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  1. Preventing server lag (just to say one thing), is far more important than realism. I do understand you can't have 500+ vehicles on the map when there are 300 players online. It adds to unnecessary lag, framerate drops, de-sync issues, etc. But having the car instanced, whether it be at the station or at your own garage, it removes itself from the main game world, and if you indeed log off, it even gets removed entirely for the time you're offline. @Norway174 pointed this out several times now. I also hope I get my own persistent squad car which I have to take care of. But I suppose remembering dirt, bulletholes, scratches etc. would be server heavy as well, sadly.
  2. Awesome, totally worth making an entire thread about it.
  3. Untrue, if parked inside a garage. There's no burglary. So also no theft in your garage. Which would be kind of a private instance as well. When parked out in a driveway however, I do see your point. It would be cool seeing it parked next to my sports car in my two-car garage. Depends where you live I suppose. In certain forces in my country, people are allowed to take their personal squad vehicle home with them.
  4. If these things happen, they will be classified as other passports. Just as the one you bought now to have access to Identity. Nothing is confirmed on this yet, but IF they are planning on making themed DLC, you'll have to buy a new passport for that then. This of course will supposedly be cheaper than your basic/standard passport. Source: livestream on Twitch
  5. If you mean in your closet in your apartment or house, I do agree! Saved presets for combinations (outfits) would be a great idea!
  6. Since I like Pepsi Cola more than I like Coca Cola, I'd like to see a spoof soda drink on Pepsi in-game.
  7. That's just you. They do listen, but in the end, they still have the final say on things. It's still THEIR game they're developing.
  8. Question: Will the people who have enlisted as police officer be able to take their cruiser home when they get off work? What I'm asking is, will we be able to park our cop car in our garage? Or leave it in our driveway in case we're living in a house? Or does it stay at the station at the end of our shifts?
  9. Originally the module was planned way earlier. Around Easter. And if I'm not mistaken, before Easter there was an earlier set date. So he's not wrong stating that.
  10. Do realize that the moment they release the TS module, a lot of their PR worries will be over.
  11. Well you could've been on the shop page, logged in. Seeing the tiers you pledged for crossed out. And then later check back on the site, not realizing you've been logged off, seeing none of the tiers crossed out. I've had this happen. This has spooked me in the past. Now, when this happens I just realize the site logged me off again. So this is just a misunderstanding. Chill out.
  12. Make sure you're still logged in. The website doesn't keep you logged in for a long time. Not for me anyways.
  13. Indeed no sex, no nudity, and most definitely no prostitution. And no mod support. And also no private server boxes, people will be able to rent servers through Asylum approved hosts and will have limited customization options. So there's nothing to worry about for you. You'll have a safe and pleasant experience.
  14. It's private.
  15. You've informed yourself correctly. There won't be sex in Identity. However I don't have a clue about a strip club. But even if something like that were to be included, I doubt you'll be able to own it. Just as with casinos. I do believe there will be regular dance clubs and there should be dancing animations. If I'm wrong on this I will be corrected, for sure! But if these are included, all the rest is RP.