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  1. Dark City

    Did I just get smacked? Wake up Asshole? *blink Blink blink* White Mask opens his eyes seeing a dark ghostly figure standing above him. "God...they called you!?!" White Mask says. Ghost bends down picking up White Mask by the shirt. "No not God...." Ghost says holding him up against the wall and hands him the pistol. "We got 2 mins to get out of here before the cops are here we need to move." Ghost says turning to look at the door. White Mask takes the pistol "Wait hold up!" White Mask says..."Two things...." Holds up a finger. "One What took you so long?" Now holds up two fingers" Two did you just smack?" Ghost turns around looking at Mask and points to White Mask. "its been like a week and you missed your call in, and two." Smacks White Mask across the face again. "Yes twice now lets move!" White Mask gets smacked the second time. "A simple yes would of been nice." Ghost moves to the door and look down the hall way. He then grabs White Mask by the shirt again pulling him as they move down the hall quickly. They turn the corner as they run into two guards. Ghost tosses White Mask into the guards to separate them. White Mask stumbles onto one of the guards pushing him back as Ghost moves towards the other one. The guard swings at Ghost but he ducks the punch and uppercuts the guard. He then grabs his arm spins the guard around with his arm to his back and slams him against the wall. Ghost Looks over at White Mask as he lays on top of the guard and slowly gets to his feet. White Mask points his gun to the guard. Ghost quickly grabs the guard that he his against the wall and slams his face into the wall knocking him out. He then moves over to White Mask and places his hand ontop of White Mask's gun. "No.." Ghost kicks the guard on the ground in the across the face knocking his ass out again. "No? Nooo? Bitch ass you know who I am" White Mask takes his gun back from Ghost's grip swing the gun around looking at Ghost. "Huh do you?" Ghost looks at White Mask and punches White Mask right square in the face hoping to knock his ass out. White Mask takes a step backwards looking all wobbly. Ghost sighs once again grabbing the gun from White Mask and holsters it behind his pants. He then grabs White Mask and slings him over his shoulder "Oh ok....you can carry me like they do in the love movies." White Mask Passes out from the punch. Ghost carries White Mask to the front of the asylum and quickly moves to the car. Ghost pops the trunk and tosses White Mask into the back with the other person in the trunk from before. He slams the trunk as a squad car is seen pulling into the asylum parking lot. "This is not worth 10K." Ghost says pulling the pistol from his back of his pants. The Squad car stops and pulls it side ways blocking them. Ghost points his gun to the cop getting out of the car but then shoots the front tire and then the back tire. Ghost climbs into the car and takes off ramming the squad car and knocking the cop out of the way, heading down the road. About 20 mins later the car stops and Ghost gets out walks to the trunk and pops it open. He then makes his way over to where he parked his white van. The trunk swings up as White Mask quickly pops up and of the trunk as fast as he could. "Ahhh What the Hell MAN!" Ghost opens the side door of the van grabbing a old looking shot gun, a M16 and a pistol. He then makes his way back to the car. "Did you put me in the trunk with a dead man?" White Mask says pointing to the trunk. Ghost stops by the trunk and tosses the weapons into trunk with the owner of the car. He then grabs the owner and drags him to the front of the car. "No..hes not dead.." Ghost tosses his badge into the passenger side of the car. He then starts to remove the janitor onesie and puts the close back on the man. "Oh you nasty." White Mask says and then laughs and claps. "But I like!" Ghost picks up the man and places him into the drivers seat. He then walk back to the back and closes the trunk and walks past White Mask back to his van. White Mask then follows Ghost to his Van. "So....we are done yes?" Ghost looks at White Mask and then leans into the van once again handing White Mask two Pistols and then a white mask. His eyes get big with joy. "Oh Ghosty you shouldn't have...." Ghost look over at White Mask and points to the man in the car. White Mask does a double take and smiles. Then makes his way to the car. He places one Pistol right down in his pants in the front and holds his the other pistol. He makes it to the drivers side of the car and raises the pistol up pointing it to the mans head. *BAM* White Mask laughs with joy and tosses the pistol into the car. He then leans in and places the white mask on the dead mans head. "Looks good on yea!" He laughs once again walking back to the van. Ghost is waiting as White Mask gets in to the passenger side and they take off. "I am dropping you off in the city Probably Roseport since its closer." Ghost says as they drive to Roseport. "Fine fine fine" White Mask crosses his arms and sits there waiting to get dropped off. White Mask then leans over and smacks Ghost in the back of the head. Ghost quickly slams on the brakes and looks at White Mask as White Mask quickly points to Ghost...They stare at each other and starts to laugh together as the both give dabs and Ghost takes off towards Roseport once again. ( @GhostMerc awesome we will have to do it again. soon. I promise I wont miss my call in next time. I will PM you for another Idea soon.)
