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  1. #metagaming
  2. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!
  3. They hope next month, that's all we can say.
  4. That is amazing! Good job lads, you have really thought this one through!
  5. Apologies from my side then! I didn't know!
  6. No idea where u got this information from :')
  7. logistics

    Probably will be a feature somehow
  8. logistics

    U should check his posts. I commented on it. He likes to metagame in private messages :')
  9. FBI

    Please change the font of your post, Can't even read it properly. Also you cannot start your own '' FBI '' There is a law enforcement system in the game. You won't have a special career with the FBI from start. U might get a higher '' role '' in your career but that's all. So your meta gaming private messages can stop now. If you wanna do something like this, at least do it '' professionally' in a roleplay way and do not metagame.
  10. Do u have any interest with working with us?
  11. peace

    That's just in France thought, it's not like this for every country in Europe. There have been a lot of terrorist activity in France so I can imagine why the police etc patrol around. xoxo
  12. Oh kek, I forgot :') I have a vac ban from MW2. Something like 5/6 years ago if not longer :')
  13. Yes there actually is, they have confirmed it a while ago. You will be able to play instruments, sing whatever you like. You can book a venue and actually play for other players and make some bank!
  14. logistics

    U should have a word with @VelocityLogistics Maybe '' we '' can get to business together
  15. peace

    It's not really a norm? I'd like to know where you got that information