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  1. Will businesses be fully player ran? For example, a clothing shop will need a manufacture business to make the clothing and a trucking business to transport it? Will you be able to own multiple businesses or be limited? If limited, by how many?
  2. Will criminal locations change from time to time? To prevent police from camping spots where people are buying/selling illegal items. Like a criminal's map will be updated with the location.
  3. Role customization

    I was meaning can private servers change things like this.
  4. Role customization

    I was asking this because I would love to see advanced government systems like the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch.
  5. Will private servers be able to customize their own systems for roles like government, police, fire department, etc? Like adding/removing roles and duties.
  6. Yeah, roleplaying is creating and sharing stories with other that aren't your real life. A lot of people RP what they wouldn't do in irl.
  7. Weapon Inventory

    High leveled crimes like murder or robbing a bank will give you a bounty. Small crimes like robbing someone or assault require a witness.
  8. In-game Selling System

    I would love to see a selling system in place to where you can only sell items in a certain price range from the default price. This will prevent people selling in-game items for real life items like money and new players being ripped off. For example, if a car at default price $50,000 you can only sell it from $25,000-$75,000.
  9. For public servers, while on-duty you cannot commit crimes. Off-duty you are in a civilian or normal mode and can do so. Corruption as in bribery and stuff, I have no idea, I would say it will be possible? Can @LuckyDuck, @HairyGrenade, or @LightBringer confirm this?
  10. I strongly believe with you, this should be down for anything possible! I would like the idea of running out of things and having to buy it again or stock up on the item. 1. Having to buy the gas/fuel, take out pump, place it in the vehicle, wait some time, put it back, then leave. (Government workers would give department card and get free fuel for a government vehicle, but do the same process.) 2. In-depth job system. For example having to buy the items needed and do multiple realistic processes. 3. In-depth drug manufacturing and dealing processes. 4. A In-depth medical system. Like having to stop bleeding, apply correct blood, give drugs or medication, etc. This will make a process longer and make the chance of living realistic. 5. In-depth car repair system. You must remove the tire and rims, separate the rims from the tires, add the new tires, align the tire and the wheel, then install it back to the vehicle. Also having realistic wait times for vehicles to be upgraded/repaired from NPC shop. (Keep in mind in-game time will be faster than irl time.) 6. Realistic driving mechanics. Like having to use blinkers, watch the road, etc. And allow people to be distracted by having to move eyes to turn on radio, use phone while operating vehicle, etc. 7. Having to drink or use a certain amount of alcohol and drug and will depend on type like beer, wine, etc. The more you use it/drink it the more it will affect you. Drinking too quickly may result in you throwing up and have negative affects. The more you use the items, the more you will need for it to affect you and your addiction will be higher.
  11. Damaged traffic signs

    I assume it will be respawned after a certain amount of time. I would love to see road assistance or something fixing it though!
  12. Age requirement?

    Keep in mind official servers will not restrict you, you can roleplay what you want to do. Private servers have the ability to have a age requirement as they own the server and make and enforce their own rules.
  13. There will be flash bangs, SWAT shields, etc for the SWAT team?
  14. Weapon Inventory

    @LuckyDuck @LightBringer @Beach_Ball ?
  15. Price

    It is also up to you to save your money. If you wish to rather wait and not risk your money that is perfectly fine. I feel this will be a game and a amazing one as well and they have shown a good amount to prove so. I am just still going to wait until 2018 to purchase.