  2. Dark City

    Chain to the wall like an animal. He hangs there like he was on the cross or something. His bandages had all dried blood on it once again but this time he didn't care it was only his face, his money maker, his meal ticket thats all. "Im Blue.....daba dee....daba doo.......Im blue......dee dee dee..blue...........blue.....blue river....daba dee...doo..I'm Blue." His cell door is heard unlocking, White Mask raises his head looking up towards the door and smiles. "Doctor...how the hell are you?" Harrison walks in by himself today. "Mr. Mask I am well how are you?" "Oh you know me just hanging around." He laughs and quickly moves towards Harrison but the chains are nice and tight and he doesn't move too far. Harrison stepped back and held up his clip board like a shield to his face. He then see that White Mask can't move that far so he smiles and fixes his glasses. "Good your not going anywhere I see..no Tricks Mr. Mask just me and you talking that is all." White Mask rolls his eyes and lowers his head. "Listen Doc." Harrison walks closer to White Mask "No you listen Mr. Mask I ask the question you answer my question and we will get through these little visits so that I do not have to come see you every day." White Mask raises his head looking dead in the eyes of Harrison. " May I ask you one question before we start?" Harrison sighs pushing his glasses up his nose once again and sighs." Very well Mask go ahead." White Mask spreads his fingers apart and leans forward closer to Harrison. "How long have I been here?" Harrison shakes his head and looks through his notes. "Uhhhh well looks like a couple weeks or five? why?" White Mask eyes gets bigger and he starts to twitch a little. "Wait......what? Five weeks? five? One two three four FIVE!?" White Mask starts to struggle with the chains. "UH shit...ummm shit shit shit..oh freak a leak " Harrison raises a brow. "Calm down Mask or I will have to calm you down." White Mask looks at Harrison again "No no you do not under stand...oh god..." Harrison sighs reaching into his pocket pulling out a needle with some calming juice in it. "Alright Mr. Mask time to take a nap" Harrison Walks over to the struggling White Mask sticking him with the needle in his neck. "But.....But...I feel your presence amongst us" White Mask takes a deep breath trying to stay awake. " You cannot hide in the darkness........... Can you hear the rumble?...........Can you hear the rumble that's calling?" Harrison looks at White Mask shaking his head. "Goodnight Mr. Mask..see you in the..." ***BAM BAM BAM*** "He's Here......" White Mask starts to laugh more of a low laugh because he is about to pass out from the drugs that the doc just gave him.
  3. Ok nevermind scrarch the idea.
  4. It was just a thought on what you can talk about in the club or whatever we plan on calling it. I would think it would be up to the way people rp in the game to come up with how you want to do it.
  5. OK maybe the whole Organization word is the wrong word. So let me put it this way. Until we come up with a name and figure out other things this is just a draft of what Im trying to say in a different way. The Organization is a Club located in City on the Island that functions as neutral territory for Criminals, Warlords, hired assassins, Criminal Masterminds, Leaders of a Crime Organization. It also acts as a front as a fully functional Club for the people of Identity. But It is frequented by many hitmen and notorious murderers. The owner is A group of Criminals who invested into the Club (why not pull in all of our money and have a kick ass Club that the island has ever seen), They are powerful Men/Women who will punishes people for violating club rules. The Organization is more than just a Club for the criminal underworld, it’s an entire network of facilities and services that enable assassins to do their job. Of the two rules in this underworld, one of them applies specifically to The Organization: no business on Club grounds. Example: While most assassins strictly adhere to this rule, not everyone is so honorable, Thus you can not come into the club and get your kill so you can just so you can collect your money. because its a safe zone that only criminals can relax with out looking over their shoulders every five minutes. While the Court of Criminals is a supreme authority in most cases, The Organization is an autonomous organization, of its various branch of criminals. They have complete authority over The Organization business. The Club is a place where business can be safely conducted even (or especially) when there is a bounty on your head, you want Territory, You want to buy out of your competition, etc....(Example: a bounty on your head would allows someone to possibly buy off his bounty or negotiate with the person who placed that bounty without having to worry about being assassinated in the meanwhile.) Anyone who has not broken its rules (and has the means to pay) can stay. The rules are probably more or less the same as a regular Club, but breaking the rule against killing a patron is punishable by death. And this is where every criminal on the island will be contacted to take you out. For a price of course. The Organization basically one giant ongoing Criminal conference or a giant Party Ok see if that explains it more...just a safe zone for us. a place were the best of the best hang out to talk, do business, and whatever else we can think of. AS far as the underline means that is what I am calling it right now but it could change as we get more people and better ideas. Hope this clears it up @Rekter and to all who has seen this post.
