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  1. I would imagine that police officers might need some extra training for driving, so training officers might be implemented I suppose.
  2. Oh, I thought you meant the DMV.
  3. Are we still talking about DMV employees?
  4. Most people wouldn't want the job.
  5. Who will train them? What is stopping them from trolling?
  6. It would be a cool concept but there is a major problem with it. Everybody who wanted to get a license would have to wait for a training officer to come online. It most likely will be an AI or a tutorial type lesson.
  7. You aren't paying for beta access. They are pre-alpha. They had an estimated time frame. They wouldn't offer a refund if they were trying to make quick money. They have released dev blogs to inform us of the game's progress, including game play. Just refund the game. You obviously didn't do enough research to make an informed purchase, which is your fault, not the devs.
  8. They made no such commitment. They gave estimates. On Kickstarter it was an estimated delivery time. The devs have since refrained from giving official statements on the release date. It's a pre-alpha game, I can walk you through the return process if needed.
  9. The prison times aren't going to be that long. The devs even called this game a cops vs robbers game with many more features. They want to give a reason to avoid jail, but not to avoid crime all together. Parole would be a little much. Probation might be included in some way.
  10. Pretty sure terrorist attacks are confirmed.
  11. (1): Would you vote for a politician if they have been caught out for corruption, or has multiple allegations of corruption? That is a broad question, it depends on the candidate. (2): What do you think the punishment should be for a corrupt politician? Again, a broad question, would it be corruption if a criminal organization donated to a politician? (3) Which politician is the most corrupt? To my knowledge there hasn't been any concrete evidence that any politicians are corrupt. Is there any evidence of this? It is up to interpretation what constitutes "swearing allegiance" or simply accepting support.
  12. Just because you paid them doesn't mean you get to dictate their schedule. You knew that you were purchasing a pre-alpha game, don't complain if you already knew what you were buying into. You are welcome to return it. The first module will be out in late August or September. The full game will be out mid-late 2018. They aren't trying to sell something, they are trying to make something. If they were just interested in the money then they wouldn't offer refunds.
  13. On your server?? You aren't even a cop yet, why are you deciding what the server you play on will be like? There will be many more criminals than police officers. The cops will be stretched over the entire map. The point that you made was that if criminals can loot police for weapons the city would be a war zone, which is exactly my point. I can barely understand what you are saying, and the few points you made that are legible still are illogical. This isn't Soviet Russia, you can't just control the population with the police. You don't know how it works either, plus you will have no authority to dictate how the police patrol. Odds are that you won't be a very good cop, if you are even one at all. Unless two officers patrol together by choice, you will have no say in the matter. I really hope that English is not your native language, because if it is then I would be very confused. Even if it is more safe for two officers to patrol together, that doesn't mean it will happen in game. It is more safe if all cops had AR-15s and tanks, but that doesn't mean it is practical.
  14. 20-30% of the people in Identity will be criminals. I honestly wish that you would look at this from a different angle. Cops have enough to deal with, they shouldn't have to worry about RDM. It isn't trolling if the criminals are simply trying to get easy access to firearms. Even if the police eventually hunt down the criminal, which is not guaranteed. You don't make a single valid point. The cops won't be "many" considering that a mafia or criminal organization with 30 members controls about 10% of the entire server. Even if you have a police force of 50 people they still would be too stretched out to respond in time. The Dev's main goal is making a playable game, they would prefer the game is balanced instead of the game being completely realistic. There is virtually no chance that the devs change their stance on this.
  15. So what?? I don't want to keep having this conversation, you are only seeing this from your own point of view. There won't be any RP if criminals just run around hunting cops. It serves no meaningful RP purpose. It is for balance and to stop minge/RDM. 9/10 cops would prefer NOT being RDMed constantly by criminals looking for easy access to firearms. The map is huge, there aren't enough cops to catch every single criminal. They made their decision, why keep talking about it?