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  1. There will be a train system that will take you.
  2. Gun control will be done by governor. Any automatic weapons will automatically be illegal. This will also depend on server if private.
  3. There will SWAT and detective bureau.
  4. Love the idea. Also having that version of SUVs and police motorbike would be sick!
  5. This game wants to be as realistic as possible and have as much to do. Although everything may not be a game mechanic, a lot of things are possible. Being a Paelontologist can be roleplayed. Don't expect to make any virtual money or anything, also you might find it boring.
  6. It won't be like a game mechanic but definitely possible! You can rent out the concert hall and have people to pay for tickets and stuff. It will have stereos and stuff like that!
  7. I don't know if this will be added. There would be of course things like cartels, gangs, etc. There will be detectives, I don't know how advanced it will be.
  8. Glocks Flashlights for glocks GTL 51 Remington 870 Shotgun Colt Rifles Taser Duty belt with holsters Tactical vests Helmets (First is for SWAT, second is for motorbike unit) Handcuffs Baton Flashlight Radio All these should have different benefits and will allow more use of taxes due to need of better equipment. If can be affected by weight, power, efficiency, failure ratio, etc.
  9. 2017 Dodge Charger (This one is pursuit model, any charger would be fine.) (Marked and unmarked unit) 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Marked and unmarked unit) 2017 Ford Police Interceptor (Marked and unmarked unit) 2017 Chevrolet Caprice 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe (Marked and unmarked unit) 2017 Ram 1500 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor (Marked and unmarked unit) Lenco BearCat (SWAT) 2015 Ford Transit (Transport of criminals) Harley Davidson Motorbike BMW motorbike All these vehicles should have special benefits and differences. For example safety, storage, speed, handling, etc. They should also have price differences. This will allow the economy to decide if the department can afford those vehicles or a certain amount. This will add more role in taxes and other government like fines or fees.
  10. Yes.
  11. 1. Nothing much can be done to prevent Metagaming on public servers. Although this can be enforces on private. 2. The release date for the first module will be announced this month. I assume end of this year or early next.
  12. I would be great to have a Identity Wikipedia. With backgrounds to places, building, etc. Having a Identity Wikipedia similar to GTA V will allow for better rp and more things to rp.
  13. Is it possible to refresh the poll?
  14. If possible I would like to see first person only private servers.
  15. I read wrong, I though you said it was confirmed to be added.