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  2. From my understanding it will stay out along with the next 2 modules until the full game is released. If I am wrong maybe a mod can correct me.
  3. Will module 1 simply be released for like a month or will it stay released until module 2 and then module 2 till 3 etc.
  4. Forums in other languages

    You can just translate your page, etc. They don't have enough staff to provide translators, etc.
  5. if you're pulling drugs, do you feel better about it? walks faster? to aim more closely with ade? because it is compulsory to have some benefit, why else would you pull it and spend your money on it and risk your freedom? I hope to get this answer and if that is not the case, can it be added to the game.
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  7. The Town Square module (module one) will let you meet other players and add them in your contact list. You'll also be able to visit a few places to see how it looks like, and I also believe you'll be able to mess around in the apartment and garage you'll get from your pledge. You won't be able to drive your vehicle, but you'll be able to customize the apartment for free. But please note that when the full beta will release (after all three modules), your apartment will be reset to its original state.
  8. I'm curious if that number is before or after all the refunds.
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  10. Forums in other languages

    The reason for having no language sub forums is because we cannot and have not got anyone who can moderate all languages. English is the given language of the game and forum due to easy moderation. The game won't be translated into other languages until the initial Full Game Release and so again the Modules and Beta are in English and won't be translated due to the fact that it will be time consuming to translate the game bit by bit and so it makes it easier to do it all at one time. There likely won't be language sub forum for some time, but we have noted it down for the future but it is not a necessity as of yet.
  11. The budget is finally shapeing together proper. With the assests they have produced and we have seen so far, this is an important milestone. That also insures the quality we all hope to see. Proveing that we as gamers are able to stick together and fund the games that we want. I have been dying to see an RP game like this build from the ground up, and finally, it is shaping up to become a reality. Keep up the awsome development and Ill keep sharing the game with others as it desveres :).
  12. The devs have said they're 99% sure it'll release, that is a lot of confidence to have. I've been very understanding of all the delays just like everyone else has, but if they're saying it's 99 percent likely to release then I'm going to be pissed off if it gets delayed after everything
  13. It's mostly self-creation, all the business idea you see here are concepts and plans. Starting your own business on here will rely mostly on your imagination, to start just simply make a forum post with your ideas and logos and what else you want to tell or show. Ingame there will be corporations which will be the tool for implementing your business. Probably your best bet at making logos and designs would be Photoshop or something like that, as for implenting those logos in game I'm not sure about it you would have to refer to the twitch clip directory and see if theres anything there. Michael
  14. Forums in other languages

    I know of 1 person that has a identity community that is in German I believe. I think they will make some kind of sub forums and stuff once the game is released because it really isn't a priority right now.
  15. My idea is to create subforums in several languages to communicate among people of the same language (spanish, portuguese, german...).
  16. When does the game come out for people who have purchased the founders package? I've looked around but couldn't find a set in stone date.
  17. I can not purchase a Pledge

    Hopefully @Beach_Ball will be able to help you sort the issue out tomorrow when he is back at work.
  18. He already decided to get the $250 not the $500.
  19. I can not purchase a Pledge

    When I go to make a $30 purchase at the shop it takes me to the Paypal. I click on the button that says debit or credit card, then I put my info in and it begins to run, but then says "Things are working at the moment please try again later". I have been trying to purchase this $30 from your shop for a week now and I am getting frustrated that I can't do this.
  20. If you have a crap pc, save for better pc. You receive 4,000$, now imagine what you can buy with 4,000$ in real life.
  21. Games inside this game (Many ideas in one)

    There won't be such a job in the game and it will be harder than what you think to implement something like that. Things in theory sound easy but really are difficult to pull off. There is no modding and the modding won't be until at least years after full game release.
  22. Not really an advantage. It is not much to start on. Every player will likely start with $100 or something likely the $4000, is not a big start and it won't get you far. It gives you a small head start yes, and same with the sports car will give you a small head start but it won't make a huge difference. Also the developers needed to give a little incentive for players to pledge $500 USD.
  23. I'm very excited about the launch, but I'd like to know in this beta of the 21st, what can we do in this beta?
  24. limousine

    to work as a limousine pilot
  25. No thanks. I prefer actual musical talent. People who play real instruments like drums, rhythm and lead guitars and bass. No offense I am sure you will have "fans".....just not me.
  26. Hello everyone! I just have this one question. How are you starting your business? Is there an aktuel place to sign up? I mean if you want to create a shop that sell clothing. Where do you create logos, clothing ect ect.
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