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  1. Dark City

    There he sits on his throne. A throne made out money and weapons of all kinds. He sits there slumped over with his hand resting on his cheek still wearing the Templar gear he wore about a week, or was it a month maybe it was a day ago, who knows. his faithful pet dog Max lays at the foot of the throne. You guys remember Max right? The police commissioner's dog? From the White Mask Christmas Special? Of course you do. Alright where was I? So there he sat with his faithful dog Max watching the time pass him by. A small but famous laugh is heard in the distance. "Max hush.." He shakes his head. Laughter is heard once again but this time louder. He looks down at Max. “MAX Stop it!” Max looks up at him and then lays back down. He leans back into his throne once again. “Now Now is that anyway to talk to your friend…hell I mean your only friend?” He quickly sits up pulling his pistol from his shoulder holster. “Who, who said that?!” Laughter is heard once again around him “Oh come on…how could you forget???” He stands up as Max takes off, and steps off his throne of money. “I don’t know who you think your messing with but when I find you I will kill you.” He takes a step forward with his pistol drawn looking around. “Well then why don’t you just turn around?” He quickly turns as he see him, sitting on his throne all sprawled out and relax like. “Wait how can you be there? I am you and you are me?” He lowers his weapon staring at White Mask. “I am you, you are me, you are me I am you blah blah blah. its really confusing isn't?” White Mask is seeing playing with a deck of cards as he starts to flick them towards the man. “Hey Asshole” A few cards nail him but they are just cards. “What the hell is going on why are you here I thought I got rid of you?” White Mask laughs “oh my dear lad, he cannot get rid of something that you are, something that you are met to be. Man this shit is deep I am spewing out on you.” White Mask laughs again and gets off the throne walking over to him. he quickly looks behind him making sure he wasn’t backing into anything and then looks back as White Mask was gone. “Man I need to get some rest I am starting to see things.” He shakes his head as an arm goes around his neck. “You know something, those drugs doc gave you are a helluva drug I mean I almost thought you forgot about me." He closes his eyes. "Your not real!" He then opens them as White Mask was gone. He looks around and see a figure in the shadows. "You are not real!" he grips his pistol tightly pointing towards that shadow. "Go away!" The figure comes out of the shadows and shakes his head "You are pathetic, I gave you everything, I did what you could not do! I started a Revolution and you just gave up on it!" Crimson says wearing his full Templar gear. " You do not deserve to wear the Cross of the Templar's you FAILED" Crimson reaches for him as he fires a shot blindly towards Crimson. He opens his eyes after the blind fire as Crimson disappeared just like White Mask. He looks over at Max who was hiding behind some empty boxes. "I need to take my pills.." He moves quickly over to the table as he reaches down to grab his pills a white gloved hand grabs his hand stopping him in the act. "No No no Not until you let me in." White Mask tilts his head to one side looking at him. He tries to get his hand back but then a force from behind pushes him down head first onto the table holding him down. "Let me in. Let me finish what you couldn't" Crimson holds his head down on to the table so he could not move. "Oh Let me in too!" he claps wildly "Oh please let me in I promise I will be on my best behavior!" He feels the weight lifting off of him as he stands up and looks around. "I can't I hurt so many people...I can't." Crimson and White Mask appear from the shadows standing together as one. "Why can't we all just get along and become what we all want?" He shakes his head. "no no get out of my head GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" He covers his face up and drops to his knees. "your not real...this is not real" Silence through out the warehouse as he looks up and looks around? "Hello?" he gets to his feet and looks around. He looks down and removes his Templar gear dropping it to the floor. He holsters his pistol and walks over to the throne of money reaching into his pocket pulling out a zippo. "Its time to end this all." He opens the zippo and holds it up looking into the fire. He glares into the fire watching it dance. "Burn it" the voice echos through the warehouse as he keeps his gaze on the fire. "Burn it all down, its time to get back on track. Its time to show the island who is the real Villain is. Build the Army back up, time to strike fear one the island, Free US FREE US!!!" He closes the zippo and looks to his right seeing a chest. he walks over to it and pops it open looking down at it. Dropping to his knees he reaches down into the chest and pulls out the Mask, The White Mask that started it all. "go ahead put it on. flip it over and look at all the pretty colors inside the mask and place it on your FACE!" He flips the mask over. "No Put on the Templar gear start the War over, I will find you more followers!" He shakes his head looks back at the Templar gear. "No put the mask on and lets have some fun! No burn the mask and lets get to work. NO Crimsy hes Mine! I thought he was pathetic but I see that you are the pathetic one. What?!?! you want to go old man? huh I got ninja skills boy. I am going to kill you and place that head of yours with that stupid mask on a spike! Oh yeah well Im going to drop kick you and throw you body in uhhhh some acid YEAH, suck it! Yeah? oh YEAH! YEAH YEAH COME ON! LETS DO THIS!" The voice get louder and louder in his head. "STOP!" The voices stop. "I know what I must do..." he slips on his mask. as a low laughter is heard. Max whimpers in the back as White Mask is back. "Time to burn this city down and let everyone know that the prince of crime is back baby" HAHAHAHA "Wait who the hell am I talking to? damn voices in my head."
  2. Dark City

