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  2. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    Is legal representation still required in the Neighborhood? I might be interested. Nothing says hello like a solid, uncontested lien on the house of annoying individual 'x'. That being said: 1) Age? -> 29 2) Location? -> The Netherlands 3) How long have you been gaming? -> Since I was.. 4? ish? 4) Which role do you currently prefer? -> Lawyer / owner of law firm 5) PvE, PvP, or Hybrid? -> Mostly PvE, not scared of having a gun under my desk, just to be sure. 6) How many hours per week do you plan on playing? -> 20-30 6) What is the reason why you want to join? -> If you're good at something... never do it for free. If you are truely good at something, just make sure you're not on your own.
  3. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Why do you say that any logical reasoning.
  4. Gene Smith for Governor

    Are you implying that hacking a personal device is a petty crime in your opinion and should be treated as a minor offense? What of larger hacks? What measurement do you use to define the difference? If put on probation for hacking, does this imply the perpetrator will have their phone confiscated? Or perhaps the device (i.e. laptop or other) which was used to perform the hack? Finally, what would be a maximum sentence? Kindest regards, Barry L. Crow
  5. In-Game Currency

    Does anybody know the current pay for jobs because if it is realistic to life then wouldn't jobs in the public sector like police, firefighters, etc get paid way less then those in the private sector. Even if it is realistic to life $30 a day/shift as a police officer would be waaayyy too much of a grind to get anything of value. It would be great if the identity staff released a in-game cash post where we could see info how long it takes to make money and how much stuff costs
  6. Gold Coin Pawn

    In the real world this would never, NEVER fly. However, this isn't the real world and in that light I would love to see how this would work out. The temptations of corruption need a strong will to be kept at bay. ...should you need any legal representation at some point, gimme a call, eh!
  7. Real roleplayers

    Obviously repossessing a car or house because you are annoying someone is not exactly a fair way to handle the situation. From a realism point of view one should get a restraining order. I can imagine that such a feature could be implemented (i.e. mute / forcibly kept away from the victim). Other than that, in actuality we'll get a warning system, is what I'm guessing
  8. Gold Coin Pawn

    If anything we would be leading by example. Not everyone else is as uninformed in areas of governmental regulations, so no, they probably do not agree with you. The FMMB is a NON-PROFIT organization. That means no one pays for it's services, it is entirely free. That being said, I will not take away methods of making money from myself just because I'm also running a regulatory foundation. In no way, shape, or form, would it even be possible for me to not follow my own policies, seeing as how I'm aiming to maintain a fair and balanced economy. In the event that I don't need a secondary income producing business, then perhaps Gold Coin Pawn may be shut down. However it would be rather unfair of you and anyone else to take advantage of my foundations free services and then complain about my entirely legal and fair market enterprise for gaining a source of income. I do not plan on being broke all the time because you are unsure of how governmental regulation works. I have to follow the laws and regulations set forth by the government just like anyone else; and, at this junction in time the FMMB has more of my focus and attention than GCP. Plenty of regulatory departments also own business. The Bush family have been in politics from CIA head director, to President of the United States, they are also oil moguls. To not follow my own polices would be asking for the community at large to come for my neck. I'd like to believe I'm intelligent enough of an individual to know better than to step on the very thing I am actively fighting for.
  9. Thomas Hetch for governer

    45% in my eyes is still wack.
  10. Relationships

    my glitched cat army will get you! there's no way out mwuahaha! 
  11. Fire Department

    I find it an awesome idea too, I am a firefighter in real life also and I would like to work as one once Identity its working.
  12. Thomas Hetch for governer

