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  1. This has been resolved.
  2. Hi, when I pledged on kickstarter I used an older email address than my current one. My current one is connected to this Identity account (identityrpg.com), but I still get Identity emails sent to my older email address. I would like Identity emails sent to my current one from now on. I can message my current and old email address to a higher up if needed.
  3. Mine is #260 Late but not as late as some people!
  4. My role-playing life started in the middle of 2013. I was an ordinary civilian in Takistan. My RP name was Cody Adkins. I didn't have a working microphone, so I role-played as a mute. Many people got annoyed that I did this, but it sure was a lot of fun. I had a bad laptop back then. I could barely get 30 frames in Arma 2 on low settings. Everything stayed the same until February 2014. That month I bought a new laptop (better) and a microphone. I also had gotten Arma 3 as a gift from one my friends. That's when I heard of Altis life. My laptop could run Arma 3 fine on medium settings. The first RP servers I joined were the Asylum severs. I used my microphone to talk to people on ts, but not a lot when I role-played. Things went as usual until January 2015. I got news of Arma 3 Life. I learned that you had to get whitelisted, I didn't bother to whitelist. I continued to play Altis Life. I got a brand new desktop in March. In may 2015 my friends told me about non-whitelisted Arma 3 Life severs. I joined one and had lots of fun. The customization was insane! I have been playing this for a while now, still partially mute. Still Cody Adkins, but now there's a new RP game. In this game, I will continue my Identity.