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  1. don't worry, it s probably not coming before mid or end august:p probably even later
  2. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    i don't think someone is literally dying for it to be released
  3. Questions

    not really sure what you mean with your first question, but you will be able to draw (as seen in this video, starting from 5:30). For the second question: it will be indeed how you are saying it. You will be able to drive cars without license, but that will be illegal, as in real life. You'll also be able to get your license. A cop will indeed be able to charge you.
  4. Counterfeit Money

    These "watermarks" you're talking about are not just on the bill, but on the whole picture, it's made to prevent people from "stealing" the design for money i guess, i don't think they will be on money ingame:p
  5. You won't be able to buy lootboxes to beat the game
  6. The anticipation is real

    steam verification progress should be 3-5 business days: ( Otherwise i think the town square will come out hopefully before the end of july, but i guess it s going to be somewhere to mid or end august. For the second module im HOPING it s going to be released before 2019 starts (considering TS comes out before september) For the third module im HOPING it comes out before june 2019 (almost a year from now)
  7. what happen to dev blog this month?

    The dev blog was supposed to be released friday, Its sunday now, still NO dev blog! The devs are imo kind of slacking with what they're saying
  8. What Will You Guys be Doing in Town Square

    i'll be checking out everything:p
  9. The Waiting Times

    the other modules wont take as long as town square, as they "restarted" town square 2 or 3 times. Town square is also the base design for the whole game, which takes longer to make.
  10. even though the last task took some time, there are 2 left now, which probably take atleast 2 weeks, then we still have to count the verification time for steam in, so i don't think it'll be out before the 26th of july.
  11. Funding of the game?

    ofcourse they wont "just drop" it out of nothing, im confident they would try everything to save the game, but if funding isn't coming in anymore... You're also saying they got investors. that's offcourse one way to keep the development going, but they might show results to investors:p investors invest to make money:p
  12. How long does it take to open the beta?

    well you thought wrong:p The town square will be released when it's done, that 's correct, but the "beta" will be released after all 3 modules. This is a beta including the full map/game if im correct;)
  13. Funding of the game?

    Hello all, I was just wondering about this topic lately, and i think it s a justified "concern", which probably other people also have had before. Let's say the developers will get to the middle of module 2, but suddenly they don't get new pledges, the money doesn't flow in as "easily" as it is doing now. Will the game just be dropped and the employees will have to simply find a new job? Or how are the devs thinking to take care of this problem? will they all work for free?( which i guess they wont, some of them got families to feed, for example jade.) I know they already got a good amount of money pledged to the game (1.25M), but they are also developing this game already for 3 years. My bet would be that a good amount of the money is used already to pay employees, but they also moved in a real office building since some time, which also costs money every month. I also understand that the devs won't communicate about their financial side of asylum entertainment, but i have been asking myself this question lately and i really wouldn't wanna see the game being dropped in the middle of development! Hoping i (and other fans) could get a decent answer on this! Cheers!
  14. What is this shit

    we actually would know if the tasks are done if the tracker isn't updated for 3 days. If it's not updated for 3 days, they're not done. If they would have been done in those 3 days, the tracker would be updated and it would not be 3 days without an update:p
  15. What is this shit

    tattoo parlor and barbershop are suspected to launch a few days after TS, from then on people will have that option after creating their character. are you really going to bitch about that? it's like you're just searching for stuff to make them look bad