    New tax rates on the platform board. Woohoo  
  13. Today
  14. Xilion Law Practise “veritas semper vincit”   Ever since the dawn of society, man has practised a system of rules and regulations to maintain order. Those who would not abide by the rules would be punished. Because criminal activity and punishment is, and has always been, a point-of-view area of expertise, legal representation has always been a certain necessity in order to safeguard the innocent. In the modern era, with so many laws in place, it is quite understandable the average man does not know his rights and limitations. What may seem as a perfectly allowed action can sometimes cause severe legal action. We understand you; and we are there for you! The Xilion Law Practise, established in 1987 by Abraham M. Crow has a formidable record of serving well over 1500 cases at an 81% success rate. We specialize in both criminal justice and financial law, but have served with excellence in most other fields as well. Currently ran by Abraham’s son Barry L. Crow (LL.M), the firm is ever growing and ready to take your case head-on!   Some additional facts: - Legal aid for anyone; if you require assistance in understanding your legal situation, we are there for you. We carefully explain in ‘plain English’ what your situation is and what your options are; - More than a case; we are also adept at permanent legal representation as a family lawyer or corporate legal assistant. - Pro Deo work; because we want to give back to the community. We deeply care for the less fortunate; - No situation too tough; because we believe in you and will do our very best to help you out.   Important note: We are currently moving offices. As such, our address will change in the foreseeable future. We will keep you updated! (i.e. I don’t have a place to stay yet in the world )   NEW!! The Xilion Law Practise is hiring! Are you an aspiring (young) professional with a knack for the wondrous world of legal? Then we have need of you! The following positions are open: - Administrative clerk / Secretary; - Trainee Legal; - Senior Lawyer; In order to apply, please fill out the below form: (Form to be added soon!)   Lastly; thank you for your time, and when you are in a pickle, remember that we are there for you, always!   Kindest regards, Barry L. Crow
  15. Hey mate! Thanks for the welcome! Concerning your questions: - I look forward to the actual promise of Identity... an MMORPG, offering actual roleplay instead of tedious grinding. Also, having my own office would be cool - My goal(s) are to set up a company (The Xilion Law Practise ), offering legal assistance for those in need!
  16. PvP Rules / Passive mode

    I quit once that CEO DLC hit, since you have to play in public to do that and you can't be on passive.
  17. Do you have to buy the game?

    Modules and beta, you download a external client from here on the website: and then the full game will be through steam.   @twinquick66 you pledge here, which all pledges includes the full game (Pre-Order), Citizen however is the only one which don't include Beta, modules and other extras. Steam price is said to be $45 
  18. Do you have to buy the game?

    ok heres a question based on the comments where do you buy the game at? i thought the game came with the donations upon the release 
  19. PvP Rules / Passive mode

    same, I resorted to going in my own private lobby.
  20. Do you have to buy the game?

    @JamesLuck01 lets say we bought it how do u get access to the modules do u have to download.. etc?
  21. Organ Harvesting

    Nothing has been officially announced on release dates. Q1 is all we have on module 1 and I am highly aware when or that the modules, beta and game could be delayed but I have faith in the developers.
  22. Organ Harvesting

    you also have to remember the game wont even be close to a full beta until the end of this year, and thats only if they actually release things at the designated times... which i still dont think have been officially announced.
  23. Where are some updates?

    They are working on the module to make sure it is released by Q1 2017. I am not sure where the updates are but I know the devs did a full day Q&A session and so that was more of the updates for January but a DevBlog could be here soon!
  24. Car Setups

    It's unclear what specifics you will have to customize your car, but it will be very in-depth and there will be performance modifications. 
  25. Do you have to buy the game?

    It will be $45 at Full Release! If you buy the game (Pre-Order) now it is $15, if you want beta and module access also aswell as the full game on release then it is $30!
  26. Car Setups

    It's the "Racing" module. These sort of things could be in the racing module but they are not really needed for racing mainly and so I guess they will probably things at beta or release. @HairyGrenade can tell you more.
  27. Hello from Arkansas, USA

    Hello O'le chap and Welcome to the identity community! What do you look forward to most about Identity?  What are your goals in Identity? Please feel free to use the resources on this forum/ website to gather information on the game. If you have not found something within the resources, please don't hesitate to ask as everyone here is happy to help! Cheerio!
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