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  1. It's mostly self-creation, all the business ideas you see here are concepts and plans. Starting your own business on here will rely mostly on your imagination, to start just simply make a forum post with your ideas and logos and what else you want to tell or show. Ingame there will be corporations which will be the tool for implementing your business. Probably your best bet at making logos and designs would be Photoshop or something like that, as for implenting those logos in game I'm not sure about it you would have to refer to the twitch clip directory and see if theres anything there. Michael
  2. HELP!

    This one will get you in to Town Square when it is released. http://www.identityrpg.com/shop/buy/?value=30
  3. If you do get enough people I'll play a jury role.
  4. Everyone we hire understands that salary is going to be an issue at the start, Thats why Me and the board have agreed that we will take a reduced to no salary and invest all our money in to the company and just offer a wage to our core staff, but my finance director assures me that it will alright as long as we put our mind to it. We also believe in starting small this is just a plan it will be spread overtime.
  5. Just replied and Thank You it's much appreciated!
  6. Hi Etherial, Welcome to the Board Room, If you're interested in having a Logistics company handle all your logistical needs like supply chain management and deliveries, Fell free to contact me and we can discuss it. Michael Payne CEO Of Velocity Logistics.
  7. Skull & Bones Would like to annouce its first single by our artist Jay Eleven, No Face No Case. It will release for Town Square. Here is a preview of the cover. This will be the beat used.
  8. I would not say we are booming, but we are stable in the fact that I think our business can lift off at release with a stable growth rate and nothing to exponential as we need be equipped to meet the demands that we will have to face at the start. We now have a full and active set of board members and a solid network of higher management to delegate work down efficiently at release, also we have a number pre-contracted arrangements with certain companies to offer our services which will be key to our starting success. In total I believe that we will hit booming status after release in due time. I would like to thank @uncannierlink for placing us in the Dollabank LLC's Bluechip Fortune 15, I have no doubt It will be a prestigous list of Identity's leading companies. Michael Payne CEO Of Velocity Logistics
  9. Velocity Logistics Is looking for Business Partners and Clients. Drop me a message for further Information.
  10. Hi @TobyMaersk, I like your way of thinking, PM and we can go into futher disscusion. Michael Payne CEO
  11. Hi, Thank you for your interest @Mantisoli If you could private message me we can discuss It further.
  12. Velocity Logistics would be happy to help In anyway we can, If you need podiums, stages and sound equipment moved. We want to support the elections and are offering any help to any candidate. All services will be at an reduced cost. Just drop us a message.
  13. Skull & Bones Is looking for new talent for It's upcoming project. Any genre of music. Join the Collection. Message me If you are interested.