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  1. hey when is the next video coming out?

  2. Hello mate, i'm a bit confused. You say that the beta will be released in late 2017. What about the time square? will we be able to play town square in early 2017 or is it just finished.

    Btw i really wanna say that i love your concept with the game, and i cant wait to try it out. I've been checking your web page daily, and i'm so exited every time u post something.


    I'm hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best regards - Kasper

    1. dankadyDankdanker


      Beta is going to be released in late 2017?! so that means the real game will be released in 1018?

    2. Kasper3390


      Yes i belive so, but we will experience town square in early 2017 : )

  3. Truck Logos

  4. It's been a busy, eventful and productive month for the Identity team at Asylum! Only a few weeks ago we released our first video showing real in-game content, the player housing system, and Identity has gotten a good bit of much-needed exposure! If you haven't seen the video, visit Identity's YouTube channel. Our programmers, especially Henrik Sonesson, have upgraded our inventory mechanics and created two new important gameplay systems these last weeks. The library which you'll have access to in the Town Square module is now in place and functional. Players can both read public domain classic books in-game, or even write their own and submit them to the library for other players to read. In addition, the NPC shop systems are now in place. When you enter most shops you'll be able to find the items you need on racks or displays around the store. Grab what it is you're looking for and then make your way to the cash register to make the purchase. In some places you can preview the items you're holding even before buying; for example, in a clothing store you can go into a change room. This system even allows for shoplifting some items, although player-crafted or very expensive items cannot be shoplifted on official servers. On the art front, we've brought on new artists and are continuing to build the world you'll be exploring. We've also been focusing on the interiors of buildings and characters. We've gotten our first facial hair assets and are approaching a complete character customization system. An overhaul of character skin and hair has Identity's characters looking incredibly life-like in comparison to other MMORPGs. Next on that list for a re-work is the eyes.
  5. 2 Game changing Ideas

    On official servers, it'll be set that you can see the name of a player who your crosshair or cursor is currently over. There will also be an option for community servers which hides all names of players until they "wave" at you, to introduce themselves.
  6. Pizza Delivery?

    There are minor delivery jobs created dynamically which a driver can pick up. Some, like a pizza, can be delivered even using a bicycle.
  7. What? Why is it like this?

    Yep, there is. Following what I mentioned before, police can only charge you for a crime you're "flagged" for committing. You don't receive the charge immediately, and the flag wears off quickly. Fingerprints work the same way other crimes do, and the player is charged upon their discovery but not before.
  8. What? Why is it like this?

    That's not quite what he meant by that description. In Identity, committing a crime flags you in such a manner that a police officer can charge you with a crime. If you run a red light, you're not immediately charged with the crime; however, if an officer sees you run the red light he can pull you over and will have the ability to charge you with that crime. This mechanic keeps police from being abusive and charging for crimes which you did not commit. That said some major crimes may charge you automatically, but that can be controlled by the server operator/community. This is how it'll be done on the official servers to prevent griefing. There are times where gameplay in a multiplayer environment can't be exactly realistic to maintain it's fun for both parties. More "hardcore" communities may wish to adjust these rules, and they can.
  9. Video Advertisements

    As it stands already, we do have advertising systems for politicians running for office but it's restricted to billboards. I like the idea of advertising on public televisions or cinema, and implementation would be easy, but we'll have to think it over and consider all the angles. So, maybe!
  10. Yesterday afternoon, for another Identity Insider, we've released a video detailing the workings of player housing in Identity and what it has to offer at our present point in development. This gives you a good idea of the level of fidelity we're going for in all of our key systems, and more videos will follow as we continue. Housing was chosen for our first video as our initial focus in development is for features present in the upcoming Town Square module. If you haven't already seen the video, check it out above. Housing as you've seen in the video is an excellent place to hang out with friends, but it has a lot of good practical uses, too! First, housing is the primary storage location for items you've collected. Whether it's a bookshelf full of books, a gun-rack with wall-mounted guns, or a crate full of junk, it's sort of like a bank for tangible stuff. Housing is also valuable for moderate crafting, too. Some advanced recipes might require a factory, but a lot of stuff can be created at your home using special crafting tables. A hydroponics table can even be used to grow small-scale plants, legal or otherwise!
  11. Long time no see - Pledge account deleted?

    Toss me a private message with the email screenshot, please. If it's not in our system that means Kickstarter didn't give it to us, which usually comes down to a billing issue at the time of Kickstarter funding being completed. Did you also get an email saying you were billed?

    At this time you cannot build custom structures on land. There is land for farming, as well as pre-existing homes and buildings which can be owned and operated, but we don't allow building permanent structures for performance reasons. When you want a lag-free experience with a lot of players, that's something that survival games suffer for. That said, if you want to put on a concert you can rent a concert hall. You'll get the option of choosing the theme for the event which will configure the art of the interior. The concert halls even have a stage which amplifies volume of instruments, as well as microphones for singing or speaking. You can use these for all sorts of things.
  13. The Library

    The existing real world books would be limited to those in the public domain, for legal reasons. Other than that I'm sure there will be a lot of player-submitted content right in Identity. The administration team has to choose to approve library submissions to keep it clean.
  14. Food Service

    To answer a few of the questions here, there is a large variety of standard food items you'll find in cafes and restaurants, as well as player-made food. Different sorts of food and drink will "fill" you up more than others and faster. Some may even have side-effects. Generally, good player-created food will be the most efficient for consumption. You'll also be able to create your own bars, cafes and restaurants. I'm not sure how lucrative they'll be to own, but a player food-place could turn into a good social point. There will be three places in the Town square module that you can sample food and alcohol: there's a bar/lounge in the hotel, a cafe as well as the cinema. As for the questions concerning a hunger mechanic, there is such a system although you can't die from starvation. There will be some penalties, though. Food consumption won't be forced upon you enough to be an annoyance, but you'll want to grab a bite here and there.
  15. what day is the first gameplay video coming out

    1. LionKingGamer


      No specific date but november hopefully