    “It’s Over General…” General Crimson slams the radio down breaking it into pieces. He places both hands on the desk and lowers his head as he stands behind the desk. “Is everything okay General?” General Williams says looking at him with a freighting look. “General Crimson what did the Commander say?” General Williams says once again. Crimson slams his fist down making a crack in the desk and looks up at General Williams. “Knightfall protocol.” Crimson say in a low voice. “But my lord we just started….” Williams takes a step closer to Crimson ” Knightfall Protocol….” Crimson says once again his fist clinched looking at Williams. “Let me talk to the Commander my lord..” Crimson stands up straight from leaning over the desk. “Knightfall protocol…” Crimson says once again. “But my…” Crimson quickly reaches behind his back where his Templar sword was sheathed and with one quick swipe he slashes his throat. General Williams quickly grabs his throat and steps backwards and then crashes into a few thing from the office making a lot of noise before he drops to the ground to bleed out from his throat. General Crimson’s door quickly swings open as a Templar with his pistol drawn steps into the room. He looks down seeing the former General laying on the ground dead, then looks up at Crimson. “Everything ok General?” The Templar says as holstering his pistol. “ Yes” Crimson flicks his sword to get some of the blood of his sword and sheathes it back behind his back. “Knightfall protocol get it done!” The Templar nods and runs out to get let everyone know that Knightfall protocol is not in effect. Crimson starts to chuckles softly…to himself as he makes his way out the door. The Knightfall protocol siren goes off, as the Saviors and Templar’s start to make their final preparations. Meanwhile on top of the hills where Ghost and Barrett are. Barrett stops as he hears the siren. “What the hell is that?” Ghost quickly pulls his rifle up with the scope and looks through it to look down at the HQ. “Well looks like people are scrambling. And the prisoners are freaking out it looks like....wait hold on..look at the prisoners by the wall.” Ghost says to Barrett as he pulls out his binoculars to see a group of them on their knees with their hands up high, and a line of Saviors lined up like a firing line. “Dude it looks like they are going to kill those people” Barrett says. As soon a Barrett looks away from the binoculars the sound of bullets are heard cracking from the HQ. The prisoners drop as the two look in horror. “Holy shit lets go it’s now or never it seems.” The two take off down the hill Barrett pulls his pistol out as they make their way down to the road that leads into the HQ. General Crimson stands outside of his office looking at the chaos that Knightfall protocol has cause his men. Choppers are starting up and cargo trucks are all moving from the outside into the gated HQ. “Sir General Sir..the sappers are ready and everyone is moving to their designated are of Evac. Sir.” General Crimson nods to the Savior as he takes off to inform the Sappers to carry on their mission. *BOOM* A large explosion is seen in the distance from where General Crimson was standing. Crimson presses his com on his helmet. “Report” Crimson says. “General that wasn’t us. Sir! The Prisoners …..they…are escaping and attacking the men!” Crimson shakes his head ” Kill them all but be ready for evac…I am headed to the Knightfall…” Boom another explosion goes off as Crimson makes his way to the Asylum. “Damn G..I don’t know how you knew how to kill those mean so silently and I don’t want to know how you did that but now you got us some firepower! and that was a nice trick to sneak in with the cargo trucks to get into the base.” Barrett says as they are hiding behind a building. “Good I wasn’t going to tell you anyways but now that we open the gate for the prisoners it looks like they are fighting back against the red caps.” Ghost says as he swings around the building taking out a red cap running. “Hey look…” Barrett taps Ghost on the shoulder. “Look there is a group of Templar's heading to somewhere important I bet.” Ghost nods as they take off following the group of Templar’s of course there was more explosions and more firefighting from the prisoners and Saviors. “Alright everyone exit the building and head to evac.” Crimson says as the Saviors exit the Asylum. The group of Templar’s along with Crimson make their way into the Asylum and in to the main Cell block. In the middle of the room there was a something huge under the tarp. One of the Templar’s remove the trap as it was a giant bomb. A bomb that would most likely take out half of the island. “Gentlemen behold the holy grail of Bombs. “ Crimson starts to walk around the bomb. “This will take out half the island and even though we lost the battle…we will when the War!” The Templar's cheer as Crimson leans down to set the timer. *BAM BAM* Two Templar’s drop as everyone turns to see what has happen. Standing behind the two dead Templar's that fell are two more Templar's with their guns pointed towards them. The smoke from the barrels rises as they look at one another confused. They both remove the Templar's hoods showing that it was Barrett and Ghost. Crimson looks at them and tilts his head and hits the enter button of the countdown. “Kill them!” Crimson says as he hops over the bomb and make a run for one of the cell blocks. The Templar's pull their guns and start firing at Barrett and Ghost as he they do the same. “Hey Barrett fun fact…watch the bomb..don’t shoot the bomb.” Ghost says as he comes out from cover and squeezes of a few rounds before returning back to cover. “ Oh Good Point!” Barrett returns fire. “So you got a plan?” Barrett says over to Ghost behind cover..” yea just one…” Ghost says…”Okay what is it?” Barrett pops up and shoots off a couple rounds killing one Templar. “Surrender.” Ghost says. “Wait what?” Barrett looks at Ghost