  6. Dark City

    I lay there in this padded room, my head/face wrap needs to be change as the dry blood on the non woven fabric is starting to become part of my face. Damn it going to hurt when they pull it off. White Mask starts to laugh, and then stops hearing his cell door being open. He would sit up still in his straitjacket looking at the door. "Mr. Mask its time to replace your old bandages with new ones." Doctor Harrison walks in with two guards and a nurse. "Oh the Joy I was just saying to myself 'Self! I hope they will fix my bloody rags." White Mask gets to his feet and laughs once again this time laughing and alittle bit of blood comes out from his mouth. The two guards quickly grab White Mask by the arms holding him in place. "you know I can walk right rent-a-cops?" Harrison would nod to one of the guards as White Mask would tilt his head to one side "What the?" The guard made a fist and slammed his fist into White Mask's gut. "PFffffffffffff" White Mask lowers his head as blood drips from his mouth. "Holy.....Hell...you hit like your mom! " a low deep laugh is heard and then he would get another punch to the gut. "PPPPPPPPPPuuuuuuckkk............and ....you sir...hit like his mom doing your mom.." He begins to laugh again as both of the guards get ready to punch him. "Enough! put him in the chair and strap him down." Harrison says pointing to the two guards and then the chair. "Sorry boys that was a bad joke, im sure your moms are very nice lovers...I MEAN PEOPLE!..." The guards drag White Mask to the chair and force him down to sit, and start to strap him in. "Come on Fellas.....Shit that is tight...How am I suppose to kill you two if you...." The guard places one of the straps around his throat and pulls it back tightly. "AGGGH too.....................tight...........as...ss.....hooole..." The Nurse pushes a cart of new bandages and whatever else they need to fix a face to stop bleeding. She would start to undue his old bandages, cutting a few pieces here and there. "AHHHHH!" White Mask screams the nurse jumps back a little and then White Mask laughs.." Im ok ok you just took some skin there. but im cool..carry on.." She shakes her head and keeps unwrapping his head. "Mr. Mask are you ready to talk today?" Harrison said as he walks around to the back of the chair where White Mask is sitting. "Doc listen I am always ready to talk." He says Harrison looks at his clip board and clicks his pen. "Very good how are you feeling today?" Harrison says walking back to the front of the chair. "Oh doc glad you ask...you see the little green men in this cell are very nice but they keep me up all night with their music." The Nurse finishes unwrapping his face. "Oh little green men huh? what kind of music are they playing." Harrison says looking at White Mask's messed up face. "They love that song where they are like I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa...but they are GREEN! it makes no sense what so ever." White Mask says with a smile looking at Harrison. "Mhhmmm ok" He would start to write something down on his paper attached the clipboard. The nurse starts to wrap his face and head with new clean bandages. "Alright Mr. Mask...is there anything else?" White Mask eyes narrow. "Why yes there is I have a....headache.." The Nurse finishes up and collects her things and pushes the cart out. "You have a headache you say?" Harrison says as the guards start to unstrap his neck and the other one starts to working on his chest straps. "Yes you can say its a.." With that and the unleashing him from the neck strap White Mask slams his head on top of the guards head who was doing his chest straps knocking him to the ground. "Splitting Headache now!" He laughs as the other guard tries to restrain him but can not as White Mask was to quick to get out of the chair and some how gets his arms free from the straitjacket. "Ta Da!" "GUARDS!" Harrison would yell towards the open cell door. and looks back seeing both the other guards pull their nightsticks walking up behind White Mask. He turns around just in time using his straitjacket as a weapon and smacks the two guards across the face with his long straitjacket arms. He would laugh and slowly turn towards Harrison blood starting to show on his newly wrapped bandages. "Anymore Questions Doc?" As soon as White Mask took a step more guards ran into the cell. "Ahh Come on...." White Mask lowers his head as the guards tackle him to the ground and starts beating him with the nightsticks just like last time. "That is it! I want him chained to the wall so he can not move!" The beating continued as White Mask just laid there laughing once more. HA HA HA HA HA HA
  7. yeah basically like if you ever play DC Online. the Villains group have a club where they get their missions, and meet other villains. So what im saying instead of all of us going around trying to figure out who is the best at this and who owns this we have a safe zone like they did in John Wick. Were we can all chill out and not worry about the cops, or have your enemy who is running the same drugs you two can have a sit down and figure out terms of a set of rules. I dunno looks like its not catching on so we all will just run around and kill each other and have the good guys on the island run everything when we could have a place were we all get together and do exchanges, or do business with someone who is really good at what they do but you don't want to be the backseat driver so to speak.
