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  1. I'm very faithful in this game and I believe it will succeed in the goals it has set accomplish. It is very understandable why this first module is taking so long. Game development is not an easy job and it can be especially hard for a small team to accomplish something of this size. However I cant imagine why it is being delayed so badly, Is there gonna be A.I or something we don't know about that is taking so long? Was there a difficulty in the development that is slowing it down? The game has been in development so long that you just gotta give us a bit of a peek at what the game world is so far. The game needs to look nice for it's first introduction to the public, but don't go too overkill on solidifying what placeholders there are in the module currently. Nothing needs to be perfect when the town square is released. it is just that you (the devs) need to keep this community going until release by giving us some kind of detail about what is happening.