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  1. I'm always impressed by the art produced by the Identity team! That talent is pretty undeniable.
  2. A game maker inside identity

    You'll find board games and more in Identity. In fact you might even find a chess board in the town square if time permits.
  3. The current upkeep time is set to 1 month and it applies only to houses, not apartments.
  4. Our reasoning for this is that we don't want people who can afford to buy apartment spaces through microtransactions to have an advantage in the game. If you were able to rent out the apartments, which you may have gotten through a pledge/MT, you could then translate that into in-game currency through rental income. We've got to consider all angles to make sure everything remains as fair and balanced as possible. You can have multiple people living in an apartment, though! And you can have more than one apartment for access to your stuff in different areas of the world.
  5. Poking @BentBot! He's our web guy. He's in yelling range of me but it's easier to just do this because lazy.
  6. Since I might have re-railed things just a bit, I'll give you a more serious response! You will, definitely, see tasers and shotguns in Identity. There will be several less-than-lethal weapons available.
  7. The time draws near! In the last dev blog I sent out, I mentioned that we were going to announce the release date for our first playable game module, the Town Square. Those of you who follow our Twitter and Twitch streams will have already learned this date. It's a very exciting and important time for Identity; we're fast approaching the time where you'll first step foot in Identity's grand world. We've crunched all the numbers and can now say with fair confidence that the Identity Town Square module will be released, to all backers with a $30 or higher pledge, on this coming March 21st. What will you find in the Town Square? The Town Square is a social game module. You'll be able to create your character, which may be transferable to the retail game after release, and meet hundreds of other Identity backers in the town square of the clean and quaint city of Ash Hill. You'll be able to talk to those around you, add them to your phone contacts and have full phone and IM support to stay in touch. You'll find a completely functional cinema playing full movies around the clock, a karaoke bar to show off your skills (or see me making a fool of myself), a working restaurant, art gallery, shops and more. The biggest single feature is the housing system. You're getting a taste of the full and complete player housing mechanics that you'll find in Identity. Everyone will have access to a tiny apartment, but those who pledged for higher rewards will be able to check out and decorate their larger spaces. It's a preview of what you'll have in the full game. Invite friends to your place and party it up! After the initial release of the module, we'll continue to add features to the Town Square as they are completed in development for Identity. Barbershops and tattoo parlors will let you customize your character further. A garage will let you sample your vehicles. You'll even get to test your ability with firearms in the police shooting range before the SWAT module is released. For me, one of the most exciting parts of Town Square is just to get inside the game and finally get a feel for Identity and how it plays. Check out a few of the Town Square work-in-progress shots we've released in the past. It's been a long road for the development team here at Asylum, but we're almost there! Flexing our new manpower Productivity has skyrocketed with our new office. We're working better and there are now many more of us knocking out code and assets each day. Our programming team has expanded with Charles and we're still hiring more. We've brought three new and incredibly talented 3D artists on board as well as a new technical artist. Brandon, our new Community Manager, has been hard at work keeping you in the loop. These guys are all proving their worth each day and I'm extremely excited about where Asylum is going. Looking to the future With some of our Town Square art wrapping up now, we're beginning to shift a bit of our focus to the second module: SWAT. The SWAT module will be a team vs team competitive shooter using the combat mechanics you'll find in the full Identity release. Expect combat to be slower and more realistic than most similar games. You'll learn much more about this module as work progresses. Above is an MP5 sub machinegun which will be used by the SWAT forces. This particular model was created from scratch in a matter of days by one of our new artists, Dan. The awesome talent of our art team is undeniable! -- John VanderZwet
  8. My one problem with Identity

    It seems like your one problem might not be much of a problem after all. In Identity, it's mostly just low influence (mostly cosmetic) items which cannot be lost. Things like your debit card, your clothing, and so on. Items which don't give you a strength but instead offer convenience. Most other things can indeed be lost. If you die out in the woods because you thought you could fist fight a bear then you might not have lost much, as there's a good chance you could get back to that place before everything despawns. When someone else is around though, they can loot your corpse and take what's dropped. This is mostly an issue of convenience, and we go for a balance of such versus risk. We fully understand that for life to be exciting, death has to be scary. At the same time, why make people go back to their closet and change their outfit over and over again?
  9. Do you receive emails from the main website? If you were to go to the front page, try to log in and then choose the forgotten password option? The primary site, not forums, runs off the same email servers as the newsletters. Check your account there to make sure that your email address is entered correctly.
  10. In the earliest days of Identity's release, most people will likely start with bicycles for transportation. The bicycles can, for the most part, hold only a single person and are clearly not as quick as a motorized vehicle. They also don't have trunk space. Now imagine trying to make some early dollars by doing odd jobs around town. Gathering, delivery tasks, and so on will be a lot easier if you can both get around quicker and carry larger hauls.
  11. About 1,600 sqft. Not huge but large enough to house our team with some room to grow. People in Ottawa will be free to schedule a drop by and meet the team once things are going.
  12. The office looks great, but it's more of a budget space than it looks. I've been busy there for weeks as I assembled all the furniture, cut and hung the decor.. we've saved a lot of money by doing everything ourselves. In fact, we're a very frugal bunch and our funding is quite healthy.
  13. Yep. Read the summary near the end. I explained that.