as he fires back killing another Templar. “Just do it!” Barrett sighs “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I GIVE UP!” Barrett says yelling as the bullets fly by him smacking the wall. “drop the gun and come out with your hands up.” The two remaining Templar’s pop out from cover and have their guns fixed to the location of where the two are. Barrett comes out with his hands up of course still dressed as a Templar. “Alright we give up…” He stands there looking at the two as Ghost Appears behind them. “where is the other one?” The Templar ask. “Yeah here” Ghost quickly grabs one of the Templar's from behind in choke hold as he spins around to use him as a human shield as the other Templar turns to shoot Ghost but instead hits his fellow Templar. Ghost takes the gun from the dead Templar he is holding and uses it on the other Templar shooting him close range taking him out. Ghost lets go of the dead body in his arms as Barrett makes his way over to the bomb to take a look at it. "Yeah uhh we need a code to stop this" Barrett says looking over at Ghost. "Come on lets go get the guy who ran off." Ghost says as they both take off down the Cell blocks. "HAHAHAHA!" Barrett comes to a stop as he looks behind him at one of the cell doors. Ghost stops and looks back "Come on Barrett we need to find this guy." Barrett shakes his head and looks back at Ghost. "Yea Sorry....." Laughter is heard once again..as he looks back down the cell block. "It can't be...why is he here..." Barrett says as he makes his way back down the cell block to where the laughing is coming from. He comes to a stop and opens the small door window to peek inside. There he sits with his back turn to the door. Barrett grips his pistol and opens the door to the man who is sitting there laughing. Ghost shakes his head and follows Barrett in. "You killed my family....and now....I will Kill you...once and for all." Barrett raises his pistol up and points it to the back of his laughing mans head. "See you in Hell White Mask.." Crimson comes from the shadows and pops the laughing man in the head before Barrett can get a shot off. He then turns and shoots Barrett in the leg dropping him next to the dead body and then points it at Ghost. "NOOOOO! NOOOOO It was suppose to be me that kills him! ME!!!" Crimson with his gun drawn on Ghost he looks down at Barrett holding his leg trying to stop the bleed. "Tisk, Tisk Tisk.."Crimson reaches up and removes his helmet dropping it down next to the dead man and then kicks the dead man over. It was a man with his mouth duct taped and a speaker around his neck. Crimson reached into his pocket and pulled a remote out and presses the play button, an evil laugh comes out from the speaker, and tosses it down in front of Barrett. "Really? Barrett? Really?" Barrett looks up at Crimson as it is the man known as White Mask. White Mask wearing his classic White mask and now a Templar gear, tilts his head looking down at Barrett "Hello my old friend did you really think That I the prince of Crime would not even put up a fight during all of this? ONLY I CAN PULL THIS OFF...sorry sorry I did not mean to yell" White Mask laughs with his gun still pointing at Ghost. Barrett looks up at White Mask "I am going to kill you." White Mask bends down and gives him a love tap across the face" Yeah I sure you will cupcake..but now I must take my leave before the bomb goes off.." He looks over at Ghost and flicks his gun at him to step aside. "move cowboy.." Ghost steps aside as White Mask leaves the cell block. Barrett gets to his feet with the help of Ghost. "You have to stop the bomb I will just slow you down get him and beat it out of him. Ghost nods and leans Barrett against the wall of the cell block and takes off after White Mask. He reaches main cell block area where the bomb is and stop he looks down at the bomb as he hears a click from behind him. "Shit.." Ghost says as he slowly turns around seeing White Mask. "Hey buddy how the hell are you?" White Mask says with a pistol pointing to Ghost's head. "I've been better, I mean you can't give me a call and let me in on this whole operation you got going on here?" White Mask nods and lowers his head to scratch his head with the barrel of the gun. "Yeah well I tried to call you but it kept going to voice mail.." Ghost smirks "yeah because I was a boat." White Mask holsters his pistol and puts his hands on his hips "Oh so it's ok that you get to go on a cruise with out telling anyone " *BAM* White Mask eyes widen and looks down seeing blood form around his gut. He then looks over at Ghost holding a his pistol hip level with White Mask. "Nice.....move..." White Mask drops to one knee. Ghost leans down pointing the pistol to White Mask's head " it was a fishing boat now give me the code" Ghost says looking down at White Mask " for few months? such a weird Vaction.....ok..its one...........one............one...........one.." Ghost does a double take "Wait what? one one one one? Really?" White Mask starts to laugh as Ghost turns around presses the code to stop the bombs count down. Barrett comes into the area looking over at Ghost "Did you stop the bomb?" Barrett asked limping his way over to Ghost. "Yeah looks like it over..just one more thing to do and end this once in for all." Ghost turns around as he only sees a trail of blood that leads out of the building. "No!" Ghost grabs Barrett as he helps him to reach the door just in time to see White Mask in a chopper flying away and waving at them good bye. They both look up watching the chopper fly away a the local police force from all over the island start to swarm the former HQ. ( @GhostMerc& @BarrettSimmshey guys thanks for letting me finish the story since no-one was really into it I guess I will just watch to see who rp's next or if someone starts a new thread to rp under. Thanks again you too it was good to talk to you guys to hash out the details)
  3. Still Can't Buy Kit

