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  1. Hello mate, i'm a bit confused. You say that the beta will be released in late 2017. What about the time square? will we be able to play town square in early 2017 or is it just finished.

    Btw i really wanna say that i love your concept with the game, and i cant wait to try it out. I've been checking your web page daily, and i'm so exited every time u post something.


    I'm hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best regards - Kasper

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    2. Kasper3390


      Yes i belive so, but we will experience town square in early 2017 : )

    3. dankadyDankdanker


      I know but why in 2018

    4. JohnNYBlaze


      Identity is a MASSIVE undertaking, not to be taken lightly, the level of depth they plan on going to will be amazing, and great things take time. You cant rush things or awesome ideas can fail in a spectacular way