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  2. some nice screen shots

    What arma 3 game mode/server is that? Looks interesting
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  4. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hi @Roeten The Netherlands rock!
  5. Hey guys!

    Hoi. Ik ben ook nederlands. Welkom bij de club @pimzzle
  6. Drugs

    Doing speed should be like listing to this at a speed of 1.25x

    Dextroamphetamine/adderall/dexies/speed makes me write code really fast, en efficient. I love the euphoric state of mind. Whiteout this drug i cant think straight.
  8. Howdy ya'll!

  9. Howdy ya'll!

    The game is not available this Friday, it will be released on April 23rd.
  10. some nice screen shots

    Me likey.
  11. Hey guys!

    Leuk om nog een Nederlander tegen te komen! Welkom! (I was speaking Dutch so i don't think you guys will understand xD)
  12. Can I get a headcount?
  13. Howdy ya'll!

    To play the game right now is impossible. You have to wait till friday, and you have to have beta access ($15 extra) and you can play. I hope your croissant will be buttered while playing this game. Kind Regards, Tommy.
  14. Game release

    So im loving the idea and look of this game and want to pledge but is there any goal at all for the release or the beta anything like that as it would be nice to know
  15. Hello from The Netherlands!

    Hello everyone, and i wanted to say hello to this community. My namme Tom, i love kickboxing, gaming and other shit. I hope i can have have a fun time playing with you people. I hope this game butters my croissant.
  16. Town Square release countdown!

    Wait for it to get delayed again lmao
  17. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Philipp's Towel Bars for washrooms: Jade's Suny GameStation (still looking a little too good imo, wonder if he'll need to change some stuff to make it even less authentic aha ): James' WIP shot of his piano:
  18. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Because they are props.
  19. Server Wipes?

    but how is it supposed to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different, virtual goods? Considering that most of the consumer goods will be player designed, there are endless purchase options. I also highly doubt that you could buy everything, even so, most people would then switch characters or work on developing a business. As in real life, if you became Jeff Bezos overnight, would you be bored? You could use that money for new experiences and developing the world around you. damn, that's rude. it's not my fault that you didn't get the joke
  20. Howdy ya'll!

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and I would like to know a few things since I joined and watched some videos on the game. Firstly, as the game is sold for $15 right now. Is it possible to play right now or is that impossible? Secondly, is there an estimate on when we can play if it is not available as of yet. Thank you guys! I hope to become a citizen soon enough!
  21. It would be nice if there would be factions like: Government Hitman Agency Military What's your opinion?
  22. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    Due to an influx of this question, I will post it here in the comments: We have people all over the world currently! From America to Germany! However, we do speak English primarily!
  23. Anyone interested in EMS

    I'm thinking about going EMT/Paramedic. Or a journalist? I'm not sure what else to do. I have no interest in being a policewoman, nor a criminal. Maybe it will just be a wait-and-see thing.
  24. Prostitution?

    probably a good idea not having it
  25. Identity Security Management

    I like this Idea, would love to join you on this in the future.
  26. Who will join my KillerTeam

    Killing.... Lets try be more original.
  27. Anyone interested in EMS

    I hope they do something to keep EMS exciting. If anybody played Arma Life mods they will know why nobody likes EMS.
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