    i've been trying for a while as well It wont let me login to that page. I can log into the Community page but not that page for some reason. It keeps saying invalid username or password but like I said I can log in anywhere else..but that page for a purchase..thoughts?
  4. unable to Pledge or upgrade

    I've been trying also just an FYI it wont let me even log in but I can log in anywhere else just not that page.

    nice we will have to do business sometime
  6. Dark City

    General Crimson swings the door wide open as it makes a huge BANG hitting the wall. He is accompanied with two other Templar's and General J. Williams. The lights turns on and the propaganda film turns off. The two Templar’s stop behind Officer McKenzie and Crimson and Williams walk around to the front of her. “So still being stubborn I see..” General Crimson says pulling his hood down from his helmet to the back and then places his hands behind his back. “We are trying to make you one of us and you reject ever thing!” General Williams says as he looks over at Crimson. “This disappoints me McKenzie, you could have been something great, and a general to lead our Saviors to victory…” Crimson says shaking his head. “Well you leave me no choice as I have others that will obey…so…” He looks over at his Templar’s and nods to them. “ Take her to the prison camp, put her on grave digging duty with just enough food to keep her going for the day.” The two Templar’s nod and unhook her from the chair grabbing her by the arms and lifting her up out of the chair to carry her out of the isolation chamber to the prison camp. Crimson looks over at Williams as the two Templar’s and McKenzie leave. “I want a guard no her at all times as she digs the graves, and when she breaks bring her to me." General Crimson says as Williams Nods. “Yes My Lord…shall I inform the Commander of our recruits?” Crimson shakes his head. “No I need to talk to him myself in person.” General Williams eye widen. “But my lord no one is allowed to talk to the Commander face to face…” Crimson looks to the door as a Savior (your Red caps as you call them) walks into the isolation chamber. “Only I can talk to the Commander face to face this is our mission General..” The Savior stop waiting for them to stop talking as General Williams nods and then slams his fist into his chest “For the Order” and walks out. The Savior Soldier looks back at General Crimson. "Sir the Templar's Weapons have arrived, and placed in the Templar's Chambers Sir." Crimson nods as the Savior slams his fist into his chest. "For The Order!" and spins around and walks out of the isolation chamber. Crimson follows and walks to the Templar's chamber. After a couple minutes General Crimson walks into the Templar's chamber. There is a lot of other Templar's that are there as they are all on their knees. Crimson walks towards the weapons crate that is under the Templar's Cross. He opens the crate and reaches in pulling a sword with a cross at the end of the handle. He turns around as the Templar's rises to their feet seeing the sword that General Crimson is wielding. "My Brothers and Sisters, our Swords of fate have arrived. Come receive your gift from the our god." Crimson turns around and takes a step back. He slams the sword into the ground and kneels before the sword and the cross as he lowers his head. The other Templar's would grab their swords and return to where they were stand and did the same thing that Crimson did. ( @Norway174 Yeah I got it. It worked out well for you the way you did it. Enjoy your days and night in the Cold snow covered land digging graves )
  7. Dark City

    (Well we are just giving our chars a background story so when the game starts people will have a better understanding of the char we are portraying in the game. And there is a political section that have people portraying politicians that would like to run for the governor spot when the game opens so they too also rp their chars and even meet on discord to have live debates. Other than some people write small stories about their char, some write their character sheet up and show us who they will try to be. But other than that people just ask alot of questions about the game)
  8. Dark City

