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  2. Donate is definitely just donating to the developers..haha....This 1st Module was supposed to be out in March. I understand being a month or so behind but with it being almost October it's safe to say we got played....lmao
  3. I would suggest specializing in drugs. Very authentic and lucrative
  4. Yea that would be really cool!
  5. paintball

    Maybe it will be a feature one day, but I highly doubt it'll be with the initial release
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  7. Hi Team, I think you should consider inserting a Tag or some kind of paintball game with an arena or arenas. For civilians and other considering not having a police or criminal RP. Cheers Stantain
  8. Hi, I'm Stantain, really excited for this game. Don't know what I'll try to RP yet, we'll look at the possibilities. I hope they'll open some kind of Tag or Paintball game in it in orther for people to hold a job and keep having fun with guns that don't kill. Speak FR/EN/IT/SP. Cheers mates!
  9. I, Gustav Moretti, pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family
  10. Although I will be a clean and honest citizen on the outside, I will be offering assassination services to those who can afford it. This will simply consist of you discreetly giving me a name and payment (which I will estimate based on the target). Also, this will be a no-questions-asked contract, at least as long as I get my money. You will be able to pay in multiple times, but I might change target if I don't get my payment as a whole if you see what I mean... Don't worry though, I'm a pretty nice person, so there shouldn't be any issue as long as you don't cause one To give you an idea, prices will vary from a couple hundred for a basic citizen to a couple thousand if the target is bigger. Payment will be as fair as possible, which means I'll ask for the first half of it as a pre-payment (for me to make the move), and for the second half of it as a post-payment (if I succeed at eliminating the target, of course). May you and I make interesting deals together! P.S: If it is possible, I will also have an inventory pickup option in the contract, done by myself, or by one of my henchmen if I hire some (which I will carefully choose if I ever do).
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I have now 'purchased' the game. Many Thanks!
  12. But criminal activities shouldn't be as easy to carry as legal ones, don't you think?
  13. If that's the case and prison time=game time then the sentences should be no more than an hour or two to prevent frustration
  14. Oh I love kissing thank you! I hope hand shake/high five are too. Thank you!
  15. I think "DONATE" is the default Paypal button they just haven't changed it It really is a "BUY NOW" button, for whatever package your see on the left. And once purchased you can upgrade at anytime, if you look back at the upgrades page (: xo good luck!
  16. This still wouldn't work as it would just stop the spam from new accounts which will only be a majority for a short period of time, so most 'riggers' would still be able to do as they please. I think I might agree that the best way to go is X amount of time needed on server
  17. When you donate you get the contents of the package you are wishing to buy which in this case is the founder's package. Since the game is not released yet you will get everything you buy (classified as a donation) as soon as the game or module is released.
  18. Hi Everybody. I'm in the process of purchasing the Founder pack for the game, and not sure if I'm clicking to donate $30 to say the developers and get nothing in return or will I be clicking to purchase the game for $30? This is because there is no, "BUY NOW" button that is very obvious, and I want to make sure I am buying the game, and not donating to the developers out of good will. I have visited FAQ about this, but there are a lot of ifs, buts, and probably. Many thanks.
  19. Welcome! Ducks surely love you!
  20. "Did you get the handcuffs?" "Nah, zipties were 20% off." Zipties are about the best replacement they could have thought off
  21. Last post has been a while, still active?
  22. UPDATE: I would like to inform the public that I plan to host a music competition, purely for charity fundraising, a small portion to campaign funding, and the minimum to re-pay the organisation costs. It will also help showcase the great musical talents that I am sure our great Island Of Identity will have! I wish to make this an annual occasion, the winners will get to donate the prize fund to the charity of their choice! We want most of the money to go to homelessness, fighting diseases, renovation and construction of hospitals, a small portion to funding of The Front National's candidates campaigns (Which will help fund these causes) and many more great causes! I am always aiming at making our Island Of Identity better! Vive La Republique, Vive L'Identity, VIVE LA FRANCE! Marie-Clare Bouchard! -Front National Founder & Owner
  23. decorating

    We are still looking for any staff willing to join our force if you are interested please PM me to arrange pay and job title.
  24. Well, I'll crust you not to get offended, otherwise things could get toasty. Also, I loaf the cat on your profile picture! What bread is it?
  25. If you don't I'll be disappointed
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