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    Wow, what a month. It's been busy here at Asylum as usual, so let's get down to the interesting stuff! As expected, our current focus is on the Town Square so that we can get it out to you as soon as possible. We're finalising the interior of the library and art gallery (shared within one building) and adding polish to the environment. Once the clothing store interior is complete following that, the Town Square environment is ready to go. We'll continuously be adding more art after release though; specifically for house furnishings, decorations and clothing. In addition to the environment art, Miroslav (character artist) has been creating all sorts of hair assets which allow us to show hair appropriately when wearing a hat or helmet. This is a big task for him as it means making variations to match the hat options for each length of hair, but in the end it'll ensure your hair always looks as you'd expect when wearing headgear. Hair under a hat; work in progress Right next to the clothing shop you'll find a bicycle store where you can get a sneak preview of some of the bikes you'll be able to ride around in the full Identity release. We showed you a bicycle work in progress last blog post and now you can see the finished result of that below. This image will give you a rough idea of the detail level you'll see in Identity's vehicles. Ridable bicycle With more final systems coming online for the Town Square release, we now have functioning phones. Each player will start with a cellphone, although you'll be able to upgrade it with three mobile OS options available. The phone OS' each have a unique and interesting style. Characters also have a designated phone number assigned when they're created; you'll be able to get a custom number for a fee. These phones work just as you'd expect. You're able to dial up another player and speak with voice remotely. Businesses can even get a business line which, when called, will contact a member of that corporation who's online. Shot from an internal system test: advertising While the art of the billboard above isn't final, it gives you a very good idea of what you can expect in Identity for advertising. That's right, you can really publish messages around the world through billboards and other means. Corporations and those running for government office can purchase billboard space to help get their message out. You'll select a graphical template from a large list of options and then attach a brief message or other customization to make it your own. These billboards can also be moderated by the server operators. There are other similar advertising systems, too. For example digital road signs can be made to show custom messages by the current government. We can't wait to show you more of Identity, and we'll soon have that opportunity with the release of an overhauled website. Those current pledge packages are about to go away forever, and some of the rewards won't be available for purchase again after the new website changes. Also, follow us on our Twitch channel if you'd like to stop in and ask questions of the developers. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you'll find a few developers playing a random game from 4pm EST to 5pm EST. Ask any questions and they'll be happy to answer on stream. Catch some of Identity's developers hard at work and see how they make the magic happen: we'll be providing development streaming dates and times on Twitter, soon! -- John VanderZwet
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    You can most definitely influence development. We keep a close eye on this, and also converse with fans almost daily in streams. That said, releasing a video or screenshot carries more weight than that. Unfortunately, it's human nature to expect certain things even when you know it's in development. Most people, although maybe not yourself, put a lot of weight on first-impressions. If we show something lackluster because it's still being built not everyone will understand that. That said, you'll be seeing a lot of it very soon.
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    We haven't shown much of the Town Square module yet only because we're making things look right. Everything is functional, but that doesn't mean the interface looks good or functionality is smooth. In game development we get the feature functioning properly first, with placeholders, and then work everything together until it's what you'd see in a finished game. Take buying food in the bar, for example. Right now there's an apple on the table which you can use to bring up the ordering menu. That's supposed to be a restaurant menu that you use, and the interaction UI isn't quite right either. It works and functions as it should, but the interface for doing so is ugly due to some art not yet being in place. That said, we're going to show you real gameplay footage soon and following that you'll get a lot of Town Square media. The core features are about ready to be shown at this point.
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    Phones and cars can have a GPS. Houses DO each have a unique address, just like each player has a unique phone number.
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    No one gives a flying fuck about seeing art, we've been seeing art for years at this point all we care about is playing it.
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    Alright, we need a release date, especially the people that bought $30+ packages, I see that the game is being "polished" right now, but without a guarantee, this could just lead to another long ass delay. I understand it doesn't take 2 days to make a perfect game and such, but this game has been in development for ages now. I speak for a lot of others when I say that the wait needs to end, and we need something.
