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  1. I would love to see a court system in place and realistic one as well. I know Motown said there will be no bonds but I would love to see it. Also having jobs like judges, councilors, bounty hunters, etc. And having a cooperation type of bondsman. People can loan bonds but people who decide to not show up to court will have a bounty hunter after them.
  2. I thought it was only going to be tow truck driver not mechanic?
  3. Entertainment and education at its finest!
  4. @LuckyDuck @Paratus
  5. Make sure to join the discord on my signature. You will be able to speak to the devs and community!
  6. For private server you will 99% have to. For public servers if there is a slot open for you then you will go through a academy (tutorial) teaching you the basics and then you start off your career! There will be no FBI but there will be detective and SWAT. You will probably have to get a certain amount of hours in and a slot to do those on public servers.
  7. Will that academy or tutorial tell you everything? Like what you can pull someone over for?
  8. Will you be required to use blinkers after each turn in a vehicle?
  9. I plan to do Law Enforcement like @Genesai but then maybe do business. It all depends and I won't know until I am actually playing.
  10. I believe there will be a showcase video coming soon so just wait for that. It will showcase how things will work like weapons.
  11. Will a ID, drivers license, passport, etc be a actual in-game item. As in handing it to other players and showing it.
  12. Most likely after the full release of the game.
  13. By codes I mean't the 10 codes.
  14. 1. Will there be megaphones on vehicles? 2. Will there be a siren controller or something? 3. What codes will be used and how will they be used? 4. How much paperwork will there be? 5. Will there be k9 units? 6. What will driving laws be based off? Or chosen by governor?