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  1. will there be FBI in the game/counter terrorist


  2. I need help with this No unclaimed pledges were found using the given email address. It's possible that the system has auto-claimed the pledge for you. This happens when you create a game account using the same email address as was used for the old pledge.

    1. drakekraft


      I need help now or I want my money back

  3. Will there be gauges on like a corner or something telling how fast we are going in 3rd person mode. like how it is in need for speed.

  4. Let me expand on that a bit so nobody gets the wrong idea. In any city or town there are "shops" set up around which are player ownable. If you lease one of these structures you can make them whatever you like: a clothing store, or a restaurant/bar in your case. If you get a beachfront property to do this then yep, it's possible! They'll be in high demand, I'm sure. You can swim in water and there's beer and other drinks.
  5. All of the above!
  6. You'll have to do this through PayPal, due to the fact that your purchase was so very long ago (in 2016) and we're not able to do it with proper systems. Once you do this through PayPal, we'll hit that there accept button.
  7. question

    I'll take a stab at this! 01. We need to do proper play-testing and experimenting before I can answer this one, one way or another. I can say it'll be considered, but it comes down to gameplay and balance more than anything else. 02. Yes, eventually you'll even have access to it for playing around in Town Square. 03. Yes. 04. Not a different headquarters. The way that SWAT works is that when an event occurs which warrants SWAT reaction, SWAT officers will be notified and can report to a nearby HQ. While at the HQ they'll gear up and then deploy together via a SWAT APC/truck. This truck isn't a drivable vehicle, it's an automated system to deploy the SWAT people to the scene. SWAT is limited to the area of the event, as their equipment is very powerful.
  8. With the current configuration, which also applies to civilian phones, people won't hear what the police are saying in response, but they will hear what the cop standing near them is saying. Just as it is in real life if you're standing beside someone on a phone.
  9. 5 and 9 aside, you can do all those things! As for #10, I know Motown plans on being homeless. Given that he works on Identity for free, I think he's just planning for his real future.
  10. Unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated PR guy, or even a dedicated community manager at this time. I am, however, looking around to hire one as we speak. Given our budget all resources are currently tied up in development. As our budget expands, so too will the team. As I mention on the stream last night, Town Square requires a lot more development time than most modules. Town Square has the backend systems for the game itself. Character creation and customization, social features, and so on. All of the core elements of the game were created in the first while, which is why it seems to be taking long. However, in the grand scheme of things we're quite well advanced given the size of our team and the fact that the core elements of the game are coming in place; not only for town square, but for Identity as a whole. The game in question raised over $3m initially on Kickstarter in addition to already having a multi-million dollar budget going into Kickstarter, which is far different from where our budget lies. It'd be a whole lot easier to do so if our initial team were over 10 times as large.
  11. You can most definitely influence development. We keep a close eye on this, and also converse with fans almost daily in streams. That said, releasing a video or screenshot carries more weight than that. Unfortunately, it's human nature to expect certain things even when you know it's in development. Most people, although maybe not yourself, put a lot of weight on first-impressions. If we show something lackluster because it's still being built not everyone will understand that. That said, you'll be seeing a lot of it very soon.
  12. Phones and cars can have a GPS. Houses DO each have a unique address, just like each player has a unique phone number.
  13. Yes, there is alcohol use in Identity. Drugs, too. And as you suspect there are criminal charges associated with their use.
  14. The design of one person per room is one for gameplay. Sometimes gameplay has to outweigh standard logic, and this is an example of that. This lets us balance the apartment/house value based on it's usability. If it were the beds placed which determined this, everyone would pool into a tiny apartment to make it their home for next to no expense. That's just not healthy for the game economy.
  15. We haven't shown much of the Town Square module yet only because we're making things look right. Everything is functional, but that doesn't mean the interface looks good or functionality is smooth. In game development we get the feature functioning properly first, with placeholders, and then work everything together until it's what you'd see in a finished game. Take buying food in the bar, for example. Right now there's an apple on the table which you can use to bring up the ordering menu. That's supposed to be a restaurant menu that you use, and the interaction UI isn't quite right either. It works and functions as it should, but the interface for doing so is ugly due to some art not yet being in place. That said, we're going to show you real gameplay footage soon and following that you'll get a lot of Town Square media. The core features are about ready to be shown at this point.