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  2. Announcement: ASC Recruitment Department is in a current break period and will be continuing application review in mid-April. Individuals are still able to apply on our website but be advised if you have not been contacted yet, you will hear by our recruiting department around that time. Thank you, Sebastian Valentine
  3. Account E-Mail change

    Unfortunately I can only do it on the forums so you'll need to message @Paratus
  4. Donator Perks

    If this were to happen Dahzxrd then the forums wouldn't be equal to all. It would be like a fashion show; "Who has the best profile page?", "Who has donated the most?". I do like the idea but I feel it would be unfair to the people who donated less for the same cause to support the game.
  5. Simple Coffee Shop

    That sounds like a really good idea hope there is because i will pop in for a bit  
  6. Introduction - Zoex

    Welcome ZoeX  hope to see you in the game soon. 
  7. Mr Sid says hi

    Nice to meet you!  The full game is scheduled to release in late 2017-2018 but you can play the modules which are in the founder addition which will grant you access to the Town Square, SWAT and Racing modules. These are designed to give you an insight into what the game will be like. You can find them here: (or if you go to the about section on the website then modules)   I will look forward to seeing you around!
  8. Hello, From England

    Thanks @JamesLuck01 I am most excited for the rp and the amount of new people i can see and rp with and i am hoping to either become a police officer to help keep the streets clean and help all the citizens of the island or else i wouldn't mind going into the drug business and trying to stay under the police radar as i think that would also be very fun and can cause a lot of rp situations. Jacob. 
  9. Cruise Ship

    I'm not sure i think they should realise they are going on a cruise and they will be aware of this before they pay and go on the cruise, also they could get a really good rp situation if they get caputed hostage so anything could happen Jacob.
  10. Suggestion for Identity RPG

    There is no D.E.A in the game. No government agencies.
  11. Cruise Ship

    Sounds good might just be hard to put in and what if people get bored on there ? 
  12. Mr Sid says hi

    Hi i have just found the forum i would just like to say it is very nice love the lay out and i really want to play this game soon is it releasing soon ?
  13. Yay found the forum for this game did not now it had 1 

  14. Welcome to the Identity Forums!

    What do you mean
  15. Update: We have more members than you think
  16. Hello, From England

    Welcome! You have just joined such an amazing community today. Please enjoy your stay @DaHzxrd! There are a lot of resources on this forum which I recommend if you want to know as much as you can then I would definitely start there! However if you want to know more and cannot find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to ask and I am sure anyone will delightfully answer to the best of their knowledge. 2 things I would love to know is; What are you most excited about in the game? What job/ career path will you take to be?  If you want easy access to the FAQ's you can just click on the links in my signature. Nice to meet you and once again welcome!
  17. Suggestion for Identity RPG

    Don't forget about C.R.A.S.H units to handle more seedy operations like drug enforcement and gang activity. They'd be working with the DEA most likely.
  18. Donator Perks

    Sound's like i good idea i think 
  19. Apartment/Housing Customization Video

    Looks so cool dayyyymnn
  20. Town Hall will be available until beta, though you will be able to play the additional modules as they come out as well. I don't thing gameplay will be stagnant with the release of the additional modules. The first module is going to be the biggest (I assume), and I believe the others will come out relatively quicker.
  21. Today
  22. Suggestion for Identity RPG

    First off, there will be no military because they have had enough of that from their mod they made on a military sim game. your point about them responding to "High priority calls" is what the S.W.A.T. is for and so no purpose for military. Also they already stated that there will be no military of any sort but obviously that don't mean you cannot form a company to act as a militia but with no military vehicles, uniforms or careers. I would suggest playing their mod on ArmA 3 if you want military things as because that caters for what you want in this game. Otherwise to my knowledge there is no real purpose of any sort to have the military in Identity.
  23. How will you solve this problem?

    That is a possibility but will increase it to the best amount that they feel will be enough which will be more than 300...
  24. Account E-Mail change

    @HairyGrenade Main Website
  25. How will you solve this problem?

    I doubt that happens ... Also they say that they are going to increase the population to more than 1000
  26. Hey! Just bought the founder package and I am really hyped to play! But, What will happen when I have grinded a lot of hours to be succesful in a server, have  a house, job, car etcetera and your server is limited to 300 persons, people will stop playing after a while and your server becomes empty. Is all your grinding worth nothing anymore? Greetz Winampw
  27. Welcome to the Identity Forums!

    What youtube video?  
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