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  1. When you store your vehicle in a garage, it's stored away and disappears. When it's actively in the world, you'll park it in designated parking locations. And yes, you can get a parking ticket if you leave it in a zone marked as no-parking. It's done this way as there will be thousands of vehicles on each server. It's impossible to display every one of those when they're not in use.
  2. Let me expand on that a bit so nobody gets the wrong idea. In any city or town there are "shops" set up around which are player ownable. If you lease one of these structures you can make them whatever you like: a clothing store, or a restaurant/bar in your case. If you get a beachfront property to do this then yep, it's possible! They'll be in high demand, I'm sure. You can swim in water and there's beer and other drinks.
  3. All of the above!
  4. You'll have to do this through PayPal, due to the fact that your purchase was so very long ago (in 2016) and we're not able to do it with proper systems. Once you do this through PayPal, we'll hit that there accept button.
  5. question

    I'll take a stab at this! 01. We need to do proper play-testing and experimenting before I can answer this one, one way or another. I can say it'll be considered, but it comes down to gameplay and balance more than anything else. 02. Yes, eventually you'll even have access to it for playing around in Town Square. 03. Yes. 04. Not a different headquarters. The way that SWAT works is that when an event occurs which warrants SWAT reaction, SWAT officers will be notified and can report to a nearby HQ. While at the HQ they'll gear up and then deploy together via a SWAT APC/truck. This truck isn't a drivable vehicle, it's an automated system to deploy the SWAT people to the scene. SWAT is limited to the area of the event, as their equipment is very powerful.
  6. With the current configuration, which also applies to civilian phones, people won't hear what the police are saying in response, but they will hear what the cop standing near them is saying. Just as it is in real life if you're standing beside someone on a phone.
  7. 5 and 9 aside, you can do all those things! As for #10, I know Motown plans on being homeless. Given that he works on Identity for free, I think he's just planning for his real future.
  8. Unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated PR guy, or even a dedicated community manager at this time. I am, however, looking around to hire one as we speak. Given our budget all resources are currently tied up in development. As our budget expands, so too will the team. As I mention on the stream last night, Town Square requires a lot more development time than most modules. Town Square has the backend systems for the game itself. Character creation and customization, social features, and so on. All of the core elements of the game were created in the first while, which is why it seems to be taking long. However, in the grand scheme of things we're quite well advanced given the size of our team and the fact that the core elements of the game are coming in place; not only for town square, but for Identity as a whole. The game in question raised over $3m initially on Kickstarter in addition to already having a multi-million dollar budget going into Kickstarter, which is far different from where our budget lies. It'd be a whole lot easier to do so if our initial team were over 10 times as large.
  9. You can most definitely influence development. We keep a close eye on this, and also converse with fans almost daily in streams. That said, releasing a video or screenshot carries more weight than that. Unfortunately, it's human nature to expect certain things even when you know it's in development. Most people, although maybe not yourself, put a lot of weight on first-impressions. If we show something lackluster because it's still being built not everyone will understand that. That said, you'll be seeing a lot of it very soon.
  10. Phones and cars can have a GPS. Houses DO each have a unique address, just like each player has a unique phone number.
  11. Yes, there is alcohol use in Identity. Drugs, too. And as you suspect there are criminal charges associated with their use.
  12. The design of one person per room is one for gameplay. Sometimes gameplay has to outweigh standard logic, and this is an example of that. This lets us balance the apartment/house value based on it's usability. If it were the beds placed which determined this, everyone would pool into a tiny apartment to make it their home for next to no expense. That's just not healthy for the game economy.
  13. We haven't shown much of the Town Square module yet only because we're making things look right. Everything is functional, but that doesn't mean the interface looks good or functionality is smooth. In game development we get the feature functioning properly first, with placeholders, and then work everything together until it's what you'd see in a finished game. Take buying food in the bar, for example. Right now there's an apple on the table which you can use to bring up the ordering menu. That's supposed to be a restaurant menu that you use, and the interaction UI isn't quite right either. It works and functions as it should, but the interface for doing so is ugly due to some art not yet being in place. That said, we're going to show you real gameplay footage soon and following that you'll get a lot of Town Square media. The core features are about ready to be shown at this point.
