict of interest all over it. I think it will be better to have outside representation to create a barrier.
  9. radiostation

    Me and the boys will be tuned in
  10. DISCLAIMER: This is a concept and will not represent the finished business plan or its features. Welcome to the Skull And Bones Record Labels business plan, this record label will be a subsidiary of Velocity Logistics. Our Vision Our vision is to supply the world with a fair and equal opportunity music platform for all the worlds artist to achieve what they want to achieve. We will give our artist a stage in which they can propel themselves into fame and glory or whatever path they may choose. We intend to push forward the boundaries of music and keep it moving in a forward motion for as long as we can. What We Do We will essentially allow our artist to grow by dealing with there concerts and their recording processes all the way up to release Including PR and Marketing. We will attend to all our artists needs and well being and make sure all our artists are preforming well and are happy. We will also handle their copyright situations and music licensing for streaming platforms and radio play and any legal matters that may come up. Music Genres We will be open to every genre as I mentioned before we are a musical platform based on equality and all genres will be welcome and we will have specialists whos expertise will excel in each different genre. We may even break the boundaries and form new genres. Studios And Equipment We will have nothing but the best for our artists when it comes to recording equipment we will pride ourselves on being the best and most advanced in the world. Our studios will also be the most advanced in the business we will have multiple studios to maintain an efficient schedule for our artists recording time. Fees Fees will be discussed with our respective artists as all of their needs and requirements will differ. Interested? Don't hesitate to send me a message we will always be looking for new artists to bring to the table. Jobs The job positions here at Skull and Bones Recordings are as follows: Upper Managment - Available @FrankLucas Hospitality Managment - Available Sound Equipment Technicians - Available Legal Representation - @Saavedro (Grimson Law Firm LLC.) Personal Assistants - Available Sound Engineers - Available Graphics Designer - Available IT Specialists - Available Security - Available Secretary - Available Artists - Available To apply, simply send us a private message to discuss further. Thank you for reading, -Michael Payne CEO of Velocity Logistics and Skull And Bones Recordings.
  11. re-branded

    Hopefully a video advert will be here soon so get ready for that unveiling!
  12. Sup dude welcome to Identity, I'm from London too
  13. Hi DMVlas, welcome to Identity hope you have a great time
  14. So a vigilante sort of organisation? sounds cool.
  15. Of course you will. pretty comfortably i would think.