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  1. Use the search function next time.
  2. I like it! You probably complain that there is already another Battle Royale game out there and PUBG is totally not neccecary Let me break it to you! Little history lesson! The owner of PUBG. ( PLAYERUNKNOWN ) Made a mod for ARMA, called Battle Royale ( ) This was the first original massive survival battle of it's own. Later on he got asked by the developers of H1Z1 to create a game mode for them. Currently known as the KOTK. PU wasn't allowed to make the mod as he liked, he had a lot of restrictions which he didn't really like. He finally decided to create his own game, no restrictions. Just pure his game and his vision of a true Battle Royale. This game is unique, there won't be a big competitor. It's no where near repetitive, it's different every game.
  3. Why can you not deal with the opinions and fact of others? Everyone has clearly stated your idea isn't going to work in Identity. There is no need to get salty and behave like a 12 year old because you can't get your way xoxo
  4. I haven't really read the above. What kind of house are you looking for? What are you going to do to make money? Illegal - Legal etc?
  5. Very nicely done man! Good job! I am sure this will help a lot of new people out!
  6. I do know there will be a casino where we can bet. Has been confirmed. Lottery I am not too sure about. It could have a huge impact on the economy in game. I hope someone could give us more insight on this matter!
  7. 10/10 effort into creating this thread
  8. haha i do have a job, i work as a chef
  9. Thats good man! Just keep checking every now and then.
  10. Check it out, it's really good!
  11. Oh! You are still around suhhhhh. Maybe don't send am email every day :') Now I know why John hasn't been able to reply to me, you spam him Just be patient, I'm sure you look around the forums. They are busy, really busy. He will reply to you once he has the time, he has done all the refund so far. He won't hesitate with yours. Why are you refunding again? It's a shame that people have to take such measures
  12. You should check out the dev blogs. There are a few new things that they have shared. We hopefully will get a video [email protected]
  13. Is this confirmed Lucky? That would be more than amazing wew
  14. 1. We don't know the answer to this one, I am sure. You probably get access to better weapons and cars. Better paycheck? 2. We will have police radios yes, I am sure there will be different keybinding for it. 3. I think there will be, there are plenty stations on the map to do so. 4. I don't think so, depending on what stores you mean of course. I think they're trying to make it as a equal as possible with the economy. 5. I doubt this will be used, it will be personal preference to do so. 6. I am sure, all EMS on duty will get a message when 9/11 is alerted.