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  2. fbi

    @FrancePourLaVie Oh, I'm sorry. Was that too complicated for you? Here's the same image, but with some visual aid.
  3. fbi

    This picture doesn't mean a thing, it just shows me a picture of a CROOKED cop! (On the left, I know you may not pick up information very quickly!).
  4. I'm aware. And in case you haven't noticed, there's no game right now either.
  5. fbi

    You know, I was going to write this elaborate post, detailing how wrong you are, and how you might want to reconsider your career and what not. But instead, I'm not going to do any of that. They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words. So, I'll just leave this for you here.
  6. Are you guys looking for a transport company to move your precious whiskey'sand wines. Send me a message and we come sort something out with Identity biggest, and best transport company. Velocity Logistics is here for the customer, and we cater for all needs and wants. I look forward to hearing from you.
  7. rp

    You're always looking for votes in EVERY community, *cough* Criminal Groups *cough cough* oh excuse me!
  8. "Your radar" Even though there will be no FBI in the game. Little Zoey Anderson can't do much as a deluded crook!
  9. fbi

    The community dislikes you imminently, this should be a reason for you to stay away, your loud mouth and unprofessional manner in your field shows such a mini-minded cop! As for your "Buddy" @GeneSmith, that crook should have resigned months ago, tell him to join the Official Identity Discord, maybe he fears he'll be lost in the shadows, AS USUAL!
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  11. After your little stunt, you're totally on my radar now. Anyway, I'm doing my personnel file on you. And I'd like to thank you for doing most of the work for me. Al though, you're missing something. Your date of birth. If you wouldn't mind adding that, that'd be nice. Thank you.
  12. fbi

    @GeneSmith Thank you! I'm glad to be back. @FrancePourLaVie Care to elaborate...? In what way am I a crook? With supporting evidence, if it's not too much trouble. I mean, I assume you do have some weight behind your statements, right? Edit: Looks like you edited your message when your punch didn't quite connect. Good to know we have such high standards for our politicians! Good job!
  13. fbi

    Awwwww, lovely to see a crook supporting Zoey!
  14. Our party will use our power to fund raise with a larger budget, NO MISTAKE
  15. Alright just send me a message in private and we can talk more:)
  16. Indeed
  17. You might want to rethink your choice of words there.... It's not purely for fundraising if a small portion goes to you.
  18. Thank you very much! @Ragnar
  19. Welcome to the Community @ImPogo ! I hope you have a great time here and find new friends! oh, btw here are some usefull links: FAQ Extended Developer Q&A ( Video ) Reddit Q&A Frequently Asked Questions Q&A Video from TheDynasty ( You should take a look at them ) If you have any Questions feel free to ask, but maybe try to search your question with the Searchbar on top right!
  20. Hi everyone, let me introduce myself also! My name is Hugo, I'm 17, will soon turn 18. I live in Canada, more specifically in the province of Quebec, the French one. Yep, my native language is French. I like video games: simulation,mmorpg, fps, racing. I also like sports, computers, animals and traveling. I think Identity is just amazing! I've been searching for this kind of game for a long time. I've been through Arma 3, which has a nice mod with Altis Life and Arma Life. I will surely watch the updates to see how everything goes. I don't know which job or career I will get myself in yet but they all must be really great to experience! Finally, I wanna say a big thank you to everyone working on this game, you guys are awesome! See you all on the ''field''! Hugo
  21. If you want to pledge, you can go here to do so; You cannot play as of now as because the first Module is not out yet, but is due soon to be complete. The platform of the game will be for PC and at full release, Mac and Linux. They do not have plans to release the game on console but promise to look into console porting.
  22. I just think it should be more realistic, makes the criminal act much more intense and you're more careful. And I actually think there would be less criminals if the prison time is long because If It's short you can just go to prison and few minutes later do the same thing all over again. Add 20-50 people doing this and It's gonna look like a thousand people are doing it. It's just going to be people coming in and out all the time. Longer prison time means you go in and then It's way far along the line before you get out again, makes you think twice when you get out perhaps. And if Prison is fun It's not going to make more people be criminals because not everyone find it fun to live the prison life like in the movies, we all got different preferences.
  23. Are you referring to me or the others?
  24. @WalterWhiteI'll work for you as whatever task you need?
  25. I have sent a email to the appropriate person. Thank you all for your replies.
  26. High powered guns like rifles will be extremely hard to obtain. It would be easier to get pistols
  27. But if prison is fun, more people will act as criminals
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