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  1. 1st module is delayed yay!!

    The delay is true, although the reason that you're learning it here is that the announcement is scheduled to go out tomorrow. You've just gotten it a little earlier than planned. There's more information involved which you'll be getting details on. There's a lot of good stuff in the delay, too!
  2. Refund

    My email address is just john@, not my full name.
  3. mining

    The rocks you're mining can break, but you won't dig holes into the ground. Most of the mining will take place in mine shafts!
  4. You'll need to contact Sean/Motown here on the forums. If we are able it'll likely be delayed as we're both going to be in San Francisco at GDC.
  5. Hey i cant find the discord link the last one I got was expired... Do you think you could get me a new one?

  6. Computers

  7. What a crazy several weeks since the last dev blog post! The increased exposure and attention from the apartment video has resulted in a surge of additional funding for Identity, which has translated into an expanded team with two new full-time developers coming on board and more to join soon. Work has been going very well. Motown, your community manager, has started transitioning into the role of producer to help manage our expanding team. This has helped to reduce some of the work-load on myself so it's been a very welcome change and he's proving to be great for the role. Our lead character artist, Miroslav, has been hard at work on numerous enhancements including building our makeup and blemish systems. This will give us the freedom to add all kinds of makeup options, especially for females but also for men. Your options at character creation will be a bit limited, but a vanity table will let you customize your makeup much further. Blemishes allow us to modify the skin in a whole lot of ways, from just a little blush on the cheeks to full-body freckles and more. Miroslav has also done an excellent job expanding eye customization for your characters which won't just tint the color of the iris but change its entire pattern to properly match the styles seen in those eyes in reality. He's also expanded our options for hair and facial hair. Feature development has also been going quickly and smoothly. Among others, we've built the contacts and friends systems which will be available in the Town Square module. When you meet people in the world you'll be able to exchange contact information, adding their number and name to your phone. This then acts like a friends list in other games, but you can even text or phone them with real working voice systems. It's also integrated with your Steam friends to make finding them easier. Environment art is also moving along, with several artists working full-time to give you beautiful environments. We've hired on some more artists and are even reworking some of the earlier assets we produced to bring the up to our now higher standards. Identity YouTube channel PowerGaming7 had the chance to speak with myself and Motown for a while after asking his viewers for a bunch of questions to ask. The result was an almost one hour long video where we shared all sorts of information you may not have heard before. You can find the link to this video right here. Once again, I want to thank every one of you for your continued support! Every pledge that comes in goes straight into the development of new features and helps us get the game to you a little bit faster. The attention we've seen over the last couple of months has been staggering, and we are excited to show you more of the gameplay soon!
  8. Drug production and drug trafficking will be a very big part of Identity's economy!
  9. hey when is the next video coming out?

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    2. masterhsiao


      yo we got scammed bro.

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      did we? smh

    4. Resurge


      I don't think we did I trust these guys to deliver

  10. Hello mate, i'm a bit confused. You say that the beta will be released in late 2017. What about the time square? will we be able to play town square in early 2017 or is it just finished.

    Btw i really wanna say that i love your concept with the game, and i cant wait to try it out. I've been checking your web page daily, and i'm so exited every time u post something.


    I'm hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best regards - Kasper

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    2. Kasper3390


      Yes i belive so, but we will experience town square in early 2017 : )

    3. dankadyDankdanker


      I know but why in 2018

    4. JohnNYBlaze


      Identity is a MASSIVE undertaking, not to be taken lightly, the level of depth they plan on going to will be amazing, and great things take time. You cant rush things or awesome ideas can fail in a spectacular way

  11. Truck Logos

  12. It's been a busy, eventful and productive month for the Identity team at Asylum! Only a few weeks ago we released our first video showing real in-game content, the player housing system, and Identity has gotten a good bit of much-needed exposure! If you haven't seen the video, visit Identity's YouTube channel. Our programmers, especially Henrik Sonesson, have upgraded our inventory mechanics and created two new important gameplay systems these last weeks. The library which you'll have access to in the Town Square module is now in place and functional. Players can both read public domain classic books in-game, or even write their own and submit them to the library for other players to read. In addition, the NPC shop systems are now in place. When you enter most shops you'll be able to find the items you need on racks or displays around the store. Grab what it is you're looking for and then make your way to the cash register to make the purchase. In some places you can preview the items you're holding even before buying; for example, in a clothing store you can go into a change room. This system even allows for shoplifting some items, although player-crafted or very expensive items cannot be shoplifted on official servers. On the art front, we've brought on new artists and are continuing to build the world you'll be exploring. We've also been focusing on the interiors of buildings and characters. We've gotten our first facial hair assets and are approaching a complete character customization system. An overhaul of character skin and hair has Identity's characters looking incredibly life-like in comparison to other MMORPGs. Next on that list for a re-work is the eyes.
  13. 2 Game changing Ideas

    On official servers, it'll be set that you can see the name of a player who your crosshair or cursor is currently over. There will also be an option for community servers which hides all names of players until they "wave" at you, to introduce themselves.
  14. Pizza Delivery?

    There are minor delivery jobs created dynamically which a driver can pick up. Some, like a pizza, can be delivered even using a bicycle.
  15. What? Why is it like this?

    Yep, there is. Following what I mentioned before, police can only charge you for a crime you're "flagged" for committing. You don't receive the charge immediately, and the flag wears off quickly. Fingerprints work the same way other crimes do, and the player is charged upon their discovery but not before.