  14. Our servers can hold an immense number of players. It's going to come down to play-testing internally; servers will be limited based on population density which we believe is ideal for the gameplay. So, it's too early to say, but we have the ability to have enormous servers.
  15. There will be quite a few servers for Town Square, located all around the world. Town Square servers have a player limit, but we'll have a whole lot of them active for the first days of the release and we'll add/remove them as we see demand requires. We'll try to make sure that if a queue does happen, it won't be a long wait to get in.
  16. Yes, to all of the above!
  17. The voice in Identity currently does work in all the ways you've described, with the exception of character breathing. It's difficult to hear someone breathing near you unless they're very winded in real life. Walls and such will block sound, and even the material of the wall or object affects the impact on sound degradation.
  18. Wow, what a month. It's been busy here at Asylum as usual, so let's get down to the interesting stuff! As expected, our current focus is on the Town Square so that we can get it out to you as soon as possible. We're finalising the interior of the library and art gallery (shared within one building) and adding polish to the environment. Once the clothing store interior is complete following that, the Town Square environment is ready to go. We'll continuously be adding more art after release though; specifically for house furnishings, decorations and clothing. In addition to the environment art, Miroslav (character artist) has been creating all sorts of hair assets which allow us to show hair appropriately when wearing a hat or helmet. This is a big task for him as it means making variations to match the hat options for each length of hair, but in the end it'll ensure your hair always looks as you'd expect when wearing headgear. Hair under a hat; work in progress Right next to the clothing shop you'll find a bicycle store where you can get a sneak preview of some of the bikes you'll be able to ride around in the full Identity release. We showed you a bicycle work in progress last blog post and now you can see the finished result of that below. This image will give you a rough idea of the detail level you'll see in Identity's vehicles. Ridable bicycle With more final systems coming online for the Town Square release, we now have functioning phones. Each player will start with a cellphone, although you'll be able to upgrade it with three mobile OS options available. The phone OS' each have a unique and interesting style. Characters also have a designated phone number assigned when they're created; you'll be able to get a custom number for a fee. These phones work just as you'd expect. You're able to dial up another player and speak with voice remotely. Businesses can even get a business line which, when called, will contact a member of that corporation who's online. Shot from an internal system test: advertising While the art of the billboard above isn't final, it gives you a very good idea of what you can expect in Identity for advertising. That's right, you can really publish messages around the world through billboards and other means. Corporations and those running for government office can purchase billboard space to help get their message out. You'll select a graphical template from a large list of options and then attach a brief message or other customization to make it your own. These billboards can also be moderated by the server operators. There are other similar advertising systems, too. For example digital road signs can be made to show custom messages by the current government. We can't wait to show you more of Identity, and we'll soon have that opportunity with the release of an overhauled website. Those current pledge packages are about to go away forever, and some of the rewards won't be available for purchase again after the new website changes. Also, follow us on our Twitch channel if you'd like to stop in and ask questions of the developers. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you'll find a few developers playing a random game from 4pm EST to 5pm EST. Ask any questions and they'll be happy to answer on stream. Catch some of Identity's developers hard at work and see how they make the magic happen: we'll be providing development streaming dates and times on Twitter, soon! -- John VanderZwet
  19. Identity's development has been moving at a pace we've never experienced in the past. With added full-time programming and art talent, we've been able to produce more content in a shorter time than expected. With all of the base features of Town Square in place, we've now been building up the supporting systems; the menu interfaces, server selection systems, character creation and more are well underway now. You'll get a good preview of the character customization soon! Ridable bicycle; work in progress Some exciting progress is also being seen beyond the Town Square! Our vehicle systems are starting to get fleshed out. We found the integrated Unreal Engine vehicle subsystems to be inadequate for the realism and fidelity we seek, so Identity will run on an entirely rebuilt vehicle physics engine. With this you can expect extremely realistic handling of bicycles, cars, vans, motorcycles, semi-trucks and more. We've got the Twitch Game development is an exciting career that many gamers aspire for. Just a couple of weeks ago we had test run streaming our development live on Twitch. In our first stream, our character artist Miroslav added different eyebrow varieties to Identity character head models. These are some of the eyebrow options you'll be able to choose when creating your characters; get an inside look at the work which goes into even a small detail as this. While the task Miroslav had at the time might not have been the most exciting, we're in the process of setting up a schedule for very regular streams from a variety of development departments. