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  1. community

    15 years is really young as a requirement
  2. I thought they would announce the release date this month not release the module right? or I might be wrong 😮😮 Brian or lucky duck night know but I haven’t seen @Beach_Ball in a while
  3. Thank you just saw this ♥
  4. Welcome Brandon, hugs from L.A.
  5. SpaceX is planning a mission to Mars in 2030 right? Or was it 2020? If 2020 then Identity and it's whole may be released then because they should have a bigger dev team then and as more people play and pay more money they can only grow, full time progression!
  6. @LuckyDuck So he starts mid October on the 17th correct?
  7. At least you think the majority of us are girls instead of guys so thats nice to hear. Spend some time in the game industry, or simply don't put your money into this game if you don't think it will succeed. Plain and simple, read the devblogs if you want to be in the loop or just come back when the Alpha module is released instead of wasting energy to complain, go play Overwatch or something. This is an Indie game team not Electronic Arts
  9. If that's the case and prison time=game time then the sentences should be no more than an hour or two to prevent frustration
  10. Oh I love kissing thank you! I hope hand shake/high five are too. Thank you!
  11. I think "DONATE" is the default Paypal button they just haven't changed it It really is a "BUY NOW" button, for whatever package your see on the left. And once purchased you can upgrade at anytime, if you look back at the upgrades page (: xo good luck!
  12. Hi dear ^_^ have a good weekend <3

    1. Rinyuaru-Kun


      Yeah, I had a good weekend (sorry for not seeing your post!)

      How was yours?

    2. Kattycake


      Great thanks for asking! ^_^ bisou bisou

    3. Rinyuaru-Kun


      Oh are you from France?

  13. It takes years and years for games to be created, keep that in mind. It can take up to 5-6 years.