  8. ( hmmm no takers..hmm..ok let me put it this way..its like the movie John Wick and a biker club. Like I said we can come up with some cool ideas. On anything we want. we can't have the government telling us what to do so why not have a john wick kidda place where no cops allowed just us bad asses and maybe have a special coin or a code word that will let you into the club/restaurant/ whatever we come up with. I will make a discord channel thingy tonight and we can live chat there for any questions. or if you have questions now by all means PM or post.)
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself to all my fellow criminals, warlords, masterminds, alike. I shouldn't have to tell you who I am as you should already know, just like I know who you are...and if you do not know who I am, well then watch the island news once in a while and you will find out who I am real quick. But enough of that names White Mask, and since this whole policitical mumble jumble bull shhhi....crap is going down on who wants to be a governor of this great city of ours. I think it's time for the criminal underground to become one....I know what your saying 'nope I'm not joining you Mr. Mask ' good cause I don't want your sorry ass either, what have you done to make a name for yourself!....sorry sorry went off on a tangent there, what I'm saying is this. Let's have a higher group of organization which will have the brightest evil criminal masterminds of the island just to talk business make sure that everyone is making money, I know I know....what if we are not on the same page and the leaders of their gang or whatever you want to be called is feuding with each other? Well my dear boy it's simple this criminal organization will be like a safe zone so to speak. This safe zone is where you can have a one on one meeting with the leader of your rival and talk terms or whatever you want, like money or territory. Or call a sit down with all members of the court and hash it out together. Like I said we can have a massive sit down with all the leaders of their orginaizations and talk about, territory's or how we can take down the government of this city and turn it into our city! Or I don't care we can just has a sit down and drink and eat good food the choice is yours...as long as you know that it's a safe zone and there is no killing in the safe zone...even though that is a against my better judgement rules are rules. now if my fellow criminals like this idea we can go to the next step and coming up with a name of this organization, who should sit on this court, standard rules, etc...you get what I'm saying so what do you say? (just post let me know what u guys think and if I get enough people who like the idea we will get it going on discord and on the forum and if your in come up with a name for it, make some rules up and we can all have a sit down and hash it out like the criminal, masterminds we are)
  10. What if I just want to pop in and say hello is that ok mr. bikerman hmmm?
  11. Clap clap clap.."Sorry I missed it but I did just finish listening to the replay.' ( my only advice you can leave it or take it..is to stay in char. We all know it's a game and blah blah blah, just play your char it makes it more believable if you you do. You see the way I think of this whole forum stuff right now, is that it's all backstory for your char. And when the game comes out all of us loyal to the game will already have a good idea how that person is and acts. So that's my two cents good job to you all and @Norway174 for the slide show made it more believable.)
  12. Dark City

    ( @YaLocalOreo ) well if you get the urge to RP you are more than welcome to come and RP the more the merrier.
  13. Dark City

    ( @YaLocalOreo )Yea if you want to rp with someone shoot them a pm and they will get back to you or if you want to rp with someone shoot them a pm. We are a cool group of peeps.
  14. Yeah of course. We all moved to the rp thread called dark city. Just jump right in all is welcome

    What??? I dont need any mental health services.....huh? Hi...