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  1. Offline Tutorial

    Pretty sure the controls won't be too hard to learn either. It's not a mil-sim game. :-)
  2. Country

    As long as you have access to Steam, you can play Identity. If you are indeed referring to one of India's languages, it is as LuckyDuck says, then no.
  3. Welcome! It's a good package indeed, it's the one I pledged for first before I upgraded to Speed Demon.
  4. Welcome (back)! I understand, I've been here for a while now and I still haven't made a proper introduction myself.
  5. The stress system will hopefully prevent VDM in a way.
  6. It will only update when the first module comes out. So there's your answer.
  7. Should be at least a good 5 minutes, I hope. To compensate for the long wait?
  8. Welcome to the community! People here know how to RP, trust me on that.
  9. Passport changes or identity fraud

    Yes and no. You will be able to live off-grid, but you'll still have your passport. It's as @LuckyDuck said before. When you buy the game, you essentially buy a passport to enter the game. So forging a fake ID is not possible, they are personal documents that cannot be looted or recreated.
  10. Electric Bicycle

    Immersion wise sure. Gameplay wise it'll be just the same I suppose. It will still go slow. The whole point -in real life- of an electric bike is that it is not as hard to pedal. It's not like it goes much faster than a regular bike, it just makes it easier on you. So in a game, where you don't pedal physically anyway, it won't make any difference from a regular bicycle. Besides the look that is.
  11. Repo man - tow truck ?

    I also recall you won't be able to steal certain vehicles. Like police vehicles, EMT and FD vehicles. In the Arma mods people stole way too many vehicles the moment you tried entering/exiting your vehicle when arriving to a call.
  12. Welcome! In any case lucky for you that you don't have to wait as some of us have been doing.
  13. Repo man - tow truck ?

    I think it was meant like this: if you have a house with a garage, it's in the actual garage (or next to the curb if you prefer). If it's a communal building (apartments or studios with ground/basement level garages) the garages will be separately instanced. You won't see others their cars in it. It's your instance. Think GTA V MP garages. Imho if a car is spawned too long in the game world without it being acted on, it should despawn into your real or instanced garage to preserve server resources. And as per usual, if I've gotten this wrong or partially wrong, correct me please.