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  3. town square release date?

    middel/end of march PLEASE USE THE SEARCH BAR
  4. Hello Everyone

    Hello Mr Furnx welcome & hope to see you in game.
  5. Anxiety here

    Hello anxiety good luck with your citizenship & good luck with your business.
  6. Hello From Pennsylvania

    Hello Mr Jamesluck01 and thank you for that information & yes i did read. And thanks for the warm welcome Woritmor, Good to see another pennsylvanian, hello neighbors hope to see you both in game, Looking forward to playing Identity looks like it will win game of the year award. As for the dev's outstanding job by the looks of many video's i have seen.  
  7. ALIENS?

    This entire topic was stemmed off of him saying it should be included as an Easter Egg and you people flipped your shit about it.  @torquier I believe that they should be added because that would be an amazing feature to have as an Easter Egg.
  8. Requirements

    the laptop cost more than my gaming pc
  9. ALIENS?

    Enough of the preaching. Whether they exist or not, this game is going to be based on the average citizen's way of life. No room for the paranormal in this. I'm not trying to trample beliefs, the game is just based on way of life.
  10. Spaceships

    When I saw this thread I knew I would end up shaking my head due to the ridiculousness. This is a MMORPG that is going to be focused on real life elements. Now, I'm a paranormal believer myself, but it is too far out of the norm. There are plenty of games you can play that involve space action (No Man's Land, CoD Infinite Warfare). We do not need any of that here. The devs are focusing on the average everyday experiences and activities.
  11. Naturals disasters

    So they offer free medical coverage but when a tornado hits the town every one is screwed? How bittersweet. Well that's Canada for ya lol.
  12. Is Identity a PC exclusive!?

    One thing that I have noticed is that console MMORPGs are based around action, not community. You don't see socializing MMORPGs like SecondLife on consoles, you see GTA Online, which is action with the option to talk on mic. Though there will be action elements in Identity, it won't be the main concept. The main concept of Identity is to socialize. But maybe the devs will make it work.
  13. Model Agency

    Like with any celebrity, fame can attract creepers.
  14. Naturals disasters

    haha. Thats not what I mean. Sorry this really makes me laugh. I ment if "god" added those disasters. And things could happen. people could start an insurance company. Like in the real world
  15. Model Agency

    Well everyone can choose that character so that's a good thing haha. but thanks good to hear!
  16. Model Agency

    It's not that I'm a prof model or anything like that. I got scouted and now I do fashion shows or I do photoshoots. For like dsquared/Coolcat/Dolce Gabanna/Chasin stuff like that.
  17. Requirements

    60fps is for snobby elites. I'm fine with 30fps because I'm not an asshole
  18. A Riddle

    We will see.
  19. How would fire fighters extinguish fires?

    I know, and it's a real let-down.
  20. Requirements

    Yea medium.  Plus this game will require more power than GTA.  Have fun at 30 FPS
  21. Turtle Beach Real Estate

    I thought real estate would be game operated, not player operated. Maybe I was wrong on that. I do know each property/apartment is on a fixed value that cannot be increased though. Any changes made to the place would be reset after it was sold/rented out.
  22. A Riddle

    Most likely. You gotta give hints for an incentive 
  23. Rebus - The Global Elite

    If you mean into the ground then I agree.
  24. A Riddle

    It will be very hard to crack. I doubt you will be able to.
  25. Rebus - The Global Elite

    Nah, let capitalism run it's course
  26. A Riddle

    I've checked a lot. Binary, Morse, Transposition, Hex and I can't seem to find it
  27. A Riddle

    Good Luck
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