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  1. or you could spend that 300 dollars per week on something else...
  2. You never actually state your policy on gun ownership, you just ramble about the pros and cons of it. He doesn't hate the government or it's personnel as far I can tell. It seems like he is attempting to engage in a dialogue(which you state that you support) and your response is accusations that he hates the government and is a poor candidate. I believe his point was that it isn't the governments job to provide universal healthcare. In many countries they already partially subsidize healthcare, and in some cases it leads to inflated prices and a lack of affordable options. You should really attempt to continue a dialogue with someone before you start calling them a fanatic and accuse them of hating their government.
  3. Would be an interesting concept.
  4. Besides bum fights I doubt that any other sports would really be a job in Identity, as it would probably be kinda boring to watch.
  5. Request the money back on paypal as well. You will have to wait as they get a lot of emails.
  6. I think it is a great idea to better check/incorporate other languages into Identity. Hopefully the devs will make at least one Russian server for the players in Russia and add different languages to any GUI/Tutorials.
  7. I doubt the mouth physics would be implemented at first, seems like a good amount of work for a minimal payoff.
  8. They do hire freelancers, but I don't know how much third party monetization there will be. They have already stated there will be some cosmetic micro transactions, but it was implied that it would be sold by the development team.
  9. Please search a question before you post, this is a very common one. The full game is a long ways off. The first module(Town Square) is most likely coming within 2 months.
  10. hamilton party

    So first of all, why do Emergency Services get paid more than any other profession? Obviously they are crucial to society, but there are some jobs that pay higher than for Emergency Services for a reason. The Laws section is missing any info on your policy on Drugs, what's legal, what's not, what are the punishments? Would you force Churches/Temples/Mosques to marry a gay/lesbian couple even if they believed it was against their religion?
  11. You can't actually own servers btw, it's only renting from a select few websites.
  12. It will pickup soon enough with the release of the next video.
  13. Not sure what you mean, but the game isn't out.
  14. There isn't a specified number, but there will most likely be a few for each region. The servers will have at least 300 people concurrently, possibly up to 500.