    A splash of water would be thrown in the face of McKenzie. "Officer McKenzie...wake up!" Another splash of water is thrown into her face. General Crimson would nod. As another splash of water is thrown into her face finally waking her up. She was strapped into a chair and hear head was also strapped down so she could not turn away. The Soldier would step aside. The room was dark and in front of her was a projector screen, but nothing playing. General J. Williams steps into the light, wearing his Military dress blues, medals, a nice red cord around his arm the whole nine. "Welcome McKenzie. I apologizes for thy straps but for this exercise today we are hear to show you thy truth of thy world and how thy Order will save us all. This will show you everything that you will become and everything that you will want to be. For Thy ORDER!" He slams his fist into his chest and step back into the darkness. "Play Thy Video!" "You see We are here on a mission to get rid of thy all criminal and get this island, dis city out of thy dark and into thy light. Templar's lead thy way, they bring thy light where ever thy go. Thy code of thy Templar is: I shall defend thy Templar Knights and thy laws of the land. I shall respect and defend thy weak, thy sick, and thy needy. I shall patriotically love and protect my country. I shall not retreat from adversity nor from challenge. I shall ceaselessly oppose evil and deceit. I shall perform scrupulously my civic duties I shall remain faithful to my pledged oath. I shall prudently give alms and aid. I shall be everywhere and always thy champion of right, good, and tolerance against injustice. Thy Order is grateful that thy Templar's are here with us thus you will sit here until you are ready to join us." General Williams says from the darkness. Crimson nods once again as General Williams and Crimson leave the isolation area so that they can keep playing the videos over and over until the Rookie cop can see the truth. (man it took me forever to find these video lol JOIN US! FOR THE ORDER!!)
  9. Dark City

    Crimson laughed as she turned the gun on him and went *Click* The guards were on her quickly. "Really? Really? you think I would give you a loaded gun?" He shakes his head lifting his hood back over his head. "Please...that is a rookie move...kid..." Crimson reaches to his side arm and pulls it out pointing it at her head as she is attempts to kick and punch. "Passionate...I like that.." He then Presses the gun barrel into her forehead pressing hard enough to leave a mark. "Your going to be great member of the Order kid when im done with you.." He turns his gun to the commander. *Bam Bam Bam* Two shots in the chest and one in the head rang out through the police station. He turns back to the Rookie cop and presses the hot gun barrel right above her eye and moves the gun slowly down to her cheek. just enough to leave a nice red mark.(it will go away don't worry your pretty face Zoester) Crimson holsters his pistol. "Take her to the isolation chamber at the camp, clean this mess up and find me a new police commander." he turns around walking out of the cell blocks and back to the SUV where he will then head to the camp where all the other prisoner and soon to be Saviors or Templar's will be re-born. New Map Area: Red Area is the city the Order is has taken over. the Black line is the wall around the city and the blue area is the prison camp.
  10. Dark City

    A black SUV would stop at the police station. The Savior Soldiers already occupied the police station and started to slap the logo on all the police vehicles claiming that they are the law now. General Crimson would climb out of the black SUV wearing his White Templar hooded cloak. He stands there looking around seeing the new guards standing at the front door of the police station and others walking to the squad cars with the Order logo on them now. He nods to himself as three drones fly over is head and down the street. Crimson would walk into the police station as everything is looking to be in order. "General Sir welcome everything is operational and we have eyes all around the city." A Savior Soldier says. "but we have had some problems sir. some of the police officers we already made the transfer to the training grounds but some well fought back..and sir there was nothing we could have done.." Crimson with his hood covering his head looks into the commanders eyes, although the commander could not see past his helmet he knew that Crimson was mad. "take me to where you put them all." Crimson says as the commander nods and waves him to follow him. Two more Savior soldiers would join the commander and Crimson as they make their way to the cell blocks. The commander pulls his mask up from his neck to cover his nose from the smell of the dead bodies as they reach the Cell blocks. "As you can see we have stored the dead bodies here." Crimson looks at the commander and grabs him by the throat lifting him up off the ground. "This is not how we operate" Crimson says as he squeezes the commander throat tightly. The commander struggles trying to get free but can't. The soldiers look at Crimson and the commander as they are confused and really don't know what to do. "HEY LET ME OUT!" Crimson quickly looks down at the cell blocks hearing someone shouting. He looks back at the commander and tosses him against the bars of the jail. "let that person out now!" He points at the soldiers as they take off running to where Zoey cell is. The soldiers quickly unlock the cell door and grab the rookie cop tightly pulling her towards General Crimson. The commander just sits there watching, as they bring her to Crimson. He looks down at her name tag. "Officer McKenzie." Crimson pulls his white hood back as his black helmet mask covers his head.(all the Templar's look like him it just he is a higher Rank.) "On behalf of the Order I am sorry that you are put in a cell. No Officer of the Law should be treated like this. As a result of this I am granting you the Order full support on anything you wish. Thus you may join the Order as you see fit. but first to test your loyalty to the Order..." General Crimson pulls his cloak back and reaches behind his back pulling a 1911 out. He would hand her the pistol. "You must Kill the commander that put you in to this hell hole." He holds the pistol waiting for her to take it. The Soldiers stand behind her as Crimson stands infront of her. "please don't I am a loyal member of the Order...Please! PLEASE!" the commander yells hold his hands up to them. ( @Norway174 time to pick....with the order or against the order....tick tock..) (just in case you wonder what he looks like and all the other Templar's)
  11. Dark City

