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  1. Not sure if it's in any of the FAQs, but it has been mentioned multiple times over the past few years. So I am certain though.
  2. When your sentence is over, you'll have the option to stay in prison, rather than getting released. I for one am planning on having one of my three characters in prison, full time.
  3. Steam Verification Process

    Taken from Steam: "Before your store page or game build can go live, there is a brief review process where we run your game, look at your store page, and check that it is configured correctly and running as expected and not doing anything harmful. This takes between 1-5 days." Source:
  4. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Yes. Kortrijk in West-Vlaanderen.
  5. Is this a scam or a game

    You've been with us since April. You haven't had to wait like some of us here. For me it's over a year now. Others have been here many more years. You've pledged in April ... I'd think you'd have some patience left in your patience-bucket?
  6. When will the second module be released?

    I think I'll have the most fun with module 3, being able to try out my sports car.
  7. Thoughts on E3?

    I agree. Though that's from CD Projekt Red (Metro games), not Bethesda.

    Hi back.
  9. As @Cstove said, $15 or $30. But if you want to play ASAP, the $30 option is the best entry option.
  10. Thoughts on E3?

    Fallout 76, Starfield, and TES VI? ... Bethesda stole the crown yesterday I'd say.
  11. Hello All!

    Welcome! I wonder which kind of harassment there is in Sims Online, since I've never played it.
  12. Hello!

  13. Hello :)

    Welcome! Wish your friend the best of luck in recovery (if that's possible in her case.)
  14. Greetings

    Welcome! Have a bit of patience and we'll get there.
  15. Jake Smith introduction

    O, another Smith! Welcome!