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  1. Most likely as what we know (and confirmed) as a vehicle's trunk space. It will hold slots (perhaps weight and/or size dependent?) which you can fill. Obviously this is limited. I can only image the same will work with carrying stuff around. You could only have so many pockets in your outfit, and I hope it will be limited to what you're wearing. If you want to sport swim shorts all year around, then you shouldn't be able to carry much more with you besides your wallet, cellphone, and your keys. I'm just guessing here, but seeing bigger vehicles can move more, heavier, and bigger items, the same should apply to outfits. That and combined with stamina and intoxication.
  2. Yep. I personally asked about it on the stream and it was confirmed that there would be no stock market. Let me find my original post on this. "I've asked the question, and got a response. I'm terribly sorry but it was just confirmed (by Motown on tonight's stream) that there won't be a stock market. Only a commodity shop / market." Link to the other thread: I didn't remember until I've looked back at my original reply on this, and the date was September the 7th. So it was during that evening's / night's stream.
  3. Indeed it's been confirmed a few weeks ago now on a stream when I asked them about it. I'm pretty sure I've replied on this in that other topic. I must have forgotten to check for the other ones. I knew there were multiple at the time.
  4. Is it worth the extra $30? It's all personal. No one can answer this for you, but you yourself. I've spend $250 because I believe in the (long-term) plans for Identity. Not because I wanted the fancy sports car included with that pledge level. I think the only thing worth it in any appropriate pledge is the housing. You OWN the studio or apartment. No paying rent required. You could always save up to buy a fancier means of transportation, but you cannot save up money you owe to rent every week / month. So if it were me, I'd focus on the living conditions first, and transportation later. But that's just me. It's your personal opinion that counts, not ours.
  5. Welcome! Read around a bit on the forums, there's plenty of FAQs around. There's a lot of details known about Identity so far, but there's still a lot more that we don't know. Still, I felt it worth backing it too.
  6. Welcome! Odd that I've missed your intro. And indeed, there's nothing to download at this point so it's obvious you cannot find a link for downloading a client, or a module client. Be a bit more patient, I'm certain we get to play the first alpha module (The Town Square) in 2017. Don't ask me a date, I don't know, even the developers don't know. I'm sure they make estimates internally, but they've learned not to mention those "guestimates" with the public anymore. It's sad, but it's due to our own reactions if they fail to make a guessed deadline. Perhaps if we were a bit more human and understanding they would still give us estimates, but apparently we cannot be adults about it. Then again, if 16 year olds (who haven't worked a day in their lives) reply to the matter, I find it normal the developers are shying away from those estimates.
  7. personal bodyguards

    Things still haven't changed. Bodyguard is not an official job or career. Even how much you want it be. You can RP it all you want, but if you harm another person as a civilian (because that's what you'll be, RP'ing a bodyguard), you will get arrested just as bad as the person assaulting your client. Do what you want guys, especially if the law means nothing to you. But you'll quickly find out you're flagged for assault or murder and will be wanted by Law Enforcement. Bodyguards in Identity are just the same as vigilantes. It will be considered illegal according to the system. And illegal things will get you flagged for arrest or at the very least a fine / ticket. Then again, if you find that the punishments don't outweigh the (unofficial) gain you make, by all means, go ahead. But you'll have a hard time.
  8. Mac support

    Also, all of the things you've seen might change. The videos are quite "old" by gaming standards. Often they use assets that are temporary placeholders until they can develop a thing of their own. I'm not saying this is the case with the different mouse cursors, but it could very well be the case nevertheless. I simply don't know, or we simply don't know. But placeholders are a VERY common thing in game development process. And not only in game design, but in design in general this would be the case.
  9. Besides shadows (for gameplay purposes) I have everything maxed out. It runs at 60+ fps at ease. But PUBG crashes aren't that uncommon. It's still not fully optimized. But they've come a long way.
  10. Ok that genuinely made me laugh. Nah it's ok. Spreading upgrades over time is smart. And buying smart at the time helps a lot too. Take my 3rd generation i7 for example. It's old. Real old. But if you look it up on shops online, you'll find it's quite expensive still. The price rivals a new 7th generation i7. Why? Because it's a damn good processor, even for it's age. It will still last me quite a few years. Smart shopping enables me to save quite a lot of money in the long run, and those savings I can put into other expensive hobbies. Win-win.
  11. Public service either way. I'll start with police officer and will most likely prefer to remain a cop on the streets. Nothing higher up. When I get bored with it I will play as a member of the EMT and later on Fire Department. So public service, once again. Note: Seeing as a police officer you go off duty by visiting the locker room and switching into civilian clothes, the same will most likely apply with other career type jobs. So in that extend it's fair to assume you'll (I'll) be free to switch between those three careers indefinitely, and freely. I could live with a cooldown timer though. That would make sense. And if my assumptions are totally wrong, then the devs could take note of this and think it over. Or explain this a bit further. @Motown or @Paratus I still haven't thought over my private life in Identity as the public servant though. I'm willing to take a leap and see how things go. Another character I'll have will be a full time prison resident. I've dreamed about the fun he's going to have... And a third character will basically be a man with no name. Although I'm sure a name will be mandatory, the character will threat it as commodity. No residence, no job, no love, no pets, no car. At most a decent pair of shoes. Or sandals. It will go nice with the shit-stained white briefs he'll be sporting.
  12. I'll just copy / paste this from my Steam profile. Excuse my laziness. GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX-GTX1080-8G-GAMINGCPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), running @ 4.30GHzMemory: 16 GB RAM (1600 MHz - Corsair Vengeance)PSU: Cooler Master GX 750 WattHard Drive: Samsung 840 EVO SSD (250 GB) + 3.5 TB mechanical junkMotherboard: AsRock Z77 Pro3OS: Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (build 10240)Monitor 1: Samsung CF391 Curved LED (32" Curved FULL HD)Monitor 2: Packard Bell Viseo 230Ws (23" Full HD wide-screen)Monitor 3: Medion stuff (23" Full HD wide-screen)Monitor 4: Panasonic TX-L50BL6E LED TV (50" - Full HD)Audio: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)Speakers: Creative 5.1 surround systemKeyboard: Logitech G19S Gaming KeyboardMouse 1: Razer Deathadder ChromaMouse 2: Logitech MX Performance MouseMouse Surface: Razer SphexController 1: Xbox OneController 2: Xbox 360Extra Peripheral: Logitech G920 + H-shifterExtra Peripheral: Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X V.3Computer Case: Strike-X Advance Black
  13. mad scientist welcome here?

    No idea who Okabe is, but never watching anime might explain that. Plenty of other mad scientists I can refer to however. So no worries. I have no idea how science in general will be represented in game. I'd say the chances are small there will a thing like that, but then again, we know nearly nothing about what jobs are available besides the select we keep talking about here on the forums. There will be plenty, but (mad) scientist might be a bit too detailed. I hope my gut feeling is wrong about this though.
  14. Tow Truck/ Body Shop

    Tow truck drivers will have a lot of work I'm sure. Seeing Identity will still be a game, and people run zero risk of injury while speeding, reckless driving, or simply driving off cliffs for the fun of it. Yeah, it will happen a lot.
  15. Who else is excited with the expansion of the Identity development team?