    "Sir drones are now in the air to keep the peace, The wall around the city is up, and curfew is now in effect." The soldier would say talking to General Crimson. "Good, phase 3, tear this down and get everyone behind the wall. oh and bring the SUV around i am going to the asylum to enforce the guards." The soldier would make a fist and slam it in his chest "For the Order!" He then turns around and takes off. General Crimson walks out of his tent along with 2 more Templar's. All 3 of them climb into the SUV as it takes off to the asylum. An hour and half into the city they reach the asylum gates. The driver stops at the gate and radios into the rest of the Saviors that General Crimson is here with two Templar's. The gate opens up and the driver of the SUV pulls into the asylum parking lot. With that the Templar's climb out only carrying their side arms with them not their custom M4's. They make their way into the asylum and towards the front desk. General Crimson: "I want around the clock guards on this asylum. You two Templar's are in charge here when im not here. Keep this place locked down no-one leaves this asylum with out me knowing. I all ready have 4 Templar's at the black gate prison with around the clock guards so you two should not have a problem with insane in here." The Templar's nod and walk away to get everything set up. General Crimson looks to the person on the front desk. General Crimson: "I want the files everyone by the end of the day that are in this place. I also want to go see the worst of the worst in here to make sure they is no chance they are getting out." The person behind the desk nods and hands him the Credit card key to unlock everything in the asylum. He nods and points to 4 Saviors to follow him down to the cell blocks. After a few minutes they reach the High Risk Patient area. One of the Saviors hands him a tablet with all the high risk patient file and picture of them on there. As they walk by each cell he checks to see who they are and makes a note. He stops at Cell D. General Crimson: "Patient #0801 no name.....calls himself White Mask....hmm" He opens the small window to door of Cell D and looks inside seeing the man known as White Mask with his back to them rocking back and forth. "Excuse me I would not open that door if I where you.." General Crimson turns to the man talking, as the man extends his hand. "I am Doctor Harrison, and might I add I love what you are doing for this city." Crimson shakes his hand and nods. "No Problem doc. I have question about this man..On your files you really don't have any information on him why is that?" Crimson says as he turns the tablet towards doctor Harrison. "Well you see White Mask as he is called does not give us a lot of correct answers, there is no police records with his real identity or finger prints or anything. Plus he is a smart ass and wont tell us anything about himself. But we are trying..well until his jaw is healed. SWAT really beat him down and broke his jaw, so he just sits there all day looking at the wall rocking back and forth." Crimson nods. "Very well I would like to have this section of you cells lock down with my Saviors if that is okay Doctor?" Harrison smiles and nods "Oh yes please that will be great." Crimson nods and hands the tablet to the Savior next to him. "Good I will be in touch." Crimson extends his hand and shakes Harrison hand once again. General Crimson heads back to the SUV. Once he is in side the Driver of the SUV tells him that the new recruits are waiting for him in the city for his orders. Crimson nods as they head to their new AO into the city. (I will have the new map of where the Order is located on my next post.)
  12. Dark City

    Suddenly the Order logo appears on everyone’s TV. A podium is seen the Order logo on it. It seems that they are in front of a town hall or something like that. A man to be in his fifty’s walks up to the podium wearing his dress uniforms that are all black with black hat with a red band around it. It looks like he was someone important from all the medals he has on his chest. As he stands on behind the podium the Templars walk out behind him and stand next to him, two on each side of the man. General Crimson stood behind the man as he would put his glasses on and open his folder to speak. “My Name is General J. Williams of thy Order. Please do not be afraid. We are here to help you and the city. Thy Saviors are here for your protection to get rid of the darkness of your CITY!” He slams his fist down on the podium. General Williams: “Today starts a new Era on thy island, And we say no more darkness and hello to the light that dis city once was.” The camera pans out to see a sea of Saviors or Red caps as you call them along with tanks, APCs, SUVs and Humvees. As the Saviors clap and the camera goes back to General Williams. General Williams: “ in about five minutes The Order will be online and the start of the campaign will began.” A drone fly’s overhead and then hovers by General Williams. “Dess Drones will be our eyes in thy city to find the evil so that we can deal with them. Do Not be afraid of thy drones as day are here for your protection as we all are. A curfew is in affect. If you are caught out past seven you will be arrested and sent to the work camp where you will be put on trial for you faith of thy city. So do not be out past seven.” The General looks back at General Crimson and nods as he turns back to the people. General Williams: “Lastly thy police force will go under training from the Order to become better officers and one with thy Order. Everyone who is not a Police officers, Fire department or EMTs will be giving jobs to run thy city properly, Food & water will be handed out every Wednesday at O eight hundred right here. There will be plenty for everyone and everyone will get their food & water so we ask you to wait in line. If you do not wait and get out of hand you will be sent to the work camp and put on trial for your crimes. Now everyone must come down to city hall to be entered into our data base your ticket number for food and water, and your new job title. Do Not make us come get you, this is your only warning. Thy Order Thanks you for your cooperation. For the ORDER!” General Williams slams his fist into his chest as so does the Templar’s next to him. The tv screen goes black with the Order logo on it. It also has writing on the screen that tells you what you must do before curfew
  13. Dark City

