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    Hello Andrew811, what separates us from the other crime families is our strict rules against drugs for one. Most of the families on here say nothing about drugs and are willing to bring in that heat but we don't. We are also new, this is why we don't have many members so as we grow there will be more organization and better opportunities will become available. With that said, we don't need 100+ members I mean if you think about it these criminal families must have a lot going on for anyone to be given a job and with a family that large it is impossible to keep everyone happy and impossible to keep tabs on everyone and it is impossible to get to know everybody. As I said we will be a tight-knit group and it will make it more lucrative and more enjoyable for the people here in La Cosa Nostra.

    The simple answer is a no for the time being. Q: Modding Support? A: We're exploring this as a possibility, but a decision regarding mods likely won't be reached until several years after the full game is out.
  4. refund request

    Hello Masa! I'll message you the relevant details, keep an eye on your inbox as I'll be sending something your way quite soon!
  5. So, whats the delio with the mods? can we have them and if not can we use them solely on private servers?

    Like MLK JR., Obama, and Ghandi!
  7. Refund request

    Hey Theclassicboys, I'll send a message to your inbox with the relevant information. In the meantime, we have a thread detailing the process here:
  8. Release Date

    It got delayed... There is no release date anymore
  9. refund request

    Hey there, I will pass this onto @Beach_Ball
  10. Release Date

  11. Release Date

    its been pushed back to a later date, unknown date.
  12. Release Date

    I was told that the town square would be released on the 23rd of April and that we would be sent an email with a redeem code for steam, it is now the 24th and i haven't revived any email. Does anyone know if the release date has changed and i just haven't got the email?
  13. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Were funny 5 minutes. At least I tried
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  15. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    You should disable Editing for everyone besides you

    I hate social justice warriors. Not what they stand for but how they act. They are bullies. They should help people and bring peace to the world. But they just humiliate people they don't agree whit. I learned that aspies and SJW dont mix wel. Of course 4chan is bad. Harassing women is bad. Using drugs is bad. But bulling is just not the key. They need to talk whit there victim on the subject. Tell them its bad and there are better ways. Not shout at them. Of course if you talk to a bully and tell them its bad to bully you should be angry. But is it necessary to traumatize them. The only thing they under stand is the social part. there is no justice. Once they act they become monsters.
  17. Character Idea

    Name: Stefanie A. Ziegler Race: White Appearance: Blonde, 5'7 ht, 136 lbs-average build, Brown eyes, Glasses Backstory: At the age of 4 Stefanie's Ann Ziegler would go into the loving care of her uncle; Ted Conley; a working-class New Yorker. Her mom; 35-year-old Elizabeth Ziegler was without the aid of her father after he abandoned her without notice. Other life problems involving alcohol and drugs affected her ability to take care of Elizabeth. Ted could no longer sit and watch young Stefanie's future be destroyed; which promoted him to take her into his care. He would raise her clean up until she graduated high school. After being accepted into NYU's photography & imaging department, Stefanie earned herself an internship with the New York Times. It was there where she met middle age human resource lady Deborah Keegan; who took notice of Stefanie's skill with people snapshots. She was offered a side job from Deborah to spy on her husband; for the speculation that he was cheating on her. At first, Stefanie did not want to take the offer; but after a generous bribe of $2,200; she openly accepted the job. On her free time Stefanie was able to capture Deborah's husband cheating on her with not 1, not 2, but 3 different women. Her success with Ms. Keegan inspired her to pursue a full-time career and freelance private investigating. Today: Stefanie worked a few cases before being recommended to a high paying client in (IDENTITY/TOWN SQUARE). Bank owner Edd Mitchell; has a suspicion that someone inside his bank is connected to a team of armed perps who robbed his bank and possibly a sprew of other crimes in the area. Stefanie agreed to take the case, where she now stays in Town Square and working closely with Mr. Mitchell to find facts that will support his claim.
  18. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY! Have fun! (sry for the hardcoding)


    I agree. His book is extremely fascinating though I can't get it out of my hands and I never read books I only write them. He speaks like a politician and his words mean something. "The theoretician of a movement must lay down its goal, the politician strive for its fulfillment. The thinking of the one, therefore, will be determined by eternal truth, the actions of the other more by the practical reality of the moment. The greatness of the one lies in the abstract soundness of his idea..." pg 210-211.

    Please don't be a nazi

    That’s not a very positive affinity group!

    Today is my birthday. Just another day. Actually I kinda feel depressed. Also I'm reading mein kampf and i'm on page 245 and I think I am slowly turning into a nazi.
  24. aide

    Prochaine semaine. Ils ont retardé la publication à nouveau.
  25. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Mind doing so as a Google Sheets Table ? ... So we can get Live updates on your data analysis ?

    I can relate heavy to this my freind. I also seen shit just like this go down in front of my eyes, when I used to go to school. It was shit like this what you went through that made me leave. That and one hundred other things.
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