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  2. Lazy and unprofessional developers.

    They haven't only been working on the Town Square all this time. If they had, your argument would have some weight. The development of groundbreaking games takes considerable time. The Town Square is taking longer than I hoped, but that is because they are only putting a few of their developers on the task. The other developers are working on other aspects of the game so that when the modules are done there will be considerable progress completed on the rest of the game. If you want a refund, take it; but I would wait at least till the end of the month for Town Square.
  3. I have never seen more lazy developers than Asylum. It has taken them 2,5 years to make 33 percent of this game. I have seen several clips from the game, and it's really not that good if you think about the time that it has taken for them to make it. I really want to refund it. Take a look at Far Cry 5 for an instance. The Graphics in Far Cry 5 are better than identity's will ever be. And if you think for a second, you will know that identity's full game probably first comes out in like 2023 compared to the time it has taken identity just to make the town square that isn't even finished yet.
  4. I don't believe that will be an option as it is a unique car. It is too early to say and everything is subject to change.
  5. Greeting from Australia

    Hello, glad you replied! Check out our post at and look for a job you fancy. Then follow the recruitment procedure.

    So much chaos...
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  8. Guns

    You're not going to be seeing a massive variety of guns. Citizens will have access to a standard pistol for self defense, a hunting rifle for hunting and that's about it. SWAT on the other hand will have access to mp5's and more serious gear but that's it. There won't be full on assault rifles for everyday people and there won't be sniper rifles
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  10. Engine sounds?

    I know that the Racing module is very far away, out of questions at the moment, but I consider the sounds of vehicles (especially their engine) are extremely important in terms of gameplay. Will vehicles features different sounds and/or feature recording from actually vehicles? One of the things I want to look forward too is being a police vehicle (hopefully crown Vic) and speed up forcefully going to an emergency call. I’m looking for that amazing sounds of the deep trembling noise of the engine! I’m not a car guy but the engine sounds in GTA sound mosty disappointing and meh.
  11. For one of the upgrades in the Identity store, the $50-$60 option receive a rusted car. Could I un-rust it in the final game with a cost?
  12. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    The Netherlands!
  13. News outlet

    Bloomberg idea sounds good if we can get stocks going. Perhaps that could be a show after stocks start but you would want a local news foundation first.
  14. When will the second module be released?

    Considering they have laid the groundwork with Module 1 and already have people working on Module 2 and probably 3, I think 4-5 months is a reasonable amount of time, and then probably 2-3 months after that for mod 3.
  15. Esqueletos MC

    - The club Location will change when game comes closer to release.
  16. Steam Verification Process

    Considering how much trash Steam publishes these days, it is about right that it shouldn't take long at all
  17. Police

    Thx bro
  18. Esqueletos MC

    ESQUELETOS MC Founded - 2013 Years Active - 2013-Present Platform - Pc / Playstation 4 The Esqueletos MC has been a club for 5 years now the club started on GTA San Andreas as a couple of like minded people just trying to Role Play. Not knowing that it will expand as much as it has. As the release of GTA 5 came, an original member from the charter named Skully went to Playstation to expand the club. Skully grew the club and eventually brought the club to new gen PS4. At which Esqueletos MC was at its prime with 40 members and one of the most respected and well known club in the GTA community. The next step in the journey is to establish an Esqueletos Identity Chapter. The Charter will be ran by Ajax and Pzycho, two first 9 members of the PS4 Charter. Being long term members for 4 years. Ajax as President and Pzycho being Vice President we set out to make it as strong and respected as the chapters before us. Join us in this new beginning as we build this club. Requirements *+18 of age *Must have Discord *Mic required *Basic MC knowledge *Mature Mindset If interested or have any questions join us on our club discord. RP Background Founded - 1978 Years Active - 1978-Present Established - Los Angeles, CA Key People - Hispanic Type - Outlaw Motorcycle Club Region - United States, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina Membership - 300-400 S U P P O R T P R O S P E C T
  19. Thank you very much for the information. I am curious, does one possess any evidence of developers stating that players shall possess the option to remain within prison?
  20. Some questions about business

    I would not expect there to be a limit on car sales unless it was a limited production vehicle, and/or timed event vehicle.
  21. When your sentence is over, you'll have the option to stay in prison, rather than getting released. I for one am planning on having one of my three characters in prison, full time.
  22. Steam Verification Process

    Taken from Steam: "Before your store page or game build can go live, there is a brief review process where we run your game, look at your store page, and check that it is configured correctly and running as expected and not doing anything harmful. This takes between 1-5 days." Source:
  23. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    don't answer if you don't even know what the comment was about... first of he was not talking about quality he was talking about the time it takes to program, secondly these devs have no experience with making a game so its normal it takes a bit longer. having said that its a perfectly reasonable excuse. And fyi if you come at someone with that lame ass excuse at least have the decency to show your source.
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  25. Scope of this game is too large

    Time will tell. Certainly Identity has the potential to be something groundbreaking, the question is, will it? For all the Devs good intentions there is a VERY good chance players will ignore the 'cool' stuff, or the novelty will wear off fast, and they'll reach for their guns. While it has the potential to break new ground, it also has the potential to be GTA with frills on. Being a Cop, strictly speaking, should mean serving the community, if you're dealing with a bank job every five minutes then it's just pointless playing, I can shoot guns in games a million times better for PvP than this one will EVER be. Same with being a criminal, surely the main objective of crime is to get away with it? Potential boils down to sensible game play.
  26. SOUL'D OUT - Night Club, Restaurant, and Bar

    Oh im definitely thinking turtle beach then
  27. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    South Africa!
  28. Where are you from?! (Europe)

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