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    The design of one person per room is one for gameplay. Sometimes gameplay has to outweigh standard logic, and this is an example of that. This lets us balance the apartment/house value based on it's usability. If it were the beds placed which determined this, everyone would pool into a tiny apartment to make it their home for next to no expense. That's just not healthy for the game economy.
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    Yes, to all of the above!
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    I am still very much excited for the Town Square Module. I have followed many games through their development over the years when they catch my interest. I can say that is game is absolutely following a normal development cycle as far as in-depth indie games go. It wasn't so long ago that games would make it even farther through development than this one has already before anything is announced to the public at all. I see it time and time again, when a game is announced very early or even when there is a very early access playable alpha, it gives the illusion that it should be progressing faster than it is. With just a little research you can see that some aaa titles of the past had been in development for 3-4 years before the 1st work was even hinted to the public. This gives the illusion that the game had been developed to a great playable version in a short amount of time. This game is not being developed by a aaa corporation, even though I commend them for the thrilling concept and amazing art they have presented so far. All in all and through all my years experience, I feel the game is entitled a good time longer before there should be any worry of development. All that being said, I do understand that dates/timelines had been discussed and not met. And although you should be weary of what you call a promise, I admit that so many companies are guilty of not making deadlines. It is a flaw that has always been in game development and likely will never be cured due to the nature of developing programs.
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    Never cared for any module. I only care about the finished game hence why i'am not preordering. Game could be a flop so i'd rather keep patient.
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    low key hoping they arent updating us cuz they want to suprise us with the full game but since thats not possible ive learned to just be patient. it will come out when its supposed to
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    I believe that they are keeping quiet about it for a reason. If we knew everything about it, what would be the fun in surprise? They could be adding things that aren't expected, and could be a surprise to us. Also, yes it may be taking a while, but with that comes better content. Would you rather wait it out, and receive better content, or get it now with less to do? Just an idea.
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    If everything works, why don't you just give it to us now so we can be a part of the development and follow your progress? Personally, one of the reasons I've bought beta access was with the hope that we could be a part of the development and influence the final product with inputs.
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    Hey Narc, The rewards will be a 1 time use on a official servers as they will be linked and so it will be activated on all official servers 1 time not 1 time per server but Only once. e.g. I get 2k only not 2k times on x servers. (Makes sense?) On private servers, you will only be able to activate the rewards 1 time per each different server because they are not linked together. back to official servers: If you decorate your apartment in server 1 and then want to start over on server 2, the edits you did on server 1 in the apartment will not carry over to server 2 and there for you have to re-do it.
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    This is already confirmed as something which will be able to be done, including exploring underwater ruins/ caves.
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    Yes, there is alcohol use in Identity. Drugs, too. And as you suspect there are criminal charges associated with their use.
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    What will this add? Will require vehicles to be maintained depending on how much you drive. Fuel will also depend on your driving style and vehicle. Different vehicles have different gas mpg and fuel tanks. What maintenance, repairs, and upgrades will it add? Oil changes Engine repair and upgrade Tire replacement and upgrade Pedals replacement and upgrade Smog test Window(s) repair Brake service Fuel Injection service and upgrades Transmission service and upgrades Cooling system service and upgrades Car Battery Replacement Suspension service and upgrades Belt replacement and upgrade to hornet's nest Roll cage installation Exhaust repair and upgrades And more! Comment down more suggestions if you have any!
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    Yes it would be cool to be able to do this but there is no building buildings and all houses are already pre-made on the map. This has been suggested before and it is a possibility in the far future but not at full release.
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    yeah i lost intrest for town square , but i am very excided for the full release, i am scared we don't get that many fun things to do in town square. but the last thing i want is them rushing to finish it i rather have a good product next year
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    I am not as active on the forums as I was a few days ago, I think it is more of a loss of time though. I don't think I'll ever stop stalking the forums though.
