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  2. I hope we can mute the trolls and kids screaming into mics and making weird noises. Also, there might be players that uses a car to run over everyone they see and crash into people's cars on purpose, although cops can deal with that.
  3. Zombies, entertain the idea

    I'd love that tbh. There should be normal servers, zombie servers and servers that start normal, but has a chance of a zombie virus breaking out and spreading to players. It has huge potential. Then the hordes of player zombies can chase the healthy players around the map, and the healthy players can hide in shops and stuff and barricade it and build traps. I doubt devs are going to do this, but I like the idea.
  4. Today
  5. So it says the player pop will be 300 to 500 players. Awesome. But what Im wondering is how many players can be in the same area? Will the whole world be seemless and open world, or will the map be in "sections" with certain amount of players in each area?
  6. So my question is, is it still possible for large scale fights between cops and criminals to happen in the free world, outside of instances, and can SWAT be called at any time if a situation is critical enough, or are they only useable/playable during events like bank robberies? Like in plenty of RP games you always have the gang of players that like to cause trouble, so what im wondering is can a large shootout happen on the streets of a city or out in the county between dozens of players? And if said firefight is getting out of hand, can the cops call in SWAT? If so, how? As far as I can tell, public servers wont have a rank system so all cops are equal in a sense. So would it be a vote? Or perhaps the governor can call them, that is IF SWAT can be used in the free world.
  7. So I know the whole zombie thing is a bit overused and it has probably been suggested numerous times. But you cant deny how interesting it would be if devs managed to incorporate a proper zombie virus into the game (perhaps a Halloween only event?). I mean if the player population is gonna reach 300-500 players, you'd see some pretty huge hordes. I'd think it would be fun to see it happen in a more serious RP server personally. Like the initial infection, police responding only to become infected and see the virus sweep the server. I dont know how many players can be allowed in the same area, but you cant deny how interesting it would be to see something like this happen in a game like this. It's only a suggestion so if this idea is unpopular and/or not possible, no love loss.
  8. Luprano Family

    I Vincenzo Alberto Berezino (Vinnie) , pledge my loyalty to the Luprano family.
  9. Who would pay for private security to patrol the cities? i guess your going to have to make your intent on creating a anti-trolling budget part of the campaign pitch then aren't you? or maybe you already have?
  10. Corporate monopolies on limited resources, habitual serial killers, secret political bribes, or maybe criminals for hire that repeatedly assault business competitors. things like this might kinda circumvent the legal system and are still basically griefing in a way that ruins the game for others. imagine a big corporation that solicits people to attack small time competitors over and over. use your imagination, griefing takes many forms and in a game as complex as this one, there could be many ways to work around the law. we just have to wait and see! my question to people who intend to run for office is whether they have thought about this question and what their stand on preventing griefing is. should in-game government make a stand? or is that up to devs?
  11. Luprano Family

    I, Carmine Abramo, pledge my allegiance to the Luprano Family.
  12. Luprano Family

    Recently, I was contacted by a very close associate of the Luprano family. They offered me a deal I couldn't refuse: i could be apart of one of the most active and newbie-friendly groups on the Identity forums, in exchange for loyalty. I thought on this, thinking, "Am I really worth it to them?" I considered the for a significant amount of time, until finally coming to a conclusion: I must accept! Here I am now, after trying to send post after post proclaiming loyalty to the Luprano family. I can't say it directly because of the spam filters that I've been struggling with, but I'll try my best. I am entirely loyal to the Luprano family and all of the members of the family.
  13. Hey All, My name is Jack, I come from the UK and nearing 20 years old in just one month! I've been gaming for many years and very much a lot of PC gaming at that too. But it doesn't hurt to do some console gaming now and again. One of the main games I have played during the last couple of years would be Garry's Mod. Over 2000 hours and do I feel ashamed by that? A little yes, but my time on that game has been slightly productive! Anyways, I found the game on Facebook and it really interested me a lot. I've always wanted a true and perhaps proper roleplaying game which isn't Garry's Mod, perhaps isn't too strict but strict enough to keep the game fun. I loved the huge world and videos that I have seen about this game and I am betting my money on this game which I why I am gonna be buying access to Beta when that becomes available. I don't really have much to say at the moment since I am writing this at a near 3 AM in the morning. So I am happy to meet you all and I cannot wait to play this game! Feel free to ask questions if you wanna know about me via response or PM if you are able to do that on here. Toodle Loo! - MadJack
  14. just one thing

    It's the exact same thing. In here we say "tie wrap".
  15. just one thing

    "tie wraps" Do you mean zipties? @LordBenji
  16. just one thing

    You can punch someone until he gets knocked out, and tie him with tie wraps to move him. I'm not sure if you can push him in the sea. What would be the point of doing that anyways? You may try to steal their boat (if they are unlocked I believe) but you can't have it permanently because it's not yours. It'll eventually disappear after some time if the owner logs out. But now that you asked that, I think I'll avoid going in the sea. I prefer being on the road actually so.
  17. I can't tell if you're mocking Asylum about their latest video. But the one million is their budget, that's not what they spent. Also the animations were "quickly" made, and ironically they had troubles with those before they could make it work. According to one of the streams, the animations aren't all that hard to make, but it's to make them blend together so it looks smooth.
  18. The governor won't be able to do anything about trolls. If it's not a crime, you can't really do anything about it. Any examples you thought about @AKirish907 ? The only thing I could think about is someone "stealing" resources before you get them. Other than that, there's only childish/immature behavior perhaps.
  19. Yesterday
  20. The big mistake was that the charge for making the video was mostly on John's shoulders. Big source of disappointment from what I can see, but I don't make a big deal about it because I know they have something much better coming soon in less than four weeks. It's called the Town Square video which was long awaited. Just wait until they surprise us with it.
  21. I'll be doing business related work when I am not doing political work.
  22. I don't think it (trolling) will be quite as bad as you predict. Any private security firm would be able to contain them.
  23. I dont get why they had placeholders though, like surely you would show the best of what you had after no trailer in a while
  24. publication

    The 1st Module will be released 21st March 2018. Module 2 & 3 = TBD. The Full Game = TBD! You can pledge early. $15 for the game at full release or $30 + for anything earlier e.g. modules and Beta. The Full game release is has no ETA.
  25. Referral Program

    This has been suggest before. The devs I believe thought about it but not sure on their answer. (Was long long time ago)
  26. Town Square

    Release = 21st March; It will last all the way until Beta release and same with the other 2 modules. Beta comes after all 3 modules.
  27. That is a part of a different section of the map but it is not the "Town Square". The Town Square is literally what it says it is and the modules are only small standalone pieces of the full game. The Beta is when you will first experience the full map which won't come until after all 3 modules.
  28. The Meth/ drug bust game play was given as it was the first planned video they was going to show. They want to get a Town Square trailer out which will be better with the animations and things. Edit: Also the devs wanted to show you a scenario of what you could encounter in the game. It is a game play video none the less even if it had place holders.
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