    A knock on the door of the Templar's barracks. A Templar opens the door and looks at the Savior Soldier. "Templar sir, We need General Crimson outside ASAP there has been a reports of shooting. Sir" General Crimson comes into view as the other Templar steps aside. The Savior steps back as General Crimson steps up to the Savior. "Walk and talk.." General Crimson says as he starts to walk and a few more Templar's follow from behind. Savior Soldier: "Like you said there will be resistant General, but nothing like this Sir." Crimson holds his hand out as the Savior hands him a tablet. He stops and looks down at the tablet as he see pictures of a Cop killing the Saviors. "Did they call a Templar to intercept this man?" The Savior would nod and swipe right showing a video of the cop and the Templar battle. Crimson hands him back the tablet. "Where is the Templar now?" Crimson says as the Savior looks at the tablet and does a few things and then speaks "He is in medical, they don't know if he will make it, sir" He nods and places his hands behind his back and starts to walk. "But Sir" Crimson stops as so does the other Templar's but does not turn around. "I am also here to inform you that the steel walls have all been erected to prevent entry into the Kingdom sir. All bridges either have been blown or are now heavily fortified and lastly Patrols are getting ready to go out once sirens and lights get placed on top of the Humvee's. So we are ready for Phase two which is secure the Kingdom." Crimson nods "Proceed to Phase two." The Savior slams his fist into his chest "For the Order!" and then takes off. Crimson and the few Templar's that followed him head towards Medical. General Crimson and the Templar's stand inside and then walk to where the wounded Templar is. He stops at the door before opening it. "Protocol Knightfall" two Templar's stand guard at the front door as Crimson and two more Templar's walk inside. "Leave us." He says to nurses as they quickly walk out of the wounded Templar. "Proceed" Crimson says. The Wounded Templar wakes up as he is barely staying alive. The two Templar's help him out of bed. One of the Templar's lets go of him and grabs his pillow from his bed placing it on the ground. "Im.........sorry.............I.....failed you General." the Wounded Templar says as he gets lowered onto the pillow to sit on his knees. blood coming from gun shot wounds and now his mouth as he sits on his knees. One of the Templar's reaches into his pouch and pulls a white headband out with the black cross of the Templar. He would wrap the headband around his head as he says a prayer for the Wounded Templar. The other Templar pulls his gown down to his waist, also saying a prayer. Once they are done saying their prayer to the wounded Templar they stand next to him with their heads lowered. Crimson walks over to the Templar's gear and pulls the Templar's dagger from his belt. He then walks forward holding the dagger across his hands, Crimson would stop and kneel before the barely alive Templar, and holds the dagger out to him to take. The wounded Templar takes his dagger from Crimson's hands as the General Crimson lowers head. The wounded Templar with the bladed pointed to his stomach looks towards the sky and speaks his prayer. The other Two Templar's and Crimson also speak his prayer as the wounded Templar thrust the dagger into his stomach and starts to fall forward, but the two Templar's next to him grab him and lay him down on his back. Crimson stands. "Take care of our brother. everything burns with him." General Crimson moves to the door and opens it quickly and walks out and heads to the Commanders Office.
  14. Dark City

