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  1. From everyone here at Velocity Logistics, thanks for 3,000 views!
  2. With the release of the Town Square module upon us, more positions are available at Velocity Logistics. If you wish to apply, click here.
  3. Sounds great, be sure to fill out an application form and we will get back to you
  4. Job openings are still available, click here to apply.
  5. MORE job openings available at Velocity Logistics, click here to apply.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: Velocity Logistics has now been re-branded. Obviously, our logo has been re-worked but some new services have been added. Read the post for more information. Thanks. - Velocity Logistics
  7. With the board of directors now full, the job positions that are currently available at Velocity Logistics are as follows: • Head of Maintenance • Warehouse Manager • Warehouse Operator • Driver • Vehicle Mechanic/Technician • Customer Service Assistant • Secretary If you wish to become part of the team, you may fill out an application form here.
  8. By looking at your business plan, I don't think so