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    As they would like to make it as realistic as possible, they really should implement an GPS system, if not already done. A GPS on your mobile, or maybe even a GPS in your car would play a big part of finding around on the map. I would be happy to use a GPS rather than opening the map and set a waypoint, just like GTA V. Too unrealistic..
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    Trucks are happening, yes.
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    How will the ticketing system work, are you going to be able to fight a ticket in court? What if players abuse their power of a police officer an ticket everyone will there be a balance for that? Need some answers -Thanks! -DanVash
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    Sometimes you can hear the screams from the poor victims of the wolf like Beast. This wolf has the reputation of terrorizing easily frightened, small-minded townsfolks that live around the woods. Don't go in the woods.
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    hahaha hope all is well Johnny love the post
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    I second this. Where is it? Does no one archive these? When I check the official Twitch channel I cannot find it in any case.
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    Hey there, I will pass this on to Motown who will be able to sort it out as soon as he is online. This problem has been occurring lately with the database. Please can you send me in a PM the details of your Pledge; including amount pledged, Email used, and your store account username. Once you have pm'ed me these details, I can then pass this on but also bare in mind Motown is offline right now. - LuckyDuck.
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    Would be cool to have the ability to buy land and custom customization options to get a home. Or be able to buy a house and knock it down to build something of your choice. Those choices can be a drug production area, a farm, a house or office (or other commercial buildings), and more!
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    Well actually, this isn't as hard to implement as one might think. On a static and basic level, you could use UE4 Render Targets and a framework like BLUI to implement a HTML5 Rich UI. I think it's definitely something they should look at implementing. As for a Dynamic website, they could create their own JavaScript API to interact with the current players details, or allow access to virtual Visa card payments.
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    Why thank you good sir.
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    Not my fault, and at least they're trying to do something so im fine with that
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    wheres the original livestream?
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    I just want to say my opinion on this. Most problems are in rare cases for most of these such things, but you will be able to change different parts but you could have your car for years before needing new brake pedals, car battery or exhaust repair/ replacements. I believe not all but most will not be necessary, however these will add in interesting scenarios and I am all for that. You have to refuel and depending on the car engine and other things, the car could eat your fuel quickly or slowly but Lorry's/ Trucks would use Diesal in which is better for longer distances but Petrol makes the car faster etc. Windows (IF) can get broken then you would have to go get your window repaired.
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    What kind of animation? Cartoon ? Manga ? 3d animation ? Edit : @YaboyJax Finish. Random and stupid
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    im gonna be a criminal man
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    There will high likely be a lot of videos about the matter.
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    Hello everyone ! I taught to myself today that what if there would be a few car trucks , I mean trucks that transport cars , because the map showed us that there are gonna be multiple smaller villages, and villages dont have a place where people could buy cars , so the best thing to do is to walkt to the main city or order a new car which would be delivered with a small or a big truck. And also I made a topic with huge tranport ships , if you haven't read that feel free to read it. But those ships need to be loaded , and GTA V showed us huge loaders , but I dont think Identity needs big loaders like that , a smaller mobile loader could load a ship . Also there is going to be a deliverer job for sure which envolves trucks , and trucks will have to be loaded , and usually trucks are loaded with fork lift trucks or something like that, which are small , widely available and can load the trucks nicely. And also there should be bigger stronger trucks for shipping furnitures etc , and there should be smaller trucks which would ship clothes , food etc.
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    I just want to quote you on your first paragraph. The map that you're talking about is a little dated. They mentioned a while back that their map is going to be a little bigger than it originally was. One of their blog posts also counters their 1st map expansion, mentioning that they could fit 1000s of players on one island. You can read that blog post for more information. ^
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    I hope the game actually features somesort of locking system (for the object) to stay on the trailer, not just hover in the air and clip through the vehicle as you drive off
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    I know and it will be kinda fun to load up the truck and transport stuff from one side of the map to the other.