    “Well it’s the final 2 minutes left in the game and boy is it been a good and long season for these Bullfrogs and a cold one at that Frank.” “That’s right Matt bullfrogs are down by one touchdown and we have the ball at the Sharks 20 yard line it looks like we will finish the season as champions as long as we get a touchdown and make the extra point Matt.” Matt: “Wade gets his team ready for the hike, oh and look at that we have a C130 airplanes flying overhead!” Frank “Well looks like they are early for the victory party if you ask me Matt.” Matt: “Well Frank there is a few more and a lot more..holy crap Frank look at all of them.” Frank: “If I didn’t know better Matt I would say we are being invaded” The two of them laugh as all football has stopped as the C130s fly overhead." As the camera moves to show the world what is going on it shows men jumping out of the C130s not just a few men but more like a dozen men keep pouring out from the plane parachuting down on the island. Some of the C130s are even dropping tanks, Humvees, 7 ton truck and even crates of who knows what inside of the towards the island. Frank: “What in the world is going on? Folks take a look at this on your screen maybe the camera man can zoom and get closer.” The camera Zooms in on one of the Parachuter as it looks to be a Soldier with a red helmet, Black military gear on, and holding a weapon of some kind. Just then a group of Soldiers bust into the announcers room. Yup it was true all black military gear a red cap on their helmets and a red symbol and patches on the arm. The soldiers faces are hidden by a black balaclava as you can only see their eyes. With their guns drawn they order everyone down on the ground. Meanwhile the men in Para dropping have started to land on the field and are landing all around the High school football stadium. The camera feed would be cut off as the Chaos of these unknown Soldiers take over by the thousands. Meanwhile in the middle of the Island a headquarters, a couple barracks, a warehouse, and even a landing strip for airplanes are quickly being built in the middle of the island. It looks like they are cutting the island in half. All the Roads going East to west or west to East are blocked off. A Black SUV pulls into the new Area of operation with about 5 more Black Humvee's behind the lead SUV. The door open from the SUV as a man steps out wearing a White hooded cloak, with a military vest under the cloak along with black pants, and a black helmet that covered his face. A custom M4 dangles infront of his chest and his two custom 1911 on each side of his waist. There is also logo on the front of the cloak it was a Black Cross more of a Templar cross but black. He raised his hand up slightly and made a fist. More of these Templar guys wearing the same gear but with red helmets that covered their faces, started to climb out of the Humvee's and the lead SUV. They all stand there looking around as they see barbwire fences going up around their AO. The man wearing the black helmet seems to be the leader of this operation as he waved his finger around and the rest of these Templar's would move throughout the AO. A soldier known as the Saviors runs up to the Head Templar. Savior Soldier: “General Sir, Commander is waiting on an update. Sir” The General Templar known as General Crimson of the Templars looks over at the Soldier. “Tell him all is going according to plan. We will wait for his arrival, as schedule.” The Soldier would nod and makes a fist and slams his fist into his chest “For the Order!” The Templar does the same but does not speak as the soldier runs off to do his job. General Crimson starts to move as he places his hands behind his back and starts to walk around making sure everything is getting done. He would stop seeing a Seven ton truck pull up and stop in front of him. General Crimson stands still and a bunch of Saviors run up behind him and stand at attention. The truck driver gets out and walks over to the General. The Savior truck driver gives him the 'Order' salute (Fist to the chest) and turns to look behind the truck. Savior Soldier Driver: "General we have some of the Civilians around the area and more will be coming in with in the hour." General Crimson nods as he stands there with his arms behind his back. "Take them to the prisoner camp, get their information and double up on the guards station around the camp." The Savior soldier nods and gives him the Order salute as he takes off running with a bunch of other Savior soldiers to move the civilians to the prison camp. General Crimson turns around and walks away headed towards his barracks. "We will clean this darkness from this city and bring light back to the island." (A picture of General Crimson of the Templars) (Picture below shows the area of where the Order has taken control known as the Red Zones) (A picture of the Savior Soldiers in front of PROMO flyers that are hanging all over in the Red Zones and nearby Cities)
  15. Dark City

    “Happy New Year!” The white sheets of snow cover the island on this day. A lot has gone down on this island of ours. Let’s see if we can recap it. Heroes and Villains rise and fall all in the same year it seems. Some Heroes are no longer with us as others loose a family and we don’t know if He is a still a cop, maybe a Rogue Cop? Or is he the Vigilante we all be waiting for? What about the criminals? Some got a group together to rob a bank and got away with it due to a massive fire at the chemical plant warehouse whatever you want to call it. A street racer came by and tried to leave his past in the past but again the island has something that always brings you back to your old roots. If you think that is all that happen well then you missed the biker gang that rolled into town. They are slinging drugs and weapons like you would believe it, but let me tell you something better be on their good side because these guys are all about business. Let’s not forget the man with all the money in the world who gave a criminal a lot of money just to see what he could do with it. And boy did he, by freeing some of the islands top criminals, psychopaths and murders to run the streets once more. Do you believe in Ghost? Well you should because someone is going around doing hits and the only people that are alive are saying that it was ghost. I don’t know about you guys but I believe now. A man known as the Wander happen to cross paths with a jokester who wanted asked answers. Hope he got the answers he was looking for or 2018 is going to be the death of him. And on top of all that besides the fire, kidnappings, murders, bank robberies, and good ole smuggling the goods from one end of the island to the other end. A man in a mask made his mark on the city to make it dark. Besides getting his ass kicked a couple times and bleeding all over the place it seem that recently the man in the white mask was captured once again as he left his camera on and some dickective figure out where he was located and SWAT took him down just before the clock struck midnight on new year’s eve. Stuck his crazy ass back into the Asylum...Happy New Year to that clown am I right? I bet your wondering who is this…your about to find out very very soon.