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for stream time announcements. Click the preview below to watch the recorded stream. It runs at just under an hour in duration. Identity's first Dev Stream: Miroslav's Eyebrows You can find our Twitch channel at Follow us there to get notified when an Identity developer starts streaming! Path to the Town Square Town Square early revision; work in progress A lot of Town Square work has been accomplished since the last dev blog! From interface to animations and more feature polish, the Town Square is shaping up into a genuinely interesting social environment. We've been making everything we can in the environment interactive. If it looks like it would have some sort of purpose in reality, we're making it useful (or at least entertaining) in Identity, too! Grab a newspaper for the latest happenings, toss a coin into the fountain or grab a can of soda from the machine. Visual dynamics have been added as well. Simple things bring immersion to the environment. The clocks on buildings and towers show the real in-game time, the cinema marquee sign shows the movies playing with real times (which can be adjusted by owners of community servers in retail Identity) and more. We're making the Identity environment, and thus that in Town Square, feel alive and interactive. A hotel lobby at night -- John VanderZwet
  20. DATE POSTED: March 24th, 2017 Big changes for a bigger world! What a crazy time for the Identity development team over here at Asylum! We've been running all over the place for conferences and expos this month, including both GDC and PAX East, where we met all sorts of new talent and potential technology partners. We've unfortunately had to push back the release of the Town Square module from our original Q1 2017 release with all of the big developments here, but most systems are in place and it's not far off! The biggest and most exciting news we're officially announcing today is a new partnership with Improbable, the creators of SpatialOS! The Identity team has been testing the waters with SpatialOS for a couple of months now and we're incredibly excited about what it's going to mean for Identity. Identity can now be what we all hoped it would be, a true MMORPG in scale. SpatialOS is going to power Identity behind the scenes, allowing absolutely enormous scale for our world and the people playing in it. While we had originally hoped to be able to get 300 people into our servers with decent performance, with just a tiny bit more effort we're going to be able to expand that as far as the game needs. Instead of 300 players in a single server, we could now potentially have thousands. The size of our servers are now going to be set based on what we feel is ideal for a fun and immersive environment and we're not limited technically like we were expecting in the past. It opens more doors than simply the number of players on a server, too. With these changes we can now afford to have a more dynamic and interactive world. We've gained some freedom in manipulating the world and we can create features which we never imagined possible in a game of Identity's scale. This is all extremely exciting for the team. This technology is a scope-changer and Identity is going to be far better for it. Not only will our world grow, not only will the population be denser, but you'll even be able to leave your mark in many new ways. Development charging forward Concept art for Town Square art gallery and library, featuring player content We're working and expanding at an incredible rate. All key gameplay features for Town Square are now functional as we add polish and work to support SpatialOS in Identity. The development team has expanded with terrific new talent: Antoine joins Identity's 3D art team, Cody comes on board as a new systems and gameplay programmer and Liam comes in as our first dedicated web developer. Antoine and Cody both bring experience in their field to hasten development for Town Square and Identity as a whole. Liam's talents mean exciting new features on our website will be popping up soon. We've had plenty planned for our website for some time but haven't had the resources to bring these to you, until now.
  21. The Town Square module takes place in a tiny piece of a city called Ash Hill, which is in many ways based on a real city in North Carolina called Asheville (the same city the above photos are from). It's not the largest city in Identity, though. It's the second largest. The city hall you see above is modeled after the Savannah, Georgia city hall. Identity is inspired by much of the south-eastern United States.
  22. The delay is true, although the reason that you're learning it here is that the announcement is scheduled to go out tomorrow. You've just gotten it a little earlier than planned. There's more information involved which you'll be getting details on. There's a lot of good stuff in the delay, too!
  23. My email address is just john@, not my full name.
  24. The rocks you're mining can break, but you won't dig holes into the ground. Most of the mining will take place in mine shafts!
  25. You'll need to contact Sean/Motown here on the forums. If we are able it'll likely be delayed as we're